How many see in 1 dm.?

How many see in 1 dm.?

  • 10cm. I do not know how to stretch the 40 characters :-)

  • In one decimeter 10 centimeters.

    I studied well at school and therefore remembered this measure of length weird for all of us.

    A decimeter is not used anywhere. I do not even know why they introduced this measure of length into science and fooled the children's heads with it.

    Millimeter, centimeter, meter and kilometer - these are the basic measures of distance measurement. Decimeters we have nothing to measure.

    Perhaps, practice use of decimeters comes from physics. Here there are decimeter waves - and this is a special group of waves in all phenomena of the wave nature. If anyone remembers the transistor receivers, then there was necessarily a decimeter band. This, probably, became the scientific basis for the introduction in the school curriculum of the study of the magnitude "decimeter".

    The basis of measuring systems is: in SI - meter, in the SGS - centimeter. There are no decimeters.

  • The decimeter is a unit of distance measurement equal to 10 (ten centimeters) or 0, 1 m, or 100 mm. In Russian it is denoted - quot; dmquot ;, the international designation is quot; dmquot ;. It should be noted that this unit is used quite rarely.

  • in one decimeter 10 centimeters. if linear - not square, not cubic.

  • One decimeter (dm) is rarely used to refer to length.

    In one decimeter (dm) - 10 centimeters (cm). to all this you can still add:

    in one centimeter (cm) is placed 0,1 decimeter (dm).

  • 1 decimeter = 10 centimeters. decimeter can be given such a definition, a unit of measurement of distance equal to 1 / 10 a fraction of a meter. Legend: Russian dm, international dm.if I'm not mistaken, then the measures are long starting to study in primary school, ie from the first grade.

  • Well, to find the answer to this question, you do not have to remember the school years. This must be known even if you wake up at night and ask - how many centimeters in a decimeter. And in the 1 decimeter, only 10 centimeters. For centimeters go decimeters, and then meters.

  • In the 1 decimeter 10 centimeters. It's easy to remember, because "deci"; tenth of a unit of measurement. A decimeter is a tenth of a meter.

    In Russian, the decimeter can be reduced as dm, and the international abbreviation dm.

  • 1 dm. - this is most likely 1 decimeter. This is a mathematical value by which, for example, the length of something is determined. So in one decimeter exactly 10 centimeters, well, and vice versa respectively - in one centimeter exactly 0,1 decimeter. This should be known from school to everyone.

  • Even at school we learned that a decimeter (dm) is a measure of length. It is not widely used in everyday life, unlike centimeter (cm), meter (m), kilometer (km).

    What is 1 dm? Sun from the same school bench knows that 1 dm equals 10 cm.

  • The name quot; decimeter; comes from the French decimetre, and it, in turn, from the Latin decem, which means quot; tenquot ;. And, accordingly, in one decimeter will be 10 centimeters. As in one meter there will be 10 decimeters.

  • The decimeter, centimeter, meter, millimeter are all measures of length. Deci means 10. Thus, it turns out that in one decimeter exactly 10 centimeters. Accordingly, in one meter also 10 decimeters. Although decimeters are used rarely, unlike other measures of length.

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