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Many young mummies fail to establish breastfeeding immediately after birth. In this case, there is a need to prepare the mixture and feed the baby from the bottle. The Pigeon baby bottle provides the best possible infant feeding due to its unique characteristics.

About brand

Pigeon Corporation is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of child care products. The company has been operating for over 60 for years, releasing millions of different products during this time. Almost from the very beginning of its activity, Pigeon started production of feeding bottles, which were distinguished by a wide neck. At the same time, the company started creating quality nipples. In the simulation, specialists carefully studied the physiological characteristics of infants and observed the feeding process. They paid attention to the wave-like movements of the tongue when the baby sucks mother's breast. After much experimentation, a unique and incomparable bottle of Pigeon was created.

All Pigeon products are thoroughly tested and checked for functionality. The company owns a research center in which the best specialists develop new products that can facilitate the care of young children. The corporation explores issues of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, on the basis of which it invents unique products for mothers and their babies.

bottle of pigeon

Bottles "Pigeon" best in the world!

Getting as close to natural processes as possible is what Pigeon strives for. Taking care of the health of the child and his mother, product developers carefully study the stages of development of the baby, its reflexes, and the characteristics of breathing during feeding.

The Pigeon bottle is a unique design with perfect quality. All nipples are made from double-thickness soft and hypoallergenic silicone. This material does not deform even with prolonged use. Silicone nipples provide smooth movements of the mouth of the baby.

The surface of the nipple is matte. Lips do not stick and at the same time easily glide over the surface.

bottle of pigeon peristaltic plus

Nipple design

All "Pigeon" nipples have a wide shape with a narrowed tip and a small hole for leakage of fluid. The baby sucks slowly and easily, as with breastfeeding.

The tip of the nipple is slightly elongated. This form does not allow it to stick together when squeezed gums.

Since the baby can swallow air during sucking, the nipple has a special small hole at the edge of the base. It performs anti-colic ventilation function.

The design of the nipple Pigeon stimulates the natural sucking movements of the baby, which consist of the following stages of breastfeeding:

  1. Capture and retain lips areola maternal nipple. When the baby is attached to the breast, he opens his mouth wide and grabs the nipple along with the areola. The force of suckling in a baby is so big that the nipple fits snugly to the sucking hole - the space in the baby's mouth throughout the entire feeding.
  2. The undulating movements of the tongue are unique frictions that ensure the extraction of milk from the breast. The tongue is practically immobile, only its surface performs undulating actions.
  3. Swallowing milk. During sucking, the back of the tongue promotes the ingress of milk into the esophagus. It is important that this process does not disturb the normal breathing of the infant.

The Pigeon bottle allows you to reproduce natural processes, keeping close contact of the mother with the child.

bottle peristaltic plus pigeon

Benefits of Pigeon Nipples

  1. The baby does not refuse the mother's breast, which is important when mixed feeding.
  2. The bite is not disturbed during the eruption and growth of the first teeth.
  3. Regular feeding with a bottle with a pigeon teat does not interfere with the normal development of the digestive system organs.

As the baby grows, parents have the opportunity to change the nipple to a larger one with a different type of milk and milk hole.

Complementary feeding bottle

A unique development from Pigeon - feeding bottle with a spoon. The company has released this product specifically for half year old babies who, due to their development, can already take complementary foods. The bottle can be used for liquid cereals, mashed potatoes, broths, juices, soups with chopped ingredients.

Such a feeding bottle is characterized by the presence of a spoon. In the bottle there is a groove, contributing to the ingress of food in the spoon. It is convenient for mom and greatly simplifies feeding. With such a bottle, there is no need to bring food to the child’s mouth each time, and the child himself quickly gets used to eat from a spoon.

The spoon is screwed to the bottle with a ring that can be used as a lid.

pigeon feeding bottle

Characteristics of feeding bottles

  1. Compact size.
  2. Ability to use on the road.
  3. The bottle keeps the temperature of the food well during feeding.
  4. It is easy to wash.
  5. It is made of soft, unbreakable material.
  6. All parts of the structure withstand different temperatures.
  7. Food easily goes to the spoon.
  8. The presence of a set of special brushes for cleaning the groove.
  9. The bends on the bottle are convenient to hold during feeding.

small bottle pigeon reviews

Bottle Pigeon Peristaltic Plus

For babies on artificial and mixed feeding produced bottle "Peristaltic Plus". Pigeon adapted it to the needs of modern parents. It is convenient to pour dry mix through a wide neck and then dilute with hot water. Also, the shape of the bottle allows you to easily wash and dry it.

The bottle is made of material, safe for health, - polypropylene. The shape of the bottle is convenient for hands. Even the baby will be able to keep it on his own

On the bottle there is a measuring scale. Mom can always control the amount of the mixture drunk by the baby.

A soft silicone nipple of size M is supplied with the bottle. If necessary, the nipple can be replaced with another one. "Pigeon" produces separately nipples of different sizes with round and cross-shaped holes. Each is made of double silicone and has an anti-colic opening.

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Bottles "Pigeon" for children with weak reflexes

The company takes into account the needs of children with different physiological characteristics. So, "Pigeon" - one of some brands that produce bottles for feeding children with cleft palate or lips. Such a bottle of Pigeon can be used for feeding babies who have undergone surgery, or for children with congenital abnormalities of the jaw. The shape of the nipple of such a bottle prevents the flow of milk and the ingress of air through the cleft. There is a special valve in the nipple that does not allow milk to go back into the bottle.

2 nipples of medium and small size are supplied with the bottle.

feeding bottle pigeon reviews


Convenient, lightweight, high-quality - these words of buyers described a bottle of Pigeon. Feedback from young parents is mostly positive. Bottles "Pigeon" buy not only moms who have problems with milk production. Many use them even with well-established breastfeeding. Stepping milk directly into the bottle, you can easily feed the baby. And to cook the mixture in it is convenient even on the road.

It happens that mommies buy bottles of other famous brands, but then they stop their choice on Pigeon products. Pigeon feeding bottle is especially popular with young parents. Reviews often relate to a convenient design, in which the spoon is connected to the bottle. This unique invention liked moms all over the world.

There are almost no negative reviews. Only some parents did not like the factory smell, which is immediately noticeable after unpacking the bottle. Even after the first sterilization, the smell does not disappear.

Some buyers noted the high cost of Pigeon products. In their opinion, the price of a bottle of polypropylene is too high. It is expensive for parents to buy new nipples. Some equally well-known brands offer similar products at a lower price.

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