Adygea: sights created by nature itself

The Republic of Adygea is located in the northwestern part of the Caucasus Mountains, and it is surrounded by the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. Three rivers flow in this region - the Kuban, the White and the Laba. The capital of the republic is Maykop. Administratively, Adygea is subdivided into 7 districts and, in addition to the capital, it has another city of republican significance, Adygeysk. More than 100 nationalities live on the territory of the republic, the main ones are Russians and Adygs. Crystal clear rivers, picturesque Caucasian mountains, forests, plateaus, caves - than just Adygea can boast. Sights of the region attract not only Russian tourists, but also visitors from other countries. Adygea sights


This region has been inhabited since ancient times. The first mentions of Adygea were noted as far back as the 5 century BC. er At that far time Adygs lived on this territory, it was in honor of this people that they gave the name to the republic. In addition, the Great Silk Road passed through the region.

In 1922, Adygea was founded as an autonomous region. Since 1991, the Adygei Autonomous Region of the USSR was transformed into a republic within the Russian Federation.

Adygea: what to see?

Adygea on the mapThe republic is visited annually by thousands of travelers. They come here to climb the mountain peaks, swim along the rivers, go snowboarding and skiing and just walk along the mountain paths. But let's get everything in order.

Adygea Mountains

The Republic of Adygea is famous for its charming mountain peaks. In sec. Khamyshki is Monk Mountain. According to the legend, a monk lived at its top for a long time, in his honor and decided to name this place. At the highest eastern tier of this mountain is the entrance to the cave Jolas. During the Second World War, doctor Jolas hid here.

The Trident Mountain is another miracle that Adygea is so proud of. Sights of the region - it is solely the merit of nature. And although in reality these are three peaks, the locals combined them into one.

Not far from the St. Athos Monastery of St. Michael is located Fiziabgo mountain. From its summit you can have mercy on the snow-white mountains of the Caucasus range and the monastery itself. The slopes are also famous for their underground tunnels and man-made caves.

Here is the highest point of the plateau Lago-Naki - Mount Fisht (2868 m). Its upper slope is covered with a large glacier. You can conquer Fisht only if you follow a specially developed tourist route.

It should be noted that this is not all the mountains that are located on the territory of the Republic of Adygea. Sights even difficult to calculate.Adygea to see

Rivers and waterfalls

One of the main assets of the republic are Rufabgo Waterfalls. They are located near the village of Kamennomostsky and represent 10 colorful waterfalls, each of which has its own name.

In the same village there is another amazing place - the Khadzhokhskaya gorge. Here, the charming White River flows through a deep and narrow canyon.

View also stands on the river Meshoko with the gorge of the same name. To get to this place with unique grottoes and waterfalls is not difficult, many roads of varying difficulty lead to it.

The real treasures of Adygea include the Kishi River with its numerous rapids, the Psenodakh Lake, the Pshekhsky Falls, the Fars and Polkovnitskaya rivers and many others. In a word, in order not to miss anything, you will definitely need a map of the sights of Adygea.Maikop Adygei


The region has more than 15 caves. The most famous of them are: Big and Small Azishsky caves, Through, Ozernaya, Sheep, Sax, Flute, Monastery, Cave Soaring Bird, Cave Dakhovskaya, Fishta, Dukhan and others. Most of them are easily accessible.

Apple City

Maykop (Adygea) also arouses great interest among tourists. Its name from the Adyghe is translated as "valley of apple trees." The capital of the republic is really buried in greenery and flowers. The real pride of Maykop is the city park, where swimming pools are built. The White River is quite cold even in the summer, so it is a pleasure to swim in the warm pool and admire the lush vegetation of the park. In the vicinity of the capital you can see the ancient mounds, the most significant of them - Oshad. On the southern outskirts of the city, on the left bank of the Belaya River, the ancient Maykop fortress, or torture, is located; a large group of archaeologists are still working on its mysteries.

Other attractions

Adygea attractions mapYou should definitely see the protected territories of Adygea with your own eyes. For example, the Caucasian Biosphere Natural Reserve, the Cossack Stone, Bukreeva Dendrological Park, the village of Novosvobodnaya, etc. There are many churches and monasteries in the republic that Orthodox tourists visit every day.

Paleontological finds

Old buildings, excavations, monuments - Adygea can also represent all this. Landmarks of antiquity and attract travelers. For example, the most visited place can be called the Hadzhokhsky dolmen, it dates back to the 3 millennium BC. er A large number of dolmens are also concentrated on the Bogatyrska glade and in the village of Ust-Sakhray.

Huge territories of virgin nature, a variety of landscapes, reserved dense forests, amazing canyons, picturesque mountain rivers, alpine meadows - all this attracts many fans of outdoor activities. Rather, look where Adygea is on the map, and hurry to visit this amazingly beautiful region.

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