How to make a screenshot on samsung galaxy S3?

How to make a screenshot on samsung galaxy S3?

  • My daughter has a phone and a screen with buttons that press simultaneously the lock button (it's on or off the phone) + a big key down in the center, I have a simple Samsung Galaxy for two sims and I also do the screen with the same combination.

  • There are several ways to make a screenshot on samsung galaxy S3. About these methods is very detailed and understandable in this video

    In general, everything is extremely simple. Personally, if necessary, I use the method that is described in the video first. And so, to make a screenshot on samsung galaxy S3 you just need to simultaneously hold down the power button on your smartphone and press the home key. Just remember that you need to do this simultaneously.

    As you remember, the second method is inconvenient, it is not necessary.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, and the way to lock both the lock buttons and home is not suitable, although on the Samsung Galaxy Star Duos GT-S5282 it was exactly that. If you as well as I do not have this combination, then try as I do now: the button lock + the volume down button. Why so I do not know, but it is this combination of buttons that makes a screenshot on my Samsung.

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