Can a Ukrainian get a passport in Russia?

Can a Ukrainian get a passport in Russia?

  1. Our company helps in obtaining a foreign passport for gr. Of Ukraine, the LC and the DPR in Moscow, not having certificates and residence permit, without consular registrations! Passports for children, writing and pasting photos in Ukr. passports! 84957728970, 89257728970
  2. Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation link blocked by the decision of the administration of the project
    Passport issues
    mfa. gov. ua / russia / ru / 3763.htm

    Registration and issuance of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad.

    The consular department of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation documents the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad for those citizens of Ukraine who reside in the Russian Federation, sets and withdraws from consular registration, extends the validity of a passport, enters information about children in a passport, draws up a certificate for returning to Ukraine to citizens of Ukraine who temporarily left Ukraine and, being in the territory of the Russian Federation, lost their passports.

    Citizens of Ukraine who have issued a permit for permanent residence in Russia are consular with the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation and who need to issue a new passport (due to loss, change of family name in marriage, deterioration of the passport, children who have reached 16 years of age and information about which were entered in the passports of parents who went to relocate permanent residence in the Russian Federation),

    For the rest, for example, temporarily staying, only a certificate of return to Ukraine is issued.

  3. Lena, good afternoon. I am a resident of the LC, I have expired passport. It is more convenient for me to extend my passport in Rostov. Perhaps it? And, if I am competent in this matter, under the new law, I have the right to get a Russian passport on the basis that my parents were born and lived for a long time in the Rostov region. Thanks in advance.
  4. Gr. Ukraine can get a passport at the consulate of the Russian Federation, if he permanently resides in the Russian Federation and is registered with the consulate. In other cases, at the place of residence in Ukraine.
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  6. Available. My husband officially worked in Moscow, got up to the consular post, and received a passport.
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