What is the validity period of the medical certificate issued by a psychiatrist?

What is the validity period of the medical certificate issued by a psychiatrist?

  • The term of the medical certificate from a psychiatrist is 30 days, so it is written on the certificate itself. If during this time the certificate is not used for its intended purpose, then you need to do one more. Documents for which this reference is needed can last up to 6 years without re-passing.

  • The norms of the labor code stipulate that the period of re-examination by a psychiatrist for employees carrying out certain activities, including those associated with sources of increased danger, as well as those working under conditions of increased danger, in particular drivers, is at least once every five years - art. 213 TK RF. How long is a medical certificate for traffic police?

  • From the moment of the inspection, and, therefore, the receipt of the certificate, before the document is issued, in this case, the driver's license, no more than 30 days must pass.

    The next examination with a psychiatrist and an expert in narcology, as well as with other specialists, necessary for obtaining a medical certificate for the right to drive should be carried out within 5 years.

  • 30 calendar days - just this quot; expiration date; medical certificate from a psychiatrist. In the certificate itself there is such a mark.

    And in a couple of years it will be necessary to go back to the psychiatrist and narcologist if, it will be necessary to get a medical certificate to the drivers. Because:

    What is the validity period of the medical certificate issued by a psychiatrist?

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  • Generally thirty days. You write about the medical information for the driver. There is no need to pass a psychiatrist, and doctors have something about eight, or more. And they all sign on the same form (we have so), in the end puts the signature and seal of the chief doctor.

    This reference is valid for 5-y years.

  • The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation made changes in the procedure for medical examination when obtaining driver's licenses. Now when you receive a medical certificate, you also have to go to narcologist и psychiatrist.

    Please note that these specialists will give you a certificate not at the place of your actual residence, but only at the place of permanent registration.

    Since receiving the certificate from an expert in narcology and a psychiatrist, you should hurry, because the expiration date of these certificates is 30 days. If during this time you do not have time to get a driving license, then you have to go this way again.

  • The validity period of the medical certificate issued by a psychiatrist is 30 calendar days. Usually, in a couple of cases, a certificate from an expert in narcology is required - this certificate is valid for 15 days. So be careful.

  • The help that the psychiatrist can give can be presented no more than 30 days (calendar), then you can already face refusal to accept it, but although you will get one to two days overdue, it is not critical.

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