What is famous about the Moscow Taganka?

What is famous about the Moscow Taganka?

  • What nevertheless beautiful names of districts and streets were given in old Moscow: Tverskaya, Arbat, Taganka, Kuznetsky Most, Zemlyanoi Val and even Krasnaya Ploschad.Vo all cities - the name of Lenin, and the name of Lenin. I can compare, by the beauty of the name, only the Champs Elysees in Paris and Khreshchatyk in Kiev.

    And for me Taganka is famous for the fact that my close relatives live there and in the past, every summer they were visiting them. I know this area along and along. Prestigious area, the center of Moscow, after all. And the prison is sung in many songs, for example: "Taganka! I'm your prisoner forever ... quot;

  • On Tagansky hillthat when Yauza flowed into the Moscow River in ancient times (even before Yury Dolgoruky founded the fortress of the Kiev metropolis on the neighboring Borovitsky hill), there was a pagan temple. It was located closer to Yauza - on Shvivaya Hill (north-western slope of the hill). Now in its place is the Athos Compound.

    In order to get to know Tagansky Hill and Shvivaya Hill better, I invite you to visit a virtual Walk-excursion.

    The word "Tagan"; in translation from Turkic means mountain, hill - mountain top. On the other hand, there was Taganaya Sloboda, and in this context, "Tagan"; is a metal stand for boilers. On Shvivaya Hill there was also a settlement where the quotes "kotelniki" lived.

    There are many interesting sights in the Tagansky district of Moscow. We made our last walks from milestone post at Rogozhskoy gates. There, the metro station quot; Ilyich Square; (there is a corresponding monument) and quot; Roman "quot; (in no way connected with Rome. Just Yu.M. Luzhkov decided, since Rome has a metro station quot; Moskovskayaquot ;, let us have quot; Romanskaya)

    Visit Old Believer Community in Rogozhskaya Sloboda. There is now all quot; cultural and decent; "

    The streets of Taganka still preserve the ancient architecture. The outdoor reserve is Shkolnaya Street (former Telekhnaya). Stroll through the streets of Solzhenitsyn (Big Communist, formerly Big Alexeevskaya) and Stanislavsky (Small Communist, formerly Small Alexeevskaya). Admire the S. Radonezhsky temple. Go to Savior-Andronikov Monastery, look at the museum A.Rublva.

    The word "Taganka"; (the name of the district) was also fixed Taganskaya prison, which was located near the Novospassky Monastery on the street. Small Masons, demolished in 1958 year. And for the theater of Drama and Comedy on Taganka.

    My answer would not be complete without a photo ...

    Here is the temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh in the Rogozhskaya Sloboda.

    What is famous about the Moscow Taganka?

    PS Walks around Moscow allow you to spend time with advantage, it is better to learn the history of your city and country.

    On the history of Taganka, see also here.

  • Looking for someone! For someone it is famous for the theater on Taganka, where Vysotsky played! For someone, it is famous for the prison that was demolished in 1958, for someone Novospassky monasteries, although it is closer to the Metro Proletarskaya.

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