“Hunter's Notes”: What is the main theme of the story “Biryuk”?

Turgenev, the most famous Russian writer, became famous not only for his works, but also for his wonderful spiritual qualities. Having written a cycle of stories “Notes of a Hunter”, he managed to influence the ruler Alexander II, who, having read it, decided to abolish serfdom. This cycle also includes the story of the forester Biryuka. What is the main theme of the story "Biryuk"? We will try to find out.

The hard life of the peasants

The story "Biryuk" is one of the 25 stories in the "Hunter's Notes" series. The narrator in each of them is a certain hunter who unwittingly is a participant in the events.

What is the main theme of the story Biryuk

The main character, Biryuk, appears before us as a strong, courageous man. In fact, his name is Thomas Kuzmich. His nickname, which means "lonely, sullen man", he received thanks to his appearance and some life circumstances.

Previously, he was quite a happy man: he had a family, two children, worked as a forester, responsibly performing his work. But the circumstances of his personal life have changed: his wife, leaving him and his children, left with a city man. But Biryuk is not limp, he also continues to work and live, raising two children, one of whom is an infant baby. It is difficult to say right away what is the main theme of the story "Biryuk". This is a hard peasant life, and the strong personality of the forester, and the betrayal of his beloved woman. Consider the other aspects that will help us identify the main topic.

My home is my castle

So say everyone who has their own roof over their heads. Was the forester's hut a fortress? Recall how Turgenev "leads" the hunter and the reader into a peasant's hut. There are no beds in it, only one oven, people have to sleep on the floor. The girl, absolutely barefoot, who left the room, is the daughter of Biryuk. Her childhood has little resemblance to this fun-filled time: she looks after a child who is still very young and sleeps in a cradle. Everything around is dark and dirty, which is understandable - there is no hostess. A real, adult woman. It is simply impossible to require a child of twelve years of full order in the house and good supervision of the baby. Nevertheless, the daughter of Thomas does not complain of anything, only submissively shakes the cradle with the baby.

With food, they too sparsely: Biryuk can not offer the hunter anything except bread and water, and the child has to suck only a dirty horn. The family has a very hard time. What is the main theme of the story "Biryuk"? Undoubtedly, poverty, but at the same time the strength of the Russian people, who could not break the circumstances.

Strong and incorruptible

the main theme of the story Biryuk

Biryuk appears before us for the first time lit by a white lightning. The author immediately showed us the real hero with strong muscles, tall and strong physique. Although he is sullen, but still a very good man. He did not let the hunter soak in the rain, but offered to wait it out in his poor hut. Why, throughout the story, we see such a strong but gloomy man? Of course, he lives very hard. Abandoned by his wife, he was left in distress with two children. Nevertheless, the other side of his character - responsiveness - is revealed before us. Proof of this is the story of a thief who wanted to cut down a forest on the territory protected by the forester Biryuk.

All the peasants knew that Thomas would not let anyone through, would not allow them to steal the forest. He did not take bribes, despite his poverty, honestly did his job. Another main theme of the story “Biryuk” is the incorruptibility of the Russian person, responsibility to the people who entrusted him with such an important position.

Serfdom right - no! What is the main theme of the story "Biryuk"?

We managed to find out what topics Turgenev raised in his story. It is worth noting that the desire to abolish serfdom at the time shows what the main theme of the story "Biryuk". Thomas and the male thief are serfs. How does each of them live? Very, very poor. But if the first is a strong and decent person, then the other is ready to commit a crime, broke from poverty. Goes to the territory, which is protected by the well-known Biryuk, and chops wood at his own risk. But still he is captured. But here, too, he shows his weakness, puts pressure on pity, insults Biryuk, in order to leave by all means. And Thomas, meanwhile, refuses to take money for the forest offered by the master-hunter in order to save the peasant.

tale of biryuk

The story "Biryuk" was written by Turgenev as an expression of protest against serfdom. He shows how hard it was for the serfs at that time. And how people behave differently under difficult circumstances.

It is undoubtedly difficult for us, living in another era, to understand just how difficult they were.

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