Relations between Aksinya and Stepan AstakhovyhTihiy Don

Relations between Aksinya and Stepan AstakhovyhTihiy Don

  1. Aksinya Kozachka, wife of Stepan Astakhov, the beloved of Grigory Melekhov.

    In her person the embodiment of a rush, passion, instincts. The heroine got a hard fate. In 16 years she was raped by her father. The unloved Stepan Astakhov took Aksinya as his wife and constantly reproached his wife for her sin. Stepan loved Aksinya very much, he was furiously jealous of her. In a fit of rage, he beat his wife to death.

    Already a wife of Stepan, Aksinya met her love of the young Grigory Melekhov. In the relationship with him, the heroine wants for all her life to love the bitter. For the sake of Grigory she was not afraid of the glory in the village, she left her husband and began to live with her beloved.

    The love of the heroine changes with time. At first her feeling was selfish. With her love Aksinya avenged her life in prison for Stepan, for her dried heart. Up to a certain point in the description of the beauty of Aksinya, the word vicious predominated.
    With the birth of her daughter, the beauty of the heroine has changed. She has prettier eyes, a confident, happy posture.

    Aksinya, like Natalya, is fighting for Gregory throughout the whole novel. After the death of her little daughter, she again takes Melekhov out of the family. But now her love from the selfish turns into a sacrificial one. She thinks first of all about Grigory, experiencing almost maternal tenderness toward him. Aksinya warms Mishatka, gets close to Ilinichnaya, and after Natalia's death she achieves the love of her children. Being to the end of the devoted Grigory, Aksinya does not leave him during his entire throwing. At the end of the novel, the heroine dies from the Red Guard bullet. Children and love are the last thing Aksinya will think about.

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