Prevention is the foundation of public safety

Unfortunately, our society is replete with individuals willing to take extreme measures to achieve their goals. And although the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provides for certain penalties for crimes, the main task of law enforcement agencies is not to solve the crime, but to prevent it. Legal language is called prevention.

What it is?

Prevention is a set of measures aimed at preventing a possible offense. Thus, its main purpose is to prevent the commission of a crime. Informing society, regulating the system of punishments are the main tasks that prevention sets for itself. This consists, first of all, in conveying to the public the idea that any wrongful act will be punished, and seriously enough. Then the information can be confirmed by real examples of punishment. Prevention is divided into 2 main species.

prevention is

General prevention

In accordance with the general prevention, the main goal of the state in suppressing crimes is to inform the public and punish them in a timely manner. This is partly why most criminal cases are public. The system works as follows: an example is taken of a crime that has been solved and for which the person received the punishment. Then this example is made public by the state so that people prone to committing a crime have a fear of legal punishment. This system of leverage is quite effective, but in this case it is necessary to reduce the level of latent crime as much as possible, as well as to increase the reputation of law enforcement agencies. Society must understand that any criminal act will not remain secret and will be disclosed. However, the punishment should not be too harsh to avoid a conflict of interest, nor too soft.

double prevention

Private prevention

Private prevention is a set of measures aimed at preventing a crime from being re-convicted earlier. That is, private prevention is aimed at preventing the recurrence of crimes. The measures of influence in this case are applied to a specific person, and not to an unlimited circle of people, as in general. As a rule, these are educational measures that are actively used in prisons. It is also a set of social measures aimed at socializing the criminal, introducing him into any profession, and settling in later life.

Double Prevention

general prevention

Двойная превенция – это, скорее, неофициальное название особого комплекса мер. Согласно двойной превенции, выделяются определенные статьи в Уголовном Кодексе, которые с высокой долей вероятности могут повлечь за собой совершение преступления по более тяжким статьям. Например, угроза убийством, оставленная без наказания, может повлечь совершение этого деяния. В данном случае превенция – это способ пресечь совершение более тяжкого преступления наказанием за менее тяжкое. Во многом действует теория «разбитых окон», согласно которой увеличение количества мелких преступлений прямо пропорционально влияет на количество тяжких. По факту, благодаря данному виду превенции наказанию подвергаются лица, совершившие такие правонарушения, которые либо практически не наносят вреда обществу, либо могут нанести его только потенциально. Например, та же угроза убийством сама по себе вреда обществу не наносит, ведь это только потенциальная возможность совершения более тяжкого преступления. Между тем, именно благодаря наказанию за такие преступления достигается основная цель превенции – пресечение совершения реального, опасного для общества деяния.

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