"Beeline", "0 doubt" (tariff). "Zero Doubt" - profitable calls within the network

So, today we will try to deal with you with the mobile operator Beeline. "0 of Doubt" - a tariff that has recently attracted more and more customers. In general, this tariff plan is called "anti-crisis". But why exactly? Should I go for it? What benefits will Beeline, 0 doubt about (tariff)? About all this we have to learn.Beeline 0 Doubt Tariff

The overall picture

But first you have to add up a certain general impression about today's product. After all, the customer always has something to interest, so that he began to learn more about the tariff plan. And our today's mobile operator succeeded. How?

The thing is that "0 of doubt" ("Beeline" tariff plan) allows us to communicate for free within the home region with the other subscribers of this operator. In fact, this proposal is very beneficial to those whose environment uses mainly Beeline.

Indeed, it is this approach that is able to attract a new audience. True, for 1-th minute of the conversation will have to pay. Just something 1,3 ruble. And then communicate as you like. Plus, this tariff plan has no monthly fee. Very interesting and profitable offer, right?

Thus, Beeline’s tariffs (St. Petersburg is included in the coverage area of ​​this operator) make it possible to practically not limit communication. But let's try to make out how good the cellular plan we have chosen today. It is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance.Beeline Russia tariffs

Inside home region

So let's start with the most important point to discuss. It is he who, for the most part, makes us understand how profitable our tariff plan is. After all, we are talking about outgoing calls within your home region.

In "Beeline" "0 of doubt" (tariff) offers us to communicate with other subscribers of this operator for free. As already mentioned, starting with the 2 minutes. For the first moments of the dialogue will have to pay the entire 1,3 ruble. This is not so much.

True, with other subscribers and mobile operators, things are a bit more complicated. For a minute you will have to give up already 2,3 rubles. That is, Beeline’s tariffs (St. Petersburg or any other city), as a rule, are aimed at those who use this particular operator. And collectively. The more friends you have on Beeline, the more profitable the tariffs are for you. This also affected Zero Doubt.

In principle, for the home region this plan is very good. Of course, if you do not plan to communicate with other operators for days. Otherwise, it is better to pick something else. But this is not all that concerns our current topic. Let's go ahead and study 0 of doubt with Beeline (tariff).Beeline tariffs St. Petersburg

Long distance calls

The thing is that modern customers often call outside of their city. Therefore, such an item as long-distance calls is important for them. In fact, Moscow Beeline tariffs (and indeed, any given operator) offer very favorable terms to their users. Which ones? Let's try to sort this out.

The thing is that the "0 Doubt" tariff plan allows you to call all over Russia to Beeline for just 2,5 rubles per minute. And on other operators, this plan requires 5 rubles. In the Crimea and Sevastopol (to Kyivstar numbers) calls will cost 12 rubles, and to other operators - to 24.

As you can see, Beeline calls rates are quite suitable. True, this is not all the positive moments that can only occur. Let's see what else the current tariff plan and the mobile operator as a whole can offer us. After all, we have forgotten a lot of decisive moments regarding the benefits of a particular tariff. But now we fix it.0 tariff plan of doubt

For travelers

Intercity has already been mentioned. But Beeline (Russia) tariffs also allow you to communicate with other countries. And all this on quite favorable terms. And for this reason we will now try to deal with the “Zero of Doubt” regarding this issue.

The thing is that calls to the countries of the CIS to Beeline will cost you 12 steering wheels in a minute, and on other operators 2 times more expensive. Europe, USA and Canada require 35 rubles per minute, North and Central America - 40 rubles. But with all other countries, the dialogues will cost you 50 rubles per minute. In principle, very profitable.

If you compare "Beeline", "0 doubts" (tariff) with other cellular operators, then the same "Megaphone" for calls to Europe already requires 55 rubles, and to all other countries - by 97. Benefit can only be considered and considered. Thus, as you see, our today's tariff is not only profitable calls within the network and home region. It is also a real gift for sociable customers as well as travelers.

But there are a number of rather important components that we have not yet learned about. What is this about? Let's try to figure it out.


Of course, now almost every subscriber uses the mobile Internet. Indeed, for us it is so important to always and everywhere stay in touch. And therefore it is impossible not to mention the Internet connection.0 doubt the tariff plan Beeline

In "Beeline", "0 doubt" (tariff) is not much different from all the other offers of cellular operators. For 1 megabytes of downloaded data you have to pay 9 rubles 95 kopecks. In truth, if you are thinking about changing the tariff plan for using the mobile Internet, then this option is not particularly suitable for you.

For example, Megafon with the same tariff asks for 1 megabytes of 9 data rubles 90 kopecks. It seems to be a small difference. However, if you plan to sit on the Internet a lot from the phone, it will be more than palpable.

Regarding the quality of communication, we can only say that customers are satisfied. There are practically no interruptions and failures. Sometimes they happen, but not for long. And mostly in the evening.


Well, Beeline (Russia) tariffs also allow you to communicate without the help of voice. We are talking about sending SMS and MMS. These are quite important components of any modern communication. And their customers pay special attention.Moscow tariffs Beeline

What does Beeline offer us? "0 doubt" (tariff) - this is what helps you to always stay in touch. Even without any talk. After all, the cost of messages is quite gentle.

If you connect to yourself the package "My SMS", then you will be able to send virtual letters to mobiles for free. However, only on local numbers. In the absence of this SMS will cost you a 2,5 ruble. Long-distance "letters" cost 3,95 rubles. Just like the international ones. In principle, it is quite humane and anti-crisis prices.

Nevertheless, things are a bit worse with MMS. Any such message will cost the client 9 rubles 95 kopecks. Not quite expensive, however, there are also such tariffs that will allow sending MMS by 5 rubles.

Customer Reviews

But what do customers say about our current rate? How good or bad is he? Now we will know it with you.

Tariff plan "0 of doubt" is a great choice for those who prefer to use the services of "Beeline" and communicate a lot by voice. This is the strength of the tariff. For this feature, customers are trying to choose "Zero Doubt". Unfortunately, this pros can be finished.Beeline tariffs for calls

The thing is that the cost of messages, MMS and Internet traffic pleases very few people. Most operators (for example, MegaFon) have “letters” for 1,5 rubles, and multimedia messages for 5 rubles. Regarding the Internet, we have all learned. Thus, the tariff plan chosen by us today is a gift for those who buy a SIM card exclusively for calls.


So, today we have learned with you what the “Zero Doubt” tariff plan from “Beeline” is. In addition, we were able to see the opinions of clients about this plan.

As you can see, the impressions are mixed. On the one hand, this tariff is profitable calls inside and outside the network, and on the other hand, the costs for the Internet and messages are quite high. As already mentioned, if you want and plan to communicate with calls, you can safely choose this option.

You can connect it now yourself or with a call to the operator. In addition, you can always go back to the nearest cellular office and buy a SIM card with this tariff plan. That's all the problems solved.

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