Golden Fleece 2015, 3-4 classes, where to find all the answers?

Golden Fleece 2015, 3-4 classes, where to find all the answers?

  • Quiz "Golden Fleece", the theme of which in 2015 was the magnificent era of the Renaissance, is held from 20 on 24 February. Answers to the questions of the MHC contest for the third or fourth grades can be found right here:

    link to a site with answers

    But on the "Big Bug"; you can find all the answers, and, in detail, in ten versions created by different authors. It's enough just to score in "Search"; necessary question.

    Of course, it would be great if the children themselves or with the help of their parents found answers to the quiz offered; The Golden Fleece; 2015 questions. But in extreme cases, you can use the suggested clue.

  • Very difficult questions, in my opinion, for children of the third and fourth grades. A person with higher education can not answer all these questions. But you can see the answers by this link. The answers are indicated in the comments under each question.

  • Competition quot; Golden Fleece 2015 quot; for 3 - 4 classes, as well as for other classes will be held from 20 - 24 January and will consist of 60 questions, which will have to give the right answers.

    If you have difficulties with the correct answers, you can search them on the BV website, for this you will need to write the question itself in the search line, you will receive an answer on the BV website with explanations and this answer will be correct, you can also see the answers here, though the explanations from the answers This site is not.

  • Answers to the questions to the contest "Golden Fleece"; for third-graders and fourth-graders can be found at this link. In my opinion, the questions are not so easy for children of this age. Many adults do not even know all the answers to such questions. And this site will help many to answer them.

  • Good afternoon!

    Competition "Golden Fleece"; for 2015 year, 3-4 classes - answers can be seen HERE

    Game competition for 3-4 classes on the Epoch of Objection is the history of world fiction.

    The contest consists of 60-t questions and they have 60-t correct answers.

  • All the answers can be found on this site quot; big questionquot ;. You just need to enter in the search engine of the site the question you need and you will immediately find an answer to it. Personally, this site is very helpful in gaming matters and I always find the right answers here. And also you can see here.

  • Children from the junior classes seeking answers to the questions of the Golden Fleece contest will discover many new and interesting things about the Renaissance - the era of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, great works of art. Well, you can check and verify the answers from this link.

  • Here you can find answers to the questions for 3-4 classes on the quot quot; The Golden Fleece;

    The answers are specific and will certainly be useful to the participants of the competition. But it would be better for the children to look for these answers themselves. Moreover, you can use any sources and prepare answers at home.

  • Answers to the tasks of the contest "Golden Fleece-2015quot; there is on the Big Question, to search for them by tags is difficult (for a certain group - 3-4 class), it is better in the line "search"; write a question and click on the link to the answer. To facilitate this work I suggest using ready-made links, by opening each of them you will go to the page with the question and answers (I place the answers to the job numbers, I will not be able to repeat each condition because of the non-unique nature of the text):

    Question 1

    Question 2

    Question 3

    Question 4

    Question 5

    Question 6

    Question 7

    Question 8

    Question 9

    Question 10

    Question 11

    Question 12

    Question 13

    Question 14

    Question 15

    Question 16

    Question 17

    Question 18

    Question 19

    Question 20

    Question 21

    Question 22

    Question 23

    Question 24

    Question 25

    Question 26

    Question 27

    Question 28

    Question 29

    Question 30

    Question 31

    Question 32

    Question 33

    Question 34

    Question 35

    Question 36

    Question 37

    Question 38

    Question 39

    Question 40

    Question 41

    Question 42

    Question 43

    Question 44

    Question 45

    Question 46

    Question 47

    Question 48

    Question 49

    Question 50

    Question 51

    Question 52

    Question 53

    Question 54

    Question 55

    Question 56

    Question 57

    Question 58

    Question 59

    Question 60

  • Most of the answers are on our website. Here gathered enough erudite people and the list will expand. Of course a lot of information is on other sites, but I can not help but advertise our beloved BV.

    Search by tags The Golden Fleece or Golden Fleece 2015

  • If you urgently need help on quiz quiz questions; The Golden Fleece quot; for 2015 year, 3 is 4 class, then you need to go here, but not the fact that there you can find exact and detailed answers, but comments on all questions are present.

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