Interesting places in Kiev for a walk. The most interesting places in Kiev

If you had a free weekend, and you do not know which city to go to to visit interesting places, Kiev would probably be an excellent choice. It is only desirable to have as many days in stock as possible, because in the capital of Ukraine there are a lot of addresses for romantic walks, for business meetings, and for wonderful children's holidays. Let's find out what the most interesting places Kiev offers lovers to stroll and enjoy the beautiful views.interesting places cues

Navodnitsky Park

He has the only drawback - it is quite difficult to get to him. But if you spend a little time, you will never regret such a walk. Take the bus, minibus or trolley to the stop called “Paton Bridge” and go in the direction of the Dnieper. Although some interesting places Kiev and "hid", yet they deserve attention. In the park you will not only walk along the shady, fragrant alleys, but also see a lot of interesting things. First of all, it is the Dnieper itself and its embankment with a huge number of floating restaurants, which are made in the form of sailing vessels. It will be interesting to look here and at the monument to the founders of Kiev - Schek, Kyi, Khoryv and Lybid. Here is a temple complex, built of wood.the most interesting places of Kiev

Park of Glory

Do not forget to go to the most interesting places in Kiev with a camera in order to capture incredible beauty forever. This park is not just an oasis with green alleys, but also important historical sites. Here you will see the Memorial, erected in memory of the victims of the famine, Stela over the eternal flame, the Walk of Military Glory with three monuments to the hero pilots. On the river side, the park has four delightful observation platforms, which are connected by alleys. Interesting places in Kiev for tourists, and for local residents, are not limited to this.Kiev interesting places for children

Vladimirskaya Gorka

Walking here, you can see the monument to Vladimir the Baptist, the delightful beauty of the water cascade, look at all the beauty from the observation deck, relax in the gazebo. There are many picturesque paths and alleys on the Vladimir Hill, park sculptures. The main attraction of this place is the funicular that connects Podil with Vladimirskaya Gorka.

Andrew's Descent

This is perhaps the most attractive, unusual and romantic place in the capital of Ukraine. You will see both Richard’s castle, St. Andrew’s Church, and Horvitsa Mountain (the place of settlement of the very first Kievans), and Bulgakov’s house-museum, where you will be invited to a cup of aromatic coffee. Not so long ago, Andrew’s Descent was called Kiev Montmartre. The thing is that here throughout this street a real fair is held all year round. This will give you an unforgettable experience! Here are the crafts of craftsmen, paintings, collections of antique dealers. Unusual terrain, climbing the mountain, drinking tea at Bulgakov’s house, tasting delicious dishes of national cuisine - isn’t this an entertaining pastime? However, we continue to continue to consider interesting places in Kiev for a walk.

interesting places of Kiev for youth

Park Bridge

This unusual building has three names: Chertov Bridge, Park Bridge, the bridge of lovers.

The first name can be called very successful and accurate. See for yourself as soon as you step on the bridge with your foot. The boardwalk on it is so fragile that it threatens to fall right below you at any moment. Many parents even threaten to bring their disobedient children here, they say, under the liars the bridge will fail.

The second name is absolutely justified. Indeed, without this bridge, the park zone, which consists of the Khreschaty and the Mariinsky parks, would simply form an 2 separate area.

interesting places of Kiev for a walk

Why did people call the place a bridge of lovers? Because there was a tradition on the wedding day to hang here locks and ribbons as symbols of eternal love. And many more admit precisely here each other in love. Such interesting places in Kiev for young people will be entertaining both from a historical point of view and from a romantic one.

Mikhailovsky Monastery

The history of the monastery begins with 1108 year, when Svyatopolk decided to build a cathedral named after Archangel Michael here. Now in this area live monks. It will be interesting and useful to visit not only the temple itself, but also the bell tower, where once an hour the carillon is heard - a unique “ringer” that displays long melodies.

interesting places of Kiev for tourists

Sophia Cathedral

A walk inside the cathedral and in its surroundings is a pleasure. Such places of interest Kiev protects and protects with great care. No wonder - after all, in 2010, the 1000 anniversary was celebrated since the founding of this unique historical monument. The tallest building in this area is the bell tower. Inside the cathedral you will see mosaics, which are already far from a hundred years old. Be sure to climb the bell tower - from here you will have a beautiful view of the central part of the capital of Ukraine.

Zoo and Dolphinarium

Kiev is a city that seems to be specially created for walking. There are so many fascinating, bright, unusual places. But if adults like historical monuments, architecture, landscapes and other joys more, then you will not be particularly surprised by this child. Although in fairness it should be noted that in the parks described above, there are specially equipped platforms for younger guests with swings, slides and sandboxes. Therefore, it will be exciting to all.

What interesting places in Kiev for children are most popular? Undoubtedly, this is a zoo and a dolphinarium. This is where exciting spectacles never stop! Zoo, for example, occupies a very large area, which is difficult to get around even in a day. Here and aviaries with all kinds of animals, and a house with aquariums, and flower beds with rare plants.

In the dolphinarium, of course, it’s not particularly enjoyable to take a walk, but the performance with our clever, trained brothers with our smaller ones will entice any kid so much that he will forget that 5 just ago wanted to run and jump minutes ago.

Where else to go with the child?

If you are lucky enough to be in Kiev, be sure to ride the baby on the funicular. By the way, it will be interesting for any adult, especially if you have never been there before. Then you can go down and take a ride on the boat on the Dnieper.

interesting places cues

Also be sure to visit the Landscape Alley, created by talented artists specifically for young guests. There are many funny and interesting sculptures here: characters from fairy tales, funny cats, a fabulous hill. Just be patient and time - you will not soon persuade the child to leave this place.

If you are planning more informative walks with your offspring, then there is also a sea of ​​possibilities. Go to the Toy Museum, Aviation Museum, Puppet Museum. Do not forget about the puppet theater, the presentation in which any adult can return to a fabulous and carefree childhood.

Individual attention and children's railway deserves. Yes, you heard right, the schoolchildren of 10-15 are working here, and the real trains run along the way.

the most interesting places of Kiev

As you can see, the capital offers a lot of places to visit. The main thing - to stock up on time, because you have to see so much all that is beautiful. On your way you will meet numerous shopping centers, cafes, restaurants where you can always relax and have a tasty meal. Enjoy your time!

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