Department "K", what is it? What does he do?

Department "K", what is it? What does he do?

  • Quot; Quot; is a department created specifically to deal with computer crimes, that is, with those crimes that occur in the field of information technology. This department is also called upon to combat illicit trafficking in radio electronic means and special technical devices. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia there is a subdivision, which is called so: Office quot; Kquot ;. Accordingly, that such structural subdivisions are the departments "Quot; - are available in all subjects of the Russian Federation.

    If we talk in more detail about the activities of such departments, we can name their following functions:

    struggle against infringement of copyrights;

    detection and suppression of the facts of illegal access to computer information;

    detection of distributors of malicious programs;

    the fight against illegal connection to telephone lines;

    the identification of pornographers through the Internet;

    Identify the use of forged bank cards.

    This, perhaps, is the most basic task of the Quot; Quot; department.

    But since this department is one of the most secret subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there may be other tasks related to the detection of crimes in the field of information technology, but we, citizens who do not work in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the FSB, do not even guess about them.

  • This department is a part of the Office of Special Technical Measures, this letter is attached to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in all other law enforcement agencies there are similar letters and divisions. Until recently, the existence of which no one knew. The "Quot;" department is the only declassified division operating in the high-tech sphere. It's not hard to guess that this is not the only letter. Of course, this sphere of activity is connected with the World Wide Web, and its legal or non-illegal activities in the format of the Russian legislative field ...

  • The mysterious department "Quot; in 2015 year it was executed 15 years (14 August).

    First, in 1998, the UBPSVT of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia was created (special unit to combat crimes in the field of information technology). And in 2000 in more than 80 subjects of the Russian Federation territorial units began to work.

    The main activities of the unusual, but necessary in our time, department quot; Кquot; - fight against computer crimes: hacking of computer systems, theft of money through the Internet and access passwords, distribution of malicious programs and computer viruses, with distributors of child pornography, with the creators of sites that specialize in fraud, libel, including those who create backup sites, which is a copy of the present (ch. 2 of the article 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), etc.

    In social networks, there are amateurs to create pages from someone else's face and write on their behalf, such authors may be interested in the quot; Quot ;.

  • Department "K", what is it? What does he do?

    Quot; Quot; as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, is engaged in the prevention and investigation of crimes in the field of the information and telecommunications field. These are crimes in the Internet, SMS fraud, calls to short numbers at half-pay, piracy in the information field, unauthorized access to closed communication channels.

    Official website of the "Quot; Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

  • This department is engaged in the investigation and prevention of cybercrime,

    that is, the Internet traffic is suspiciously controlled (unobtrusively.)

    You can contact this structure with any security threats, only, not everywhere (locally) there is one.

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