The potbelly stove cast iron to give: description and reviews

Furnace construction is often associated with village houses, bath rooms and boiler rooms. At the same time there are different designs of heating units of this type, some of which are quite naturally included in the equipment of modern residential buildings. In the early years of its popularity, a stove-iron stove was considered a natural attribute of city apartments. She did not distort the interior and even with profit gave it a special stylistic shade. But nowadays technological and compact heaters have changed the situation, and such constructions are more often given a place at summer cottages, using exclusively in utilitarian needs.

iron potbelly stove

Destination burr

The secret of the popularity of such furnaces is mostly their multifunctionality. On the one hand, this is the provision of a direct heating problem, and on the other, the possibility of fast cooking. Practice shows that medium-sized burzhuykoy it is quite possible to warm a room up to 60 m2. As a device for cooking food such models are used less frequently, but if necessary, this function can be performed. For those who choose a design with just such a purpose for giving, a cast iron potbelly stove with a hot plate and a small platform for food will be suitable. And the burner can be several - depending on the overall dimensions of a particular model. In some modifications, it is possible to optionally equip with additional burners. As a result, the combination of two functions of the stove determines its practicality and ease of use.

Device and principle of operation of the unit

cast iron stove

The classical design assumes the presence of a cylindrical body base, in which the basic working components are concentrated. Usually they are represented by a combustion chamber and an ashpit - respectively, the furnace has at least two doors. Through one, firewood is laid, and the lower door serves to collect ash. The upper part of the structure is provided with a branch pipe that mates with the chimney system. So that the iron stove does not spread smoke throughout the whole room, the partition separating the firewood from the flue duct has a specially perforated surface. Due to this solution, sufficient air circulation is ensured for a measured and effective removal of combustion products. A characteristic feature of the design of the burzhuek is the lower part with high legs. This is one of the most noticeable differences between the stove and traditional stoves and fireplaces. The design with legs does not require a special foundation, and this is not to mention the preservation of the possibility of mobile movement.


iron potbelly stove

The models of burzhuek differ in constructional features, functional abilities and form. Actually, we can distinguish three main types of such units. These are home models for residential premises, army and hiking modifications. The first option is characterized by large size, a variety of forms, as well as the presence of several burners and original stylistic design.

In turn, the iron potbelly stove is similar to the previous version in terms of functionality, but has small dimensions. This option is focused on ease of handling and the ability to provide rapid heating of small areas. As for the hiking stoves, they most often have the most modest dimensions, but can also suggest the possibility of cooking. This variety is distinguished by its low mass and in some cases the folding design of the legs.

Decorative qualities

Army and marching models rarely indulge users with special decoration. For them, the main thing is practicality, mobility and unpretentious service. However, the units, which are designed for use in residential premises or the same cottages, are still distinguished by the presence of decorative elements on the surfaces. Typically, such models are made to order, which allows the future owner to designate in advance the direction of stylistic design. Moreover, the iron potbelly stove can even perform a single decorative function and not be used for heating. This practice is common among connoisseurs of retro-style in the interior.

cast iron stove with stove

Positive reviews of stoves

Practicality, reliability and the absence of special requirements in terms of maintenance are the main advantages for which the potbelly stove is valued by their owners. By itself, cast iron determines the durability of structures, so if you need a furnace for a long operating period, you can safely choose one of these types of models. At the same time, users note and ergonomics. Even a massive cast iron stove with burners retains the ability to move without the need to invade the flooring. Another thing is that, along with the displacement of the unit, a revision of the position of the chimney is also required. Users emphasize the burrshack and the above-mentioned stylistic merits, but in this regard, the most important feature is the ability to demonstrate the living flame, provided in some versions.

cast iron stoves for cottages

Negative feedback

Most claims against burzhuykam affect the very obvious inability of the metal to accumulate heat. This means that the furnace will be able to provide effective and rapid heating of the room, even of a large area, but after the end of the firebox session, it will cool down for half an hour. And this applies not only to cast iron structures - users of stainless steel models point to the same drawback. Here it is worth noting another unpleasant nuance that characterizes cast iron stoves.

Reviews recommend a very responsible approach to fire safety issues, since the surface of such furnaces in the process of work is very hot. Therefore, it is important to protect animals and children in the room and, if possible, remove flammable objects and objects from the area where the unit is located. Although manufacturers of modern models declare special protective coatings for metal, over time they lose their function.

cast iron stoves reviews

How much does a cast iron stove cost?

The simplest designs have a very affordable price, which can be in the range of 5-10 thousand rubles. This segment, in particular, is represented by the same army and marching models. Full-format units are more expensive - about 15-20 thousand. In this case, we can talk about the quality of the constructional performance and the multifunctionality of the models. Productive massive iron stove with copyright decoration can do in 40-50 thousand. These are already modern models that provide the latest technology, allowing, among other things, to implement the principle of long-burning in the combustion chamber.


iron potbelly stove with burners

In matters of choice stove for giving should be based on the nature of the planned operation. If the model has to cope mainly with the heating task, attention is paid to the size of the structure and the presence of special pipes to increase heat transfer. Modern pot-iron stoves for dacha are also designed for use in field conditions. In such models, the properties of mobility and lightness come to the fore.

Of course, the essential characteristic from the point of view of operation of the furnace unit in the country is the possibility of cooking. This function provides burners. In addition, when buying a stove, it will not be superfluous to provide a complete list of accessories for servicing the same firebox and ash pan.

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