What are magnetic storms?

What are magnetic storms?

  • This is a disturbance of the Earth's magnetic field. Basically, this is due to the influence of activity on the surface of the Sun.

    During such storms, there is often a violation of various communication systems, navigation systems. Also, destruction of energy systems can occur.

    In general, solar storms that disturb the Earth's magnetic field have a negative impact on people with poor stress resistance, on people with heart disease. And, in public it starts to affect a couple of days before the storms.

  • Perturbation of the Earth's magnetic field caused by the flow of solar plasma (charged elementary particles), formed as a result of anomalous thermonuclear reactions on the surface of the sun and naturally directed toward the Earth.

  • A magnetic or geomagnetic storm is a process of perturbing the magnetic field of our planet, in response to an exogenous (external) impact. Usually it is the reaction of the Earth's magnetosphere to the so-called quot; solar wind; - the flow of ionized hydrogen-helium particles from the solar corona. Depending on the power of the solar wind, geomagnetic disturbances can last from several hours to several days.

    Magnetic storms have a direct impact on the person and his activities. For example, it is proved that the violation of satellite and other wireless communications, failures in navigation systems and the appearance of surface charges on transformers is a direct consequence of magnetic storms.

    Sensitive people in such periods have headaches, a general state of despondency and depression, and chronic diseases worsen. But, unfortunately, they did not come up with the means to combat this state of health.

  • Our planet is a huge magnet and as around every magnet, around the Earth a magnetic field is formed that captures charged particles from space, forming a radiation belt. During high solar activity, when large flashes occur on the Sun, a huge amount of matter is thrown out into outer space, part of which reaches the Earth and causes a strong change in the magnetic field. This phenomenon is called the "magnetic storm";

  • The fact is that our planet is subject to a variety of things from space. Among them is electromagnetic radiation, which emanates from the Sun, for example. Magnetic storms are the accumulations of magnetic radiation in various areas on the surface of the planet. These clusters, naturally, have an effect on living organisms. Often during a magnetic storm, people feel bad, pressure decreases, and a headache occurs.

  • Magnetic storms are a sharp change in the characteristics of the Earth's magnetic field, which occur during the outbreak of solar activity. Magnetic storms are accompanied by perturbations in the ionosphere, then leads to a deterioration of radio communication. Magnetic storms also affect the operation of spacecraft navigation systems, contribute to the appearance of surface charges on transformers. Therefore, the forecast of magnetic storms is of great importance. It proves negative magnetic storms on health. They worsen the condition of people with pathology of the cardiovascular system. It is explained that during the magnetic storms the blood viscosity increases, the local concentration of adrenaline rises, and in healthy people the condition does not change .

  • What are magnetic storms

    What are magnetic storms?

    Magnetic storms arise as a result of the geomagnetic field of the Earth. They last from a few hours to several days. The study of the effect of magnetic storms on the health and self-awareness of living things on Earth is engaged in heliobiology.

  • Magnetic storm - the phenomenon of short-term changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, caused by solar flares. At the moment of the flare a huge amount of heat, light and kinetic energy is ejected into the interplanetary space. The interaction of this energy with the earth's atmosphere leads to magnetic storms.

  • Magnetic storms occur during solar flares. Their duration ranges from several hours to several days. For some time, the magnetic field of the planet changes. Meteosensitive people may have a headache during magnetic storms.

  • People react differently to magnetic storms. Many feel bad, annoyed over trifles. During the geomagnetic disturbances in the human blood, the level of adrenaline rises. A healthy person may not notice changes in his body, and people suffering from chronic diseases immediately feel aggravation of their illnesses. And this can happen both during the storm itself, and on the eve, and after it.

  • Magnetic storm

    The magnetic field captures from outer space charged particles (protons and electrons) that move along the lines of field strength and form the so-called radiation belt of the Earth. The flux of such particles especially increases with perturbations on the Sun. In the periods of solar activity maxima, flashes occur on the Sun, as a result of which a huge amount of matter is ejected into outer space, part of which, moving at a speed of 400-1000 km / sec, reaches the earth's atmosphere in 1-2. Such a strong corpuscular stream perturbs the Earth's magnetic field, as a result of which the characteristics of the magnetic field change rapidly and strongly, which is called a magnetic storm. Thus, we can say that a magnetic storm is a rapid and strong change in the magnetic field of the earth, arising during periods of increased solar activity. Magnetic storms are accompanied by perturbations of the ionosphere, which leads to a deterioration in radio communications.

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