What if the iPhone 4 does not turn on?

Today, modern man and cellular communication are two inseparable concepts. A mobile phone has become a kind of mandatory element of our life, such an electronic device is able to fully meet the needs of a person in communication.Iphone 4 does not turn on

When the iPhone does not turn on 4

Everything on earth is subject to the process of aging, production and wear. When the cellular device fails, it is always an unpleasant moment for the owner. Since the modern dependence of man on the means of communication is incredibly great and is due to many factors of everyday life. The reasons why the iPhone 4 does not turn on can be incredibly many, the main ones we will look at in this article.

What if the iPhone does not turn on?

What to do if iphone 4 does not turn onIf the phone has not been subjected to shocks, mechanical impacts and has not become a victim of "water procedures", first of all, make sure that the battery is active. Make it simple enough. Connect a known good charger to the phone. If a graphically displayed charging process appears on the screen, it means the battery is discharged. In the case when there is no reaction to the connected charging, you will have to remove the back cover in order to get full access to the battery of the device. In a situation where the iPhone 4 does not turn on, you can talk about the loss of the starting pulse of the battery. Most often, this phenomenon is observed in phones that are not used for a long time. As a result, there is a need to forcibly apply a charge to the battery, bypassing the device of the smartphone. A universal frog type charger will do the job perfectly. Open the back cover and remove the battery elementary simple. The only complication is that you need to have special screwdrivers for the "iPhone 4". Since the bottom end screws have a “star” profile, and a cross-head screwdriver is needed to remove the attachment of the battery cable.

We return the battery to life

Unscrew the two screws from the bottom end of the case, by moving up, remove the cover of the device. For iPhone 4Then unscrew the two bolts from the short latch of the battery cable and disconnect it from the motherboard. Now on the battery terminals (two extreme contacts) install universal charging; 2-3 minutes will be enough to “revive” the battery. Assemble the machine and connect the original power supply. If the iPhone 4 still does not turn on, a visit to the service center cannot be avoided. Because the subsequent self-repair at home can be deadly for your mobile device. Do not save on qualified assistance. The phone is more expensive, given the risk of irresponsible destruction of the iPhone through illiterate actions.

In conclusion

In some cases, the problem may be explained by the failure of one of the multiple components of the system: a processor, power controller, flash memory, or any other device chip. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help from professionals, since this type of repair can only be done with the help of special equipment.

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