The second higher education is free. Second degree

Higher education has long become an integral attribute of our society. If a decade ago it was possible to meet people who have not received it, and especially those who do not aspire to it, then today having only secondary vocational education is not enough not only for employers, but also for graduates themselves. Striving for development pushes people to take another step - getting a second higher one. But what if there is not enough money?

Reasons for the importance of a second higher education

The second higher education is becoming increasingly popular. Why is this happening? First of all, people strive for more. And if at one time they had a choice between two completely different specialties, and they made it in favor of one, then now the loss can be filled in this way. This will allow not only to realize their ambitions, but also to find an additional part-time job. Secondly, many people want to make their dreams come true. So, if in his youth, a person could not afford to get a creative profession, because he knew that in order to earn money, one had to go into the sphere of trade and economics, then after years he could fill this gap. Thirdly, not everyone immediately finds a profession to their liking. Moreover, statistics show that more than 70% of Russians work in an area that is not close to them, but they are no longer able to leave it, because they fear instability. To change the scope of activities, you must take a step forward - to the second highest. Fourthly, often the second higher education contributes to the career growth of a person in an existing and suitable job. Suppose they want to improve him, but he lacks the skills of a manager and, most importantly, a diploma about this education. Again there is a need for another "crust".Second Higher Free Education

Education options

First of all, the newly-entrant must determine the form in which he will receive education. After all, given the fact that this is most likely a working person, he needs to combine work with increasing the level of his knowledge. Getting a second higher education in such cases, as a rule, is a non-linear process. Upon admission to the full-time department will have to make a choice, torn between work and study. Most often this ends similarly to the two hares saying, because it is impossible to get a quality education by constantly skipping lectures and seminars because of work, and vice versa, one cannot maintain good relations with superiors when an employee constantly asks for time off. The way out is for those who choose a second higher education in absentia. This form of training allows you to minimize the requests from work to the period of the session, but it also involves a greater degree of self-education. If you accustom yourself to self-discipline, then you can easily refute the rumors that distance learning does not provide knowledge. In addition, during extramural studies, a student receives a state diploma in which, under the new system, there is not even a mark on the form of education.Second degree

Paid education

Speaking about the reasons for the minimality of cases of obtaining the second higher education, it is worth noting the fact that the second education in Russia is always paid. A second higher education is available only in a few cases. Consequently, it is very difficult to allocate funds from the budget to cover expenses not only for ordinary life needs, but also for training. In addition, Russian education is famous not only for its intellectual level, but also for its price level. It is not just really tangibly affordable, often the prices per year of study in Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as in a number of other cities are comparable to European and American universities. This problem affects all sectors of society. But there are still ways to get out of it, since a second higher education can still be obtained for free. Second higher education distant free

Second higher education distant free

One of the options for obtaining free education is distance learning. What does it mean? Distance learning is also called mobile for the fact that the process takes place right at home, or in any other convenient place for the student where there is access to the Internet. You can get an opportunity to study for free when winning a competition or even on the basis of a lottery. Thus, a student can safely attend work, and in his free time he can study according to curricula through a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Multimedia teaching tools help him to improve knowledge in the chosen field, and a large electronic library contributes to the broadening of horizons and is a means for preparing for exams.Second higher education in absentia

Examination in distance learning

The final exam is usually conducted in the form of a test for the discipline passed. Of course, distance learning is not the second higher education free of charge. The process is paid. More often, it’s just learning at a discount. Importantly, a graduate diploma receives a state sample, and sometimes with European certification.

Other types of free education

The second degree can be obtained free of charge on a competitive basis. If an applicant is really talented and intelligent, then he has every chance to win a free education. Another option could be training at the expense of the company. After all, if an employer sees that an employee gives high hopes, he will not spare funds for his advanced training.

Getting a second higher education

In addition, there are also various grants for training. This is the most prestigious option, because such a grant is paid by European countries wishing to get a talented employee. They are ready to pay not only tuition, but also student accommodation.

In the near future, getting a second higher education free of charge can be helped by a new bill, recently drafted by several deputies of the Moscow region, provided it is passed. According to him, it will be possible to get a free second higher education in the field of culture and art. Such a restriction is put because a number of art professions - conductor, director - require a lot of life experience, young people are not always able to seriously approach the process.

As can be seen from the above, a second higher education can be obtained, but only in a few cases.

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