The oldest city in Belarus?

The oldest city in Belarus?

  • If you believe the annals, then Polotsk is considered the oldest (ancient) city of Belarus. The first mention of him in the annals was in 862 year. Now Polotsk is part of the Vitebsk region. The city is beautiful, there is something to see !!

  • Polotsk the most ancient city of Belarus (in Belarusian Polatsk, well, its former name Polotesk).

    The first known mention About this city 862 year. From the middle of the 10 century, Polotsk became the capital of the Principality of Polotsk. In the 12 century, part of the lands of the principality was seized by the Novgorod princes of Chernigov and Smolensk. From the middle of the 12 century, the throne of the Principality of Polotsk became Lithuanian. In those days, there were frequent changes in power, for example, only Russia Polotsk belonged to three times:

    • with the same Ivan the Terrible,
    • after the Russian-Polish war 1654
    • after the first partition of the Commonwealth in 1772

    Now This city with a long history is the regional center of the Vitebsk region, with a population of only about 83 thousand people.

    The oldest city in Belarus?

  • The oldest city in Belarus - the city of Polotsk.

    The city was founded by the Slavic tribes of Krivichi on the bank of the Western Dvina where the Polota River does not flow. In the beginning it was called Polotsk. Полоцк - один из древнейших городов восточной Европы. Первое летописное упоминание относится к 862 году. По Двине проходил торговый путь из варяг в греки. А поселение вблизи торговых путей во все времена сулило прибыльный бизнес. На гербе города Полоцка изображен торговый корабль.

    Polotsk is one of the most ancient cities of Russia (Kiev). Then the Principality of Polotsk became isolated and reached its peak in the 11th century. Then came the decline, it broke up into destinies, and in the 13th century it was captured by the Lithuanians.

    In 1772, Polotsk was annexed to Russia. After the October Revolution, at the direction of VI Lenin, an independent Belarusian Soviet state was established.

    Now Polotsk is part of the Vitebsk region of Belarus.

    Other ancient cities of Belarus:

    Vitebsk - 947

    Tours - 980

    Vaukavysk - 1005

    Brest - 1019

    Novogrudok - 1044

    Minsk - 1067

    Grodno - 1128

    Krichev - 1136

    Gomel - 1142

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