Examples of sentences with introductory words?

Examples of sentences with introductory words?

  • Making sentences is interesting and easy.

    The introductory words in the sentence are separated by commas from two sides or with one, depending on the position.

    And here are some examples of suggestions:

    1). Kate, of course, did not want to go to the meeting, but my mother insisted on her.

    2). First, the this should not have been done at all, and secondly, it was necessary to warn grandmother.

    3). Bus, Fortunately, We were not late and we arrived on time.

    4). tell me, you are welcome, what are you doing here.

    5). Alenka, without any doubt, was the best in the school competition.

    6). Brother, by the way, long time for a T-shirt dreamed of.

    7). We are glad that you, the most important thing, reached us, despite this weather.

  • Introductory words are those words or combinations of words that express the speaker's attitude to the very essence of the sentence. They are not members of the sentence and are not related to them grammatically.

    For example:

    I, of course, will go for a walk in this excellent dress.

    You are without a doubt the best actress in this theater.

    Of course, this is a very beautiful thing.

    Indian summer, obviously, will begin in the coming days.

  • Examples proposals with introductory words:

    The blue shadows of dusk, it seemed, descended from sullen firs and crawled through the village.

    Relatives, but, we were not expected in the early morning.

    With a decrease in the population of bumblebees and bees, probably, some honey-plants will disappear.

    She could not, to our chagrin, to please us with successes in music.

    Chilling wind from the sea, Unfortunately, only intensified.

    According to film critics, this is the best movie of the year.

    The quail jumped up from under our feet and, obviously, led us from the nest with chicks.

    Your comment, by the way, reminded me of an old anecdote.

    And you, it is seen, a professional in his business.

    Amanita, without a doubt, poisonous fungus.

    There is no such second city, perhaps, as Rome.

    True, I like more quiet mushroom hunting than harvesting forest berries.

    This person, surely, an outsider.

    On the one hand, these verses are rhythmic, on the other hand, it is not so easy to compose suitable music, so that an organic symbiosis of two elements is obtained.

  • Introductory words are words that can often be omitted (that is, "pull out" from the whole sentence) and the meaning, content or grammar of this sentence will not change. They, however, very often give some emotional or stylistic color to the entire statement (although not always). And often they are used in oral speech, and on the letter are allocated with commas.

    So, here are some examples:

    • By the way, my name is Nikita.
    • He, of course, is still young, but he is already quite experienced.
    • Because of the bad weather, we, perhaps, will stay at home.
    • Would you please pass the salt.
    • Inflation, it seems, begins to gain momentum.
    • His speech seemed to have an extreme excitement.

    Well, something like this...

  • Introductory words we use often enough in our speech, sometimes even without noticing it. On the letter they are separated by commas. So:

    1. By the way, where were you yesterday after dinner?
    2. In a word, how many we did not fight with this problem, so nothing was decided.
    3. A man, he is, frankly, not entirely honest.
    4. Fortunately, the weather turned out to be far from the one promised to us by the weather forecasters.
    5. No, except for jokes, I want to pass this exam on the first attempt.
    6. By the way, my parents always worry about my health.
    7. You see, we will not be able to do this before the supporting documents are submitted.
  • Introductory words in sentences can be, for example, the following:

    1. quot;To shameAnatoly Nikiforovich noticed only twenty-five minutes after the start of the performance.
    2. quot; Natalia Zakharovna, apparently, until I knew I did not know about the appearance in the life of a new admirer;
    3. quot;However, Antoshka whether to judge who will be the second, and who is the third? Quot ;.
    4. quot; Leopold Konstantinovich, as usual, decided to lie on the couch and wait three hours of the night.
    5. "You, Barbarian, that is, you do not want to walk with me tonight? "quot ;.
    6. quot; Stepanida Prokofievna, to horror, only at midnight found that the window on the fourth floor was someone openly ".
    7. quot;To my mind, all very hard very unexpectedly and easily breaks ";

  • By the way, and what will we do this evening?

    You understand, I do not want to walk.

    You, of course, rights.

    Sorry, I'm sick.

    Seem to be, that they have disabled the Internet.

    I do not like the rain, but, decided to go outside.

    I think, that you should take an umbrella.

  • Rook, of course, a bird of spring.

    This material, BETWEEN, has already been presented to us, but in a different context.

    The rain spoiled all the mood, but the weather, HOWEVER, has improved.

    The investigation concluded that, PROBABLY, it was an organized criminal grouping.

    The driver warned that during the journey, it is possible that the route will be slightly changed.

  • Perhaps, there are several suggestions.

    First of all, probably, it is necessary to remember about the minimum number of letters.

    It seems that you need to keep within two hundred characters.

    I think that I will succeed.

    Fortunately, I coped.

  • Probably, the meeting will have to be postponed.

    Of course, this can not be forgiven.

    Apparently, this user does not want to work.

    Sorry, the patient's health is very neglected.

    By the way, almost forgot to say something important.

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