How to seal the gaps in the wooden floor? Floor repair

When buying a home, newcomers, as a rule, immediately begin repairs - even if a new building is purchased. And even more so if the apartment is purchased on the secondary housing market or inherited from parents. Apartment renovation with their own hands or with the involvement of specialists is almost the inevitable reality of any new home in our country. The modern appearance of the housing is attached to the installation of drywall partitions, spotlights, multi-level ceilings.

Possible problems

Floors in these apartments - a separate issue. In the old panel houses, the diversity of their device is no different. This is usually linoleum or boards over the simplest concrete screed. Repair of the floor in Khrushchev is required most often immediately after the settlement.

If you got such a floor, you should try to level the surface and get rid of the eternal dust. Nowadays, usually the old screed is scrubbed to the ground and a new one is arranged, especially since there is no shortage of materials for this. Minor defects can be repaired - putty irregularities with tile glue.

And if you have wooden floors? The coating of the boards over time tends to crack, because of the friction against each other, the floorboards create a creak. Usually, the owners try to remove it by screwing the boards with self-cutting screws or by pouring glue into the drilled holes. Such measures are far from always effective. Planning to repair the floor in Khrushchev, get ready for certain difficulties.

Photo wood floors

Sometimes the need for the restoration of wooden floors arises from the flood, which occurred through their own fault or from neighbors above. If the floors are damaged seriously, it becomes clear that overhaul is unavoidable.

You can see the wooden floor "Khrushchev" in the photo before the repair.

Getting Started to Repair

So, let's repair. When planning it, you should decide what you need - to bring the wooden floor to the divine state or use the coating as a basis for the finishing layer. It depends on whether you will repair the existing floor or completely replace it. Perhaps it is enough just to eliminate the gaps in the wooden floor.

Work begins with the inspection and, if necessary, dismantling. Floorboards should be carefully considered, to assess the state. Undamaged boards will come in handy when building a new cover.

Then you need to clear a place to work and buy the material in the right quantity. The list of everything that goes to repair the floor, price and quantity is specified in advance. You will need 50 size bars on 50 cm, batten and plastic film as a vapor barrier. When repairing the floor it is possible to warm it, which is important for apartments on the lower floors, especially in cold areas. Mineral wool plates are used as insulation. They must be tight, keep the shape. On the packages of such mineral wool, the size is always indicated, thus it is easy to calculate the required quantity.

How to seal the gaps in the wooden floor


At the beginning of the repair, polyethylene film is spread on the floor, the cloths of which should come over each other approximately on 20 cm. This is done to prevent moisture from entering the lower rooms.

Mineral wool is cut into strips of about a centimeter thick 3-4 that are attached around the perimeter of each room. Why install bars at a distance slightly less than the width of the plates of insulation. Level of installation control level. Between them lay the plates of insulation, which should fit tightly into the rectangles between the bars.

How exactly to deal with the boards depends on whether it is the draft layer or the final one. If you need to level the old wooden floor, spread out on top of the new floor, the boards can be spread out at short intervals. Then the next step will be laying over the boards of sheets of hardboard or plywood as the base under the decorative coating. In the above article in the photo - wooden floors after repair.

Apartment repair with your hands

If the floorboards creak

In order not to face the problem of squeaking floorboards as long as possible, attach them to the screws. If you do not plan to cover the floorboards, you should pay special attention to their quality. They need to be strengthened as closely as possible with height adjustment. Materials must be dry.

After laying the boards are polished, sometimes repeatedly, to achieve the perfect flatness of the surface. Before the grinding process, it is necessary to fill the last remaining slots. Such polished and varnished wooden floors look very prestigious and modern.

Repair the floor in Khrushchev

If the reason was the usual drying, the board should be tested for strength - sagging and there should be no creaking. You may need to pull down the floorboards and additionally fix them with screws. The next stage is to putty cracks and small cracks. Inexpensive and reliable option - acrylic putty for wood. From the tools you only need a trowel. After complete drying, cleaned all places applying putty.

How to seal the gaps in the wooden floor?

Prepare the old plank floor under the floor can be a variety of ways. For example, to prepare a mixture for leveling out sawdust and PVA glue or to buy a ready putty. You can use a standard sand and cement screed. The so-called self-leveling mixtures are applied on a clean, prepared surface and leveled using guide beacons. But this method has a drawback - the long drying time of most formulations.

Often the defects associated with the drying of the boards come from the low importance of air. Another reason is incorrectly laid coating, lag deformation. Finding the cause of the defect, you can decide how to seal the gap in the wooden floor.

Floor repair price

When lags are to blame

If you suspect that the cause of the squeaking is a lag defect, it can be checked only by dismantling the entire coating. The removed bars are checked for durability, the unusable ones must be replaced. Then the boards are re-laid and firmly attached to the bars. In this case, significant differences in height (up to ten millimeters) may appear. You can level the boards using a planer.

Mix for sealing wide gaps is prepared by mixing sawdust with white glue. In advance prepared structure put in the required places, after drying there comes the stage of polishing. Cracks can also be filled with mounting foam, the foamed remains of which, after drying, are cut off with a regular clerical knife. After that, the entire surface is treated with acrylic putty.

Thus, we see that there are plenty of options for how to seal gaps in the wooden floor. For example, the elimination of large cracks can be done with a harness, and an adhesive composition is required. In the case of small cracks, it is worth buying acrylic primer and floor sealer, as well as concrete contact. At the beginning, each gap is treated with soil, then with a concrete contact (the surface becomes rough at the same time), then the tow or tow, impregnated with a sealant, becomes clogged. After drying the floor cycles.

Wooden floor

Another way to repair

And how to seal the gaps in the wooden floor? If you do not want to reshape floors, you can choose a simpler way. Try zashkantovat boards among themselves. The classic way would require a drill, a long drill, a hammer, a tape measure and dowels - thin long wooden sticks of circular cross section.

With a drill, holes are drilled in two adjacent floorboards at an angle of 45 degrees. Each of them must begin on one board and end on another. The dowel, previously spread with glue, is hammered into it. Its protruding part is cut down and smoothed flush. The neighboring hole is drilled with an indent of about a quarter of a meter on the side of the other board so that the dowels are perpendicular to each other, and so on until they are fully reinforced.

A more modern method involves the presence of screws, as well as a special drill, which are drilled holes for sealing their heads. At the last stage, all irregularities are eliminated.

Seal cracks in the wooden floor

What else can you do?

Fillings in the wooden floor can be made using the so-called soft and hard methods. Twine is used for soft (natural is best), as well as polymer glue, wooden wedge and hammer. Twine is pre-soaked in glue, then with a hammer and wedