Turbaza “Primorskaya”, Novomikhaylovsky village: photos and reviews of tourists

Anyone who is looking for a quality, comfortable and interesting vacation for relatively little money is waiting for a wonderful hostel "Primorskaya". With the name of the camp sites a lot. In this article we will discuss the camp site, located near Tuapse in the urban-type settlement Novomikhailovsky. With its service and prices, it is popular with many tourists, who come here year after year to relax. Perhaps that is why the reviews about this resort are completely positive. The only disadvantage is the remoteness of the camp site from the central resorts, which is also a plus for a large number of tourists.hostel Primorskaya


Turbaza "Primorskaya" is located near the resort modern PGT Novomikhailovsky (Tuapse district). It is only 500 meters or 4-5 minutes of easy walking. In Novomikhaylovskiy there is everything that should be at the seaside resort - shops, restaurants, bars, discos, hospital, post office, beaches, bus station, where buses from Tuapse and Krasnodar arrive, a diving club, a yacht club, a sea of ​​entertainment for children and adults. From Tuapse, the Primorskaya hostel is located approximately 42 km. Despite such a short distance, the road takes about an hour, since most of it passes along the mountain serpentine. From Krasnodar on the highway to the camp site about 140 km or 2 hours of the road. The bus station PGT Novomikhailovsky is located about 3 km from the tourist center. Getting there by public transport is easy. It is necessary by train or by plane to arrive in Krasnodar or by train to Tuapse, and then by bus to Novomikhailovka. You can take a taxi to the camp site.


A rather large area in 16 hectares belonging to the Agriysky Zapovednik reserve is occupied by the Primorskaya camp site. The photo shows one of the buildings surrounded by greenery. There are many natural sites here. At the camp site grow cypresses, pines, oak, hornbeam, nuts, there is a tulip tree.Chalet Primorskaya Novomikhaylovsky
The entire territory of the base is decorated with flower beds with flowers, sculptures, fountains. To move around the base, neat tiled paths are laid, along which blackberries, dogwood, persimmon, magnolia, roses of different varieties grow. On the one side of the base extends the sea coast, on the other rise the mountains, completely covered with forest. They protect from cold winds coming from the mainland, and the sea gives freshness and coolness. The whole territory is conventionally divided into areas. Among them:

  • "Central";
  • "Lunar";
  • "Elbrus";
  • "Solar";
  • "Grove";
  • "Flagship";
  • "Satellite";
  • "Volgograd cottages"
  • "Mountaineer" (works in the summer).

In the "Central" district is located the administrative building, where issues of accommodation, payment and all the rest are solved.

In each of the areas of the camp site their own accommodation options.Novomikhaylovka hostel Primorskaya


The Primorskaya camp site (Novomikhaylovsky village) has everything you need to provide quality, carefree and pleasant in all respects rest. On its territory there is a free guarded parking lot, a large swimming pool, a playground with a large selection of swings, slides, and carousels. Those who are not interested in sights, can never leave the base at all, as there are several shops, cafes, a small market, 6 covered stalls with goods of various kinds, kiosks, a tour desk, a library, a massage room (for money) , there is a concert hall and a very spacious dance floor. For sports fans, volleyball, football and basketball courts are equipped on the territory of the base. There are also tables for playing table tennis.camp site Primorskaya Novomikhaylovsky photo

Accommodation options

Chalet Primorskaya offers several accommodation options, distinguished by the availability of amenities, price and distance from the beach. In the areas of "Grove", "Alpinist" and "Lunny" guests are offered houses built during the Soviet era. Facilities they are not equipped.
Shower, toilet and wash basins are located on the base. In the houses of two, three and four local. In the areas of "Sputnik" and "Sunny" are also summer houses with no amenities, just a new building. The toilet, shower and washbasin are located within 50 meters. The equipment of the house is very simple - a set of necessary furniture. Refrigerator and air conditioning no. For tourists from the "Moon" and "Mountaineer" on the beach will have to go down the high stairs.

Chalet Primorskaya (Novomikhaylovsky village) offers an inexpensive accommodation option in rooms where facilities are located on the floor. Such a service in the area of ​​"Elbrus", as well as in the rooms of the category "Standard", located in the buildings of the areas "Sunny", "New", "Sputnik".

Rooms with all conveniences are offered in the buildings of the “Central” and “Flagman” districts, as well as the “Lux” category rooms in the “Elbrus” district buildings. These rooms are equipped with refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, and there is a soft coating on the floor.Tuapse district hostel Primorskaya

There is a new grove building on the camp site, which should not be confused with the Grove district. The building offers comfortable rooms (only double), equipped with all the amenities and necessary electrical equipment (refrigerator, TV, air conditioning).

Soft coating and balconies are not in all rooms, what you need to specify when booking.

“Volgograd cottages” are two-story, designed for 4 guests. Rooms - living room, two bedrooms, kitchen equipped with furniture and electrical equipment, garage, balcony.

