what is the famous division of ss "galichina"?

what is the famous division of ss "galichina"?

  1. SS Division of Galicia

    Years of existence 19431945
    Country: Germany
    Type of infantry
    Number of 22.000 (Dec. 1944)
    Known commanders Gruppenfiihrer Walter Shimana, Oberfuhrer Fritz Freytag, Brigadefuhrer Sylvester Stadler, Brigadefuhrer Fritz Freitag, General Pavlo Shandruk

    SS Division Galicia (full name 14-i Waffen Grenadier Division SS Troops Galicia (1-I Ukrainian), German 14 Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Galizien (ukrainische Nr. 1), Ukranian 14 Grenadier Divya Waffen SS Galichina) one of the Waffen-SS divisions of Nazi Germany during World War II, recruited from Ukrainian volunteers (from April 1943 CC-volunteer rifle division Galicia (German SS-Freiwilligen-Sch # 252; tzen-Division Galizien), since July 1944 14 Volunteer Grenadier Division SS Galicia (Galician 1) (German 14 SS-Freiwilligen Grenadier-Division Galizien (galizische Nr. 1), from 27 August 1944 14 Grenadier Division SS Troops Galicia (1-I Galician) (German 14.Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Galizien (galizische Nr.1)), from 15 January 1945 14 Grenadier Division SS Troops Galicia (1 Ukrainian) (German 14.Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Galizien (ukrainische Nr.1))

    The division was recruited from the inhabitants of the Galicia district of the General-Governorship. The excess of volunteers (1 recorded more than 1943 thousand on 80 June) allowed the formation of 5, 6, 7 and 8 Volunteers and the 204 Battalion of Police and SD, some of which were later used to re-create the division after its destruction under Brody in July 1944 year. The divisions of this division from the fall of 1943 participated in the anti-guerrilla war throughout Europe. In mid-July 1944 division of the first set was destroyed by the Red Army in the battles near Brody. At the end of September 1944, the combat readiness regiments of the division were transferred to suppress the Slovak Uprising, by the middle of October 1944 division was involved in Slovakia in full force. At the beginning of 1945, the division was transferred to the Balkans, where it was fighting the Yugoslav partisans. In the middle of March, the division was to be disarmed, having transferred weapons to the German compound being formed, but the rapid advance of the Red Army forced it to be transferred to the front, where it operated with the 1 German Cavalry Corps and was subordinate to the 4 Panzer Corps before capitulation. In the last days of April the 1945 division was formally transformed into the 1 Ukrainian Division of the Ukrainian National Army, although on German maps and documents it still had the same name and the command of the SS troops considered it to be its connection with the SS troops. In the period from 8 on 11 May 1945 units of the division surrendered to American and British troops.

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  2. As one of the most incompetent SS divisions in common with the Romanian!
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