Venigrette or vinaigrette or vinigret, how to write and speak correctly?

Venigrette or vinaigrette or vinigret, how to write and speak correctly?

  • This word we always had on the dictations of the Russian language. Correctly write it like this:

    THE VINAIGRETTE. You can check, for example, on the dictionary Ozhegova. But the other versions are wrong. And the fact that advertisers have no time to study Russian, that's true. Also similar lyapy met.

  • The correct version of this word will be VINEGRET. This is a dictionary word and it must be remembered, or, if necessary, checked by a dictionary. This name comes from the diminutive form of the word (vinaigre - vinegar).

  • You are quite right, the word quot; Vinegret; spelled that way - quot; WIRE; ” It is a dictionary and should be remembered once and for all. This word is French, it denotes a salad dressing made from vegetable oil and vinegar. The very same salad was made from meat, seafood, vegetables and so on. I love quot; Vinaigrette; and cook it often.

    Venigrette or vinaigrette or vinigret, how to write and speak correctly?

  • That's right - B & H E C H E T

    The word "vinaigrette" is a dictionary word, and there are no test words and writing rules with dictionary words.

    All vocabulary words are not checked, but remembered - they must be learned.

    You can often write them correctly and then the correctness of their spelling is remembered automatically.

  • Clear day that vinEgret. And how do you like the inscription on the price tag "Balyk". Very tasty! Quot;

    Something I did not want to buy balyk.

  • Correctly written vinaigrette, this word must be remembered. In general, the name of this salad came in Russian from another language.

    Specially looked at the dictionary, and so, there is written a vinaigrette, so this is the right option.

  • I think that each of us tried this really tasty dish from small-cut vegetables more than once, there are enough recipes for its preparation, and to correctly and correctly write the word, you just need to remember it, because there are no test words to it. Correct spelling of the word: VINEGRET.

  • Venigrette or vinaigrette or vinigret, how to write and speak correctly?

    Word the vinaigrette has its origin from the language of the French, where vinaigre means vinegar. Vinaigrette is called a snack of boiled vegetables - potatoes, onions, beets, carrots with the addition of pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, which is seasoned with vinegar and vegetable oil. Recipes vinaigrettes set, that is in the bins of the hostess, then she put in the dish. Many add to the vinaigrette mushrooms, boiled meat, fish or game. Often in Olives, too, in the salad will not be superfluous. Vinaigrette quickly can be quickly prepared, so he often rescues housewives, if guests suddenly unexpectedly descend.

    The remaining variants of the spelling in the question will be incorrect.

  • Vinaigrette - dictionary word, orthogram 2)))

  • Correctly write inInGret. It's a dictionary word, it's impossible to test it, you need to remember it, but it's also difficult to remember and not get confused. I invented myself to make it easier to memorize this: inInegret can be an appetizer to Wine (it is clear that it can not, but remember the correct spelling has become easier).


    This word does not have test word-variants and therefore is a dictionary. Its correct spelling should be remembered, like all vocabulary words.

    This word has a foreign origin and in foreign writing it matters - vinegar.

    Similar errors in writing vocabulary and not only words once again proves that "illiteracy ruthlessly mows our ranks". It is unfortunate that people who have finished school and who have received a good education can not write competently, even within the school course. After all, there are dictionaries, and self-examination, and also - the quality of work and the prestige of the institution: if they do not have elementary literacy, then elementary account can not be trained and there will be a cheating at the cash desk ...

    Venigrette or vinaigrette or vinigret, how to write and speak correctly?

  • Помню, это уже обсуждали.

    As for the booklet of a large store ... How many illiterate people go to the "writers", agrees with you. And I always think - does the high management of that store give a report on the impression produced by such printed materials.

  • the correct spelling and pronunciation of this word quot; inInIgrett; only unfortunately, there is no test word for this word, so for the veracity of my answer it can be checked in the dictionary of Ozhegov ...

  • Correct spelling, this word vinaigrettequot ;, it must be remembered and known, since often this word occurs in life. And such illiteracy, especially in shops, can be found everywhere, since education can be bought and work too, so it turns out, laughter and sin.

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