Decree documents

Decree documents

  1. Maternity leave consists of two parts, prenatal and postpartum. Prenatal 70 days (84 days for multiple pregnancy and 90 days if the woman lives or works in the territory of the zone of residence with the right of resettlement). Postpartum 70 days (86 days with complicated birth, including Caesarean section, and 110 days at the birth of simultaneously 2 and more children). Maternity leave is registered in a women's consultation, where a woman receives a temporary disability sheet (sick leave). A sick leave sheet is paid at the place of work (study, service). The allowance is calculated on the basis of the average monthly salary for the last 12 months of work (including all employers). If a woman has worked less than 3 months or if a woman goes on maternity leave while on leave for the care of another child, then the sick leave is paid at the rate of one minimum wage. The payment also includes various regional coefficients (northern, Ural, etc.). The sick leave is given to a pregnant woman for a period of 30 weeks (28 weeks for multiple pregnancies), where the total number of days of leave (antenatal and postnatal) is indicated, in some cases the sick leave is extended after childbirth. For the purpose and payment of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth in accordance with Article 255 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, a woman (worker) submits an application for maternity leave and a disability certificate issued in accordance with the established procedure. Further, the accounting department for 10 days must calculate the allowance for maternity. In accordance with the Federal Law of 29.12.2006 on the provision of benefits for temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth for citizens subject to compulsory social insurance 255-FZ, the pregnancy and maternity benefit is paid in the amount of 100% of the average earnings (income) at the place of work for the last 12 calendar months preceding the month of the onset of maternity leave.
  2. Good afternoon!
    The main document that confirms your right to maternity leave is the incapacity sheet that is issued in the antenatal clinic at the time of pregnancy 30 weeks. This certificate should be provided by you at the place of work for the execution of the decree. In the Labor Code this is reflected as follows:
    Article 255: Women are granted pregnancy and childbirth leave of 70 duration (in case of multiple pregnancies - 84) calendar days before childbirth and 70 (in case of complicated births - 86, at the birth of two or more children - 110) calendar days after childbirth with payment of the allowance for state social insurance in the amount established by federal laws.
    The decree is obligatory paid. This right guarantees you the current legislation. At the same time, for all 140 days you will receive a benefit equal to your average salary. At the same time, salaries for the last 12 months are taken into account, provided that you have worked all this time in one place.

    If you are an individual entrepreneur, then often in this case it is impossible to calculate benefits for maternity leave on general grounds. In this case, payments are made from the insurance fund.

    It is also important that in addition to the vacation benefit, you are legally entitled to other maternity compulsory payments, the amount of which is fixed and does not depend on where the future mother works and what her salary is.
    Good luck to you!

  3. When you make a holiday on B & R, you provide:
    1. Application for the granting of leave for BiR
    2. Sick leave
    3. Application for the method of calculating benefits.
    When a child is born, make out a one-time birth allowance
    1. Help from the registry office for the payment of benefits
    2.Payment claim
    3.Copyright on birth
    4.Help from the place of work of the father that he did not receive this allowance
    When you make (at the end of the holiday in BiR) leave to care for a child up to 3 years and a childcare allowance up to 1,5 years, then submit:
    1. Application for leave on care
    2. Application for payment of childcare allowance up to 1,5 years
    3.Certification of the method of granting benefits
    4.Copy of the birth of a child
    5.Help from the place of work of the father that he is not on this leave and does not receive benefits.
    Documents are submitted to the personnel department, which will issue the necessary orders, will acquaint you with them against the signature and will transfer the documents to the accounting department for the purpose and payment of benefits.
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