The magic of numbers, numerology and numerology

Numbers surround people everywhere, so it is believed that with their help the forces of the universe communicate with humanity. In various occult teachings, the symbolism of numbers is given great importance. One of the applied areas of this is fortune telling and predicting the future. This we will talk about in the article.

magic of fortune-telling numbers

Pythagorean tradition

One of the first who paid close attention to the magical significance of numbers was the ancient Greek philosopher and scholar Pythagoras. He believed that numbers are the basis, the beginning of being, and therefore one who knows their meaning will also know the secrets of nature and his own soul. Those meanings that Pythagoras gave to the numerical series became the basis for what we call the "magic of numbers". Divination is only one possibility of using the enormous occult potential of numbers. In addition, the numbers allow for various effects, as well as describe the internal qualities and character of any phenomenon, situation, subject or person.

The magic of numbers, numerology and numerology

Pythagorean meaning of numbers

To understand what is divination, numerology, magic of numbers and similar things in line with the Pythagorean tradition, you need to give the basic values ​​of each of the figures from one to ten.

1 is the monad, the source of everything. 2 is the opposite and the guarantee of balance. In 3 the creation is made, and in 4 - the basis, reason, stability and order. 5 is dynamics. 6 - logic and love. 7 hides luck, health and spirituality. 8 - the embodiment of the result, the result. 9 - comprehension, wisdom, experience, and 10 - return to the source, to 1.

In order, for example, to calculate your number, it is suggested to add all the dates of birth until you get an unambiguous result. He is the number that describes the basis of your being. In a similar way, they act with all things and phenomena in the world.

Numbers and Feng Shui

Known magic numbers, fortune telling and other manipulations with numbers and in the Chinese system of feng shui. In general, within the framework of this tradition, the first nine numbers are considered as the main ones. They are interpreted like this: 1 - individuality. 2 is the dualism of yin and yang. 3 - dynamics and development. 4 - peace. 5 - changeability. 6 - harmony. 7 is mysticism. 8 - abundance. 9 - completion.

tarot cards divination magic numbers

Numbers and Tarot

Numbers play a significant role in what is known today as tarot divination. The magic of numbers is embodied in this tradition primarily in the symbolism of junior arcanes from ace to ten. In the most ancient decks, these maps were drawn simply and schematically, placing the necessary number of objects, personifying suits - wands, cups, pentacles and swords. Later on, based on the interpretations given to them, they began to draw plots illustrating these arcana. However, I must say that here the author of each deck exhibits a significant degree of individuality, expressing his own views. Therefore, there is no general value for junior arcanes.

Most often, however, in the decks used Pythagorean or close to them the interpretation. The main sphere in which tarot cards are used today is fortune-telling. The magic of numbers, expressed through various manipulations with the arcana, also takes place to be. For fortune telling on maps, you need to make one of the layouts, which there is a huge variety. Then the dropped cards are interpreted on the basis of their own values, dropped combinations and symbolic positions in the layout.

numerology numerology magic numbers

Fortunetelling "hundred"

The sphere of personal relationships is one of the main spheres in which the magic of numbers is applied. Divination for love was, probably, always, and there are a lot of them. From numerological it is possible to offer such technique, as "one hundred". The algorithm of its operation is as follows:

  1. Guessed by a specific person, and then on a piece of paper written numbers of numbers from 1 to 100. The zeros are lowered. The first line can consist of any number of digits. And all the rest must be equal to the first. When all the numbers are written, at the end it is necessary to assign the date when the divination is carried out.
  2. Now it is required to cross out successively all the numbers that stand side by side, which together give a ten (3 and 7, 4 and 6, etc.) or are the same (1 and 1, 3 and 3).
  3. When the numbers are deleted, the remaining ones will need to be rewritten in the same order and again continue the deletion. So it is necessary to do so, when there will not be a number that can not be deleted. It also hides the answer to the question.

Although this is not exactly the magic of numbers, divination with the help of "hundreds" is still popular, especially among girls. The results are calculated using the scheme below.

- 1 - loves.

- 2 - is jealous.

- 3, 12, 21 - is indifferent.

- 4, 13 - feels sympathy.

- 5, 14, 23 - draws attention.

- 6, 15, 24 - does not experience anything.

- 7, 16, 25 - communication awaits you.

- 8, 17, 26 - seeks relationships.

- 9, 18, 27 - there is a novel in front.

magic of numbers of divination by love

Simple guessing by numbers

In general, the magic of numbers, fortune telling, and the like are complex enough matters that require continued learning and honing skills. There is, however, a simple way of guessing, which can be done independently at home without any preparation. True, and the results he gives are very vague and generalized.

The bottom line is that ten cards are made of cardboard, which are sequentially numbered from 1 to 10. Then they are folded into a pouch or shuffled like regular cards. During the fortune telling you need to ask a question, for example, about what is expected in the next two weeks at work, and then pull out one of the cards at random. It is the answer to your question. Interpret it with the help of the proposed Pythagorean scheme or intuitively. Experience will eventually teach you to determine the more accurate meaning of each number.

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