Natural Sciences. What sciences are called natural?

Natural Sciences. What sciences are called natural?

  • The natural sciences include the Earth sciences, nature (living and non-living), the laws of nature. The subjects and laws studied by the natural sciences are not invented by man, they exist in addition to man, existed before his appearance, and will exist after the disappearance of man as a biological species. Examples of natural sciences studied in the school can be biology, geography, astronomy, physics, chemistry.

  • The natural sciences are called the sciences of nature, that is, of nature. Inanimate nature and development is studied by astronomy, geology, physics, chemistry, meteorology, volcanology, seismology, oceanology, geophysics, astrophysics, geochemistry, and several others. The living nature is studied by biological sciences (paleontology studies extinct organisms, taxonomy - species and their classification, arachnology - spiders, bird birdlife, entomology - insects).

  • Natural sciences are sciences that study nature from one side or another (natural phenomena, processes, objects, the person himself). This - astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics (geometry), geography.

  • These are the sciences, which in one way or another are engaged in the study of nature, e phenomena and man. This is Physics, Biology, Chemistry. Also more narrow and related sciences: biological chemistry, astrophysics, anthropology, medicine, etc.

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