How to restore a birth certificate in case of loss?

Documents that certify our identity must be treated carefully and carefully. Perhaps it is known to all. And the main document - a passport - all cherish as they can. After all, it is necessary in many situations. But the citizen uses the birth certificate less often. And because the risk of losing this paper in piles of things increases. How to restore a birth certificate in case of loss?

how to recover a birth certificateIf you have lost this important document confirming your appearance, you can contact the personnel department. They must help you there. Recovery of the birth certificate in this case can take place with minimal time and nerves. And sometimes it does not even require your participation. Although it is necessary to write an application for issuing a new document and independently come to the registry office in order for you to be presented with the cherished paper.

If a person does not work, or the personnel department refuses to help, then you will have to face the bureaucratic system. The easiest way is for those who still live in their hometown or village. In this case, the question "how to recover the birth certificate" is easily resolvable. You just need to come to the registry office at the place of residence and fill out an application for the restoration of the lost document, and attach a receipt to it, which confirms the payment of state duty. And then wait for the notification that a new certificate is waiting for you in the office.

But what about those who left their native spaces? How to restore a birth certificate, if you were born in one city and live in another? In principle, the algorithm of actions is similar. You also need to come to the registry office and write a statement asking for restoration. Employees of the department of civil registration will send your request to their home region, where the document will be re-printed and sent by mail. True, the recovery process will take a little longer.

recovery of birth certificate

After you receive the postal notification of the local registry office, you will only have to appear at the specified address. Do not forget to bring your passport with you to verify your identity. No one can obtain a birth certificate for an adult citizen. There is, however, an exception. To do this, you need to make a power of attorney, which will indicate that the person has the right to get a second certificate This document must be notarized.

translation of birth certificate into EnglishIf the birth certificate of the child is lost, the procedure will be almost identical. The only difference is that when drafting an application, parents or guardians are required to provide their passports, as well as a marriage certificate or other documents confirming custody of the child. That's all the secrets of how to recover a birth certificate.

Many are also interested in how the birth certificate is translated into English. First of all, this is especially important for those who are going to leave the country and want to get a visa for permanent residence. Many translators provide such services. In order for a birth certificate to have legal force, it must be certified by a notary.

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