10 W LED floodlight - how does it shine? LED lightening

To illuminate the local area, pools, tunnels, as well as objects that need protection, various lighting devices are used. Among the most popular are street LED spotlights. Why use them? After all, they have not only positive, but also negative sides.


LED streetlights can function under any climatic conditions, that is, they withstand large temperature differences and any precipitation. In addition, they are not subject to mechanical damage. 10 LED floodlightAnother significant indicator is low power consumption. It is thanks to this quality that the LED spotlight has gained popularity. It began to be used not only for domestic purposes, but also for lighting industrial and security facilities. It is increasingly used to illuminate small objects, such as a shop, garage, advertising signs.

The advantages of lights

Among the positive qualities of LED spotlights are the following:

  • Low power consumption. Compared to conventional incandescent bulbs, LED lights consume 10 times less. This indicator was compared with energy-saving lamps. The measurement result showed that power consumption in 3 times less.
  • Long service life. led spotlights reviewsThe design of the LED spotlight is fairly simple, so it can function for 10 years.
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials, that is, do not bring harm to the environment.


Like any device, such lights have negative sides:

  • high price;
  • Many manufacturers designate a service life of 10 years. However, this figure is not true. Lantern works no more than 5 years. It all depends on the conditions of use. During continuous operation, the LEDs deteriorate. First, they lose their brightness, and then burn out completely.
  • To increase the life of the need to use an additional source of cooling and power. Such devices are used to protect the flashlight from electricity drops. However, the cost of such devices is quite high.


LED lights consist of the following structural elements:

  • reflector;
  • voltage transformer;
  • in some cases, motion sensors are used.

Classification of lighting equipment

LED spotlights are divided according to the following features:

  1. By purpose: general purpose and special devices (used to protect various objects).
  2. By color.
  3. Type of body: can be rectangular, square, round.
  4. Voltage.
  5. Protection level: can be used both for land use, and underwater.

Lamp with sensor

Such lighting devices are used to illuminate a specific area. led spotlights PriceThey are intended only for short-range actions. The principle of operation lies in the fact that the searchlight starts to shine when people, animals, cars appear in a given zone and fades away after a while. Due to this mode, energy is significantly saved and the service life of the device increases.

LED torch on 10 W

This is the most popular model among the population. Many people are interested in the question: how does the 10 W LED floodlight shine? LED matrix is ​​in a metal case. A power supply unit is also installed here, which besides the main functions, serves to remove heat from the matrix. Thus, during the work of a searchlight the optimum temperature is provided. The device operates from a conventional consumer power grid, with a voltage of 220 B. Therefore, no other equipment is required.

10 W LED floodlight - how does it shine?

It uses a special diffuser, thanks to which it can shine at an angle 120 °. The lamp of this type is intended for use on the street; therefore, special requirements are imposed on it: it must carry moisture and must not be subjected to various changes in climate and precipitation. It can operate at temperatures from -30 ° C to + 45 ° C.

additional information

10 W LED floodlight - how does it shine? LED street lightsThe device illuminates small areas, for example, a path or an area near the door. Thanks to its construction, installation is easy. In addition, you can connect additional devices, such as a motion sensor or a sound sensor. To illuminate large areas are used spotlights with an extensive matrix. Apply solar-powered devices to illuminate the dacha plots, and a wall-mounted view for the local area. Today, popular manufacturers of this device are Ledkos, Delux, Technolux.

Advantages of 10 W lamps

Among the positive sides note:

  • Low power consumption. Despite this quality, LED spotlights, the price of which ranges from 400 to 2000 rubles, judging by the reviews, show good illumination.
  • Long service life. Reviews say lanterns can work for 5 years. This period may be longer if used correctly. Lamps play a big role. To increase the service life it is recommended to use expensive and high-quality lamps.
  • Safe for humans. LED lamps consist of substances that do not affect human health, that is, the luminous flux does not affect vision.
  • LED spotlights consist of small elements. Users note a big plus - they do not heat up and that is why with the help of them even the most difficult tasks of lighting the territory are solved.

Due to its technical characteristics and easy operation, LED spotlights have become popular among the public. They are used not only for domestic needs, but also for industrial.

50 W LED Floodlight

This is another popular model. It is worth noting that even the Chinese assembly of this device is at a high level. LED floodlight 50WIt can function even under the most terrible weather conditions. To prevent moisture from entering the enclosure, the internal circuit is securely sealed. All elements are covered not only with paint, but also with varnish. Due to this, the elements do not oxidize, and even after 10 years, the LED lamp will look like new. The power of this device is 50 watts. With it you can illuminate a large enough area. They are established for protection, for illumination of the big seasonal dachas and house adjoining territories. Light has a white color similar to that emitted from an incandescent lamp.

LED spotlights - price

As mentioned earlier, each element has its own technical indicators, and therefore cost. led spotlights reviewsThe most popular models are the lights on the 10 W and 50 W. The cost of the first type ranges from 400 to 2000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer. The 50W LED floodlight has a slightly higher price than the previous model, and ranges from 800 to 4000 steering wheels.


Many users of LED spotlights are satisfied with their work. Most often they are used to illuminate the suburban areas and local area. And everyone can choose the appropriate type, since there are a large number of them on the market. LED spotlight circuitAmong the positive qualities of consumers emit low power consumption and long service life. It can work under any climatic conditions in different temperature ranges. Structural details do not deteriorate, as the case is reliably sealed. The device is not at all afraid of moisture, which is a big plus. Some people install spotlights with motion sensors. Such devices can save energy. The lamp works only when a person passes in a particular place or a car passes. However, there is one major drawback - the high cost. Not all people can afford it.


Most people speak positively about such devices. LED spotlightThe most popular model is the 10 W lamp. However, before buying, they are interested in the question: “10 W LED projector - how does it shine”? This is done by the diffuser installed in the lamp housing. The beam is white in color, bright. In addition, the angle of illumination is 120 °. By purchasing this device for your site, you will not regret it.

So, we found out what are the LED spotlights, reviews about them and the price.

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