In addition, arriving at the camp site, you can stay in rooms with all the amenities of the hull on Mount Orlan. There is also a private dining room.


Two types of trips - either with three meals a day, or just living in the chosen house are offered by the Primorskaya hostel. Reviews of such a system are very positive, since those who do not wish to pay extra money or eat on time can choose any cafe located on the territory of the base or outside it. If campers decide to eat at the base, there is a canteen for them, where there are two spacious rooms. The service in them is organized in such a way that vacationers come to the dining room at the appointed time, when the dishes are already waiting for them at the laid tables. Not a crush, no queues. Everyone knows the number of his table, sits down and starts eating. Meals are complete, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast in the menu porridge (with milk and without), coffee, tea, cheese, bread, butter. At lunch, the tables are always the first and second courses, salads from fresh vegetables, fruits. Dinner is not without baking. In the menu there is also ryazhenka, kefir, sweets.

The cost of food 750 rubles per day.camp site Primorskaya reviews


The village Novomikhaylovka is famous for its wonderful beaches. Chalet Primorskaya is located almost on the coast. The distance from the buildings to the beach is different, but not more than 250 meters. The beach at the hostel own, very clean, well maintained and well equipped. Coating - small pebbles, on which it is not painful to walk barefoot. Entry into the water is very convenient for all categories of citizens. The depth begins seven meters from the shore. Features of the geographical location of the base create wonderful conditions for a beach holiday, since the water here is much warmer than on other beaches of this area of ​​the Black Sea. You can find the greatest solitude and peace behind the serving cape, since there is no beach tourist service, only the coast and the sea. The people converge there only when the sea is restless, since there are almost never waves behind the cape. The main beach is equipped with a toilet, a shed, a shower, and cabins where you can change clothes. There is also a mass of rides, such as riding a "banana", "pill", water skiing, catamaran. For children running an inflatable slide.


A quiet and pleasant holiday offers its guests a hostel "Primorskaya" (Novomikhaylovsky). The photo shows a spacious and clean pool, located in a convenient location on its territory against the background of the virgin forest of the reserve.camp site Primorskaya photo
It is especially popular with holidaymakers when it storms at sea. The water in the pool is fresh, free sunbeds and deck chairs with umbrellas around are always available. The use of the pool costs 150 rubles for the whole day. In the evening, guests of the Primorskaya tourist center can relax in any of the 6 cafes located near the beach. There, before 12 night music plays, billiard room works. Lovers of a more relaxing holiday will enjoy evening walks along the embankment, watching the sunset, and during daytime active tourists can walk along the reserve’s territory adjacent to the base. At the Primorskaya base itself there is no animation as such. But on the concert stage music nights with dances are often arranged, competitions are held, and holidays are organized. In addition, just in 3-5 minutes of quiet walking, there is PGT Mikhailovsky, where along the sea stretches a beautiful promenade with bars, restaurants, discos in the evening and at night, and during the day with water attractions for children and adults.

Tour Service

The Tuapse district has an interesting history and many attractions. Tourist center "Primorskaya" for active and curious tourists organizes the sale of sightseeing tours for every taste. It:

  • trips to the water parks “Dolphin” (Nebug village), “Aquamir”, where the performances are held, “Black Sea” (Lermontovo).
  • excursion to Sochi with a visit to the aquarium, dendrarium, park;
  • a short (on 1 day) tour of Abkhazia with a visit to Gagra, New Athos;
  • waterfalls and the Guam Gorge in Sochi;
  • Abrau-Durso plant;
  • Dolphinarium Aquamir;
  • visiting the sanatorium "Belaya Rus", where you can use the indoor pool, saunas, phytobarrel;
  • jeeping;
  • horseback riding.

All excursions start and finish from the gate of the tourist center, which is quite convenient for guests.

Additional Information

The excellent resort, inexpensive and comfortable is PGT Novomikhaylovka. The Primorskaya camp site is located on its outskirts, which makes it possible for everyone who is not looking for noisy parties and fun until the morning to have an unusually calm holiday. This location is one of the main features of the camp site. The whole local atmosphere with coniferous and floral aromas, the chirping of birds, the murmur of a stream (flows through the territory in an equipped channel) creates complete harmony with nature and has an absolute relax.

You can come to the base with children of any age and for any number of days. For kids before 3 years, no payment is made.

Extra bed for an adult or child costs 400 rubles per day.

At the base you can sleep not only in the room, but also in a tent or car. Cost up to 150 rubles per day. Unorganized tourists for an additional fee can take food, use the shower and luggage storage base.


Very good rest and good service provides its guests hostel "Primorskaya" (Novomikhaylovsky). Feedback about her is mostly positive. Pros:

  • unique nature;
  • wonderful beach, where there are always few people;
  • good rooms;
  • good food;
  • the ability to take a room without power;
  • low prices;
  • many inexpensive excursions.

Of the minuses noted:

  • remoteness from Tuapse;
  • tedious road to the base.
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