BBK technology: LED TVs. Reviews and specifications

BBK, whose TVs are known all over the world, recently released a new line - the LED model. Released series immediately interested in their bright and interesting names: Mandarina, Vanilla, Avokado. All devices have a screen backlighting function, as well as a built-in media player. In the version Mandarina also has a special DVD-player. Some models have a Full HD resolution, others - belong to the class HD Ready.

Thanks to its beautiful appearance and impeccable bright details, the TV will fit into any design of the room. Under the BBK brand, Vanilla TVs are available in a different color of the bezel (it is made in the shade of champagne), Mandarina is characterized by predominance of orange, and for Avokado - green.

The software on which TVs operate is easy and simple to operate. The case of the device looks ergonomic and elegant, especially it is emphasized by the touch keys. Excellent quality of technology can be called support for almost all video formats.bbk TVs

Main characteristics

It will not be a secret for anybody that BBK (TV sets are more concerned with this) have already been producing products for several years that are in great demand among consumers. And although the technology is produced in China, the company remains the leader both in Russia and in the territory of other countries. It will suit those people who aspire for a small price to buy a quality LCD TV. A large assortment allows you to find exactly the model that even an overly captious buyer will like.

In order to know exactly the BBK (LED TVs) among a lot of equipment, it's worth paying attention to whether there is a backlight. It will allow the beholder to watch a movie or a series, making the viewing process extraordinarily realistic.

If we consider TVs, focusing on their dimensions, we should say that the largest was the device with a diagonal 45, and the most compact - only 15 inches.

The main products of BBK are LCD TVs and DVDs. The function of the latter is now not so much in demand, but it still pleases many buyers. This is due to the fact that so far many save photo and video archives on portable media in the form of disks.

You do not need to bypass the external characteristics of televisions. They deserve praise and applause, because thanks to the pleasant design, they will perfectly harmonize with the design in any style.

White device from BBK - LCD TV LT-2003S

Manufacturing companies, creating LCD TVs, understand that the device should be different from the standard monitor. This is due to the fact that it will be used for completely different purposes. Virtually all devices have unusual shapes, design, decorating elements. The TVs BBK are not an exception. 19-inch devices of this company are often found, so it's better to consider the option with a diagonal in 20. "

LT-2003S is released on the market in some colors, white became more common. In principle, both the shade and the width of the TV allow installation in small rooms with a standard design. The device has unusual qualities. On the one hand, this is a standard LCD TV, on the other - an apparatus that is able to connect to a computer with the necessary firmware. The budget model has the resolution of 800x600 pixels. Yes, at the moment there are a lot of options with higher image quality, but the cost is much more.BBK technology: LED TVs. Reviews and specifications

Some characteristics of LT-2003S

For a person who is not very versed in TVs, the resolution in 800X600 points seems ridiculous. However, it is worth remembering that LCD screens are intended for home use, playing games on consoles and watching videos from disks. All of the above does not have the permission above this, therefore it is simply irrational to produce models with parameters larger than those considered.

In technical specifications and brochures to see the time for which the response of the panel is impossible, it is impossible - the company "hides" it. However, according to the comments of customers, you can judge that no more than 25 ms.

LED TVs BBK, reviews about the sound of which are quite good, transmit it in a stereo version. On the body you can find just three entrances. They are necessary for playing on the console, connecting speakers or a VCR.

The front panel has several buttons that make it easier to use the device. The stand on which the TV is located has a very rigid rack, so the probability of tipping is zero.bbk lcd tv

Performance of LT-2003S

The tuner from the company showed itself not from the best side. In order to understand how to connect the BBK to the TV, you must carefully read the operation book. During the installation process, you should be careful and serious, as the quality of the signal may suffer a little during an error. The home antenna for this TV does not fit, you need to use something larger.

When you connect channels, the instrument automatically makes all the settings. But it's worth noting that the TV channel does not have a manual search. All you can do with your own hands is to shuffle them, give everyone a name, and so on.

The cost of the device varies within 500 $, but at the same time it works only from one TV tuner. Accordingly, the picture-in-picture function is not available. Viewing angles are good; When the TV deviates by 160 degrees, the image is not lost, the clarity and color gamut remains the to connect bbk to your TV

Remote controller

The most interesting detail was, oddly enough, the TV remote control. BBK somehow transformed it; creates the feeling that it was not out of the box with a rather expensive device, but from a box with a player for the car. The shape of the device is ordinary, simple, the color scheme is uncomplicated. For a serious TV that has a liquid crystal screen and is not a standard decoration for an apartment, such a remote is too humble. It is also possible that the buyer will subsequently use a device similar to a tablet PC, or another more solid unit, but all the possibilities of the TV can be experienced only thanks to the "native" console.

Although the company is taking some steps towards a more modern and elegant design of its products, there is still something missing. This applies to the design of the menu. It is at least easy to use, but not very good and uninteresting.led televisions bbk reviews

Characteristics of BBK LMP3229HDU

This model entered the market quite recently - about two years ago. The technical characteristics of the TV allow us to conclude that the manufacturer has taken into account all of its mistakes and corrected them in this version. The image will not be distorted in any way. This is due to the fact that the format is 16: 9, the resolution is 1920x1080, and the diagonal is 31,5 inches.

Pay special attention to the design solution. The body was made of a material that does not require special care and is resistant to mechanical damage. The stand of the device is strong and resistant, so the TV certainly will not fall by itself., televisions bbk 19

Characteristics of BBK LEM2249HD

The model has a diagonal 22, so it can be installed in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, the image resolution is FullHD, the TV has good viewing angles, a clear picture, and there are functions that allow the device to be installed both as a monitor and for their intended purpose.

The TV has a backlight - the LEDs are located on the edge of the screen. This made it possible to make the device as flat as possible. Among the options you can find a timer, turn on the stereo sound system, you can connect a digital tuner.TV remote control bbk

Characteristics of BBK LEM3248DT

What attracts customers in this TV? Initially, the design attracts the eye. It is stylish, interesting, and, most importantly, has modern notes. It comes with a player and a tuner. The image is clear, bright and saturated. Accessories and material from which the body is made, resistant, and hence the repair of the TV will not need a long period. The opening time of the control panel is 6,5 ms. Viewing angles are good - the picture is not distorted.

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