How was Samara called before?

How was Samara called before?

  • The modern city of Samara in the Soviet times was called Kuibyshev on the Volga. And in the past it was Samara. Ie his real name was returned to the city. By the way, a good city, a wonderful Volga and I liked to wander along the embankment.

  • The city of Samara in Soviet times (from 1935 to 1991 years) was called Kuibyshev (in honor of the Soviet party leader VV Kuibyshev). This is the most famous of his "quot; previousquot; name. Until 1935, Samara was also Samara.

    But as for the whole story, a very interesting article on this topic (with hypotheses about the origin of the name "Samara") can be read here.

    How was Samara called before?

  • The large Russian city of Samara has its own history as well as other cities / countries: the first name of the city was received from the Samara River, this is spoken of in the Russian chronicles 1361, and officially founded in 1586 by the order of Tsar Fdor, but from 1935 to 1991 the city wore the name of Kuibyshev in honor of the Soviet party and state figure Valerian Kuibyshev, 25 January 1991 by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, the city was returned to the former name Samara.

    How was Samara called before?

  • Впервые упоминается это место в 1357 году, когда митрополит Московский, Святой Алексий, останавливался здесь по дороге в Золотую Орду.

    In 10 years, a settlement was formed here Pier, Samar.

    Затем в 1586 году царь Фдор издал указ о возведении сторожевой крепости в месте слияния рек Волги и Самары для защиты от угрозы кочевников с юга. Имя она получила quot; Samara townquot;. Right to be called a city Samara fortress was in 1688 year, when it began to play a significant influence as a shopping center with the states of the East. During the years of Soviet power, the city was renamed Kuibyshev с 1935 года и до 1991 года. Затем по многочисленным требованиям жителей ему вернули настоящее имя - город Самара.

    What can you see in the city of Samara in three days?

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