Why do rosettes heat and melt and what to do about it?

Why do rosettes heat and melt and what to do about it?

  • So you have energy drops. It is better to contact a specialist immediately if you do not want to stay without housing in view of the fire. Just buy euro sockets with ground. In addition, such changes in energy can hit you hard, since there is a greater consumption of electricity than you actually use. It can also be helped by reducing the devices used at the same time, whether it is a TV set, a microwave oven or an electric kettle, namely all those appliances that require high voltage.

  • A few years ago, no one would have thought that every family would have so much technology that it takes a lot of power. Now in the apartments several household appliances can turn on at the same time and this causes problems of overheating of the sockets. Basically, residents of old buildings suffer from this, where wiring is not provided for modern household appliances. It remains to put a new electric meter with automatic shutdown. They are now put in modern homes. When three electrical engineering work simultaneously, the meter will switch off all the time. And sockets will not overheat and melt.

  • Why heat and melt rosettes

    Socket (connector) switching electrical device, albeit fairly simple. Currently, a sufficiently large model range is used. Like any other device, it has very specific technical characteristics. The main one of these characteristics is the current that can flow through the device without causing it to uncontrolled heating. In general, any conductor heats up when current flows through it. In order for the contacts of the outlet without heating to pass the current at a voltage of 220 V, they must have a perfectly defined cross-sectional area (for unimpeded heat removal). In other words, in order that the socket does not heat up to it, it is possible to connect the load with a completely determined power, since the electrical power is equal to the product of the current and voltage. The voltage is 220B, a constant value, and the current directly depends on how many kilowatts the load consumes.

    All washing machines with water heating programs consume the most power. To do this, they are usually installed TENY total power 2 kW. If sockets according to GOST 7396 (normal Soviet without ground contact) 6А / 250В are installed in your apartment, then the maximum load power can be no more than 1,5 kW. It turns out that as soon as the machine starts to heat the water, the outlet is overloaded.

    For nahzhnogo and safe connection of the washing machine to the electrical network, you do not need to install a special outlet CEE 16A / 250B (any of the models).

    Why do rosettes heat and melt and what to do about it?

    To such an outlet it will be possible to connect a load of power up to 4 kW.

  • most often bad contact-the second. the socket itself is not structurally designed for the connected power. (may the zealous guardians of the rules of the tongue forgive me.) Here are the main reasons for heating the rosettes.

  • They say that washing machines need to be switched on not in a regular outlet. You need to call a wizard that connects to a more powerful network.

    And regarding the rest, there are different reasons:

    1 Do not advise to include many devices in one outlet. They say that this plug in the socket is heated.

    Можете почитать мой вопрос на эту тему и ответы на него.

    2 There are themselves rosettes of poor quality, or incorrectly delivered (if set themselves and something not so done). Now a lot of sockets from different manufacturers, and the design, and accordingly the installation, may be slightly different. We used to have an outlet before. So she melted, too, and the fork in it also heated up. Then I took off those sockets (there were two of them in one place, on both sides of the wall), and I put new ones, others. So in the new nothing does not heat up, although it can only so far.

    3 It is said that it can also depend on the wiring. Wiring in different places can be from different metals and different sections.

    In any case, I advise you to call an electrician, so he completely tested, wired the wires and connected as necessary. Otherwise, before the fire, it can come to pass.

  • The washing machine is a very powerful electric appliance and therefore requires connection to good outlets specially designed for this purpose. Typically, these sockets should have a ceramic inside, rather than a plastic base.

    Any socket is heated due to the passage of an electric current. Plastic eventually break down, and the ceramic serve for years.

    If you had everything right before, and now it's getting worse, then the reason is that the outlet in the socket (or even on the panel in the corridor) has weakened the contacts. Any, even the most minimal gap, contributes to the appearance of thermal phenomena, which means that the machine will fire.

    The best thing is to call an electrician to check the shield. Let him look at the contacts, serve, pull up. If necessary, replace the machine.

    Possible contacts burned in the junction box inside the apartment. The best thing in this case is to hire a specialist.

    Simply as an addition to my answer - you can not connect the washing machines through the extension cable, as it usually does not have a good contact for the load that the AGR electrical equipment gives.

  • The reason is either in poor sockets, in poor contacts, or in poor wiring leading to the outlet. In general, for a washing machine it is recommended to make a separate wiring section 2,5 square, which is connected through a separate machine. At us in the Soviet apartments it is often connected to usual sockets calculated on current 6 And ​​in which there is an aluminum wire in 1,5 a square. Here is the result.

  • Pay attention to the fork of the stylalki, it can be damaged, rusted. clean contacts. or even change the plug for a new 16A

    Look at how many amperes the socket you are switching on is designed for. it is desirable to put ceramic on 16 A.

    And in the future, when you will carry out repairs in the house, do not regret it - throw a separate wire 2,5 mm ^ 2 on the styralka

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