I need an urgent story about London is not big, in Russian with pictures, for 5 class, help out, thank you.

I need an urgent story about London is not big, in Russian with pictures, for 5 class, help out, thank you.

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  3. London is not only the capital of England, but also one of the most important political, cultural and economic capitals in the world. Also, due to its geographical location, it is the largest port in the world. Many people speculate about the fact that London was created by the tribes of old England, but in fact it was based on the Romans. It happened in the I century BC. e. Then the city was called Londinium. His current name he received under Alfred the Great.

    Now the capital of England is home to more than 7-million people. Also, a lot of tourists, migrant workers and exchange students come there every year. Most of all tourists are attracted by the oldest district of the city, which Londoners call City. Like old Moscow, this area has suffered many times from fires. In nm are the most important buildings
    the capital: the Central Court, the Town Hall, the main Catholic cathedral.
    But the most important attraction
    London Tower. In part, he repeated the fate of the famous Bastille: initially was laid by William the Conqueror as a fortress, but after a while became a prison. Now the Tower of London is one of the most visited museums in the world. The youngest of the historic buildings of London is Buckingham Palace. To the east of it stands Westminster Abbey. In the nineteenth century, English monarchs have been crowned. The Parliament of the United Kingdom is located not far from the palace.

    In addition to museums, theaters and pubs, London is known for its perhaps the most unusual attraction of the 135-meter wheel of the London Eye, which is the largest in the world.
    London is primarily a city with a rich history, which meets you at every step. During your first visit to London you need to look at its sights, beautiful views and beautiful spectacles. An unforgettable experience will be made by changing the guard at Buckingham Palace (every day at 11: 30) and the Horse Guards parade (at 11 hours, on Sundays - at 10: 00). Be sure to walk along Piccadilly, see the ensemble of Trafalgar Square (Trafalgar Square), relax in Hyde Park. The easiest way to see all the significant sights of London is by bus excursion.
    Westminster Abbey - it begins and ends the royal fate: in its walls are crowned British monarchs, here they find eternal rest.
    In addition, Westminster Abbey is famous for its "corner of the poets." In honor of the English-speaking writers Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton, Wordsworth, Dickens and many others, memorial plaques have been installed. But the real graves of not all of the poets mentioned are exactly here.
    In Westminster Castle on the banks of the Thames from the 13 century, the English Parliament sits - behind medieval walls, inaccessible and majestic, as if symbolizing the inviolability of one of the oldest democratic institutions in Europe. You can not go past the famous Big Ben (Big Ben), the clock on which they keep track of time from 1859 year. In fact, Big Ben - this is the name of the tower and not the clock itself, but the hour bell.
    Just as firmly stands on the bank of the Tower - an ancient fortress and prison. link is blocked by the decision of the project administration

  4. London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Today it is one of the most important financial and business centers of the world and one of the largest cities in the world.

    London is located on the River Thames, which is suitable for navigation all year round.

    London is a cosmopolitan city. People of different races and nationalities, cultures and religions live there. It is only natural that more than 300 different languages ​​are spoken here. London itself and its suburbs account for Greater London and its population is about 11 million people. The Greater London area covers an area of ​​1865 square kilometers and is twice the size of the state of New York, although its population is almost half that. The size of the city impresses even those people who reported that the city is really big.

    A large number of attractions attract tourists from all over the world.

    London is an international transportation point with five international airports (Heathrow is the main one) and a large port.

    Residents of London called Londoners.

    Some facts from the history of London
    London is an ancient city. It was founded more than twenty centuries ago. When the Romans began invading the country was a small village.

    The Romans built London, which they called Londinium. It was a big and rich city with clean streets, beautiful palaces, shops and villas. The word "Londinium" is probably of Celtic origin, meaning "lake fortress". You might be wondering why the lake is a fortress, because you know that London is on a river, but not on a lake. This is true, but during the tide in the sea the waters of the River Thames cover almost the entire territory where the city stood on a large lake, except for a high hill that is not covered by water, and was chosen as the place where the First Fortress was built. It was the first of the earth, and then the stone. The lines where the walls of this fortress became the boundary of the City of London.

  5. London is the capital of England
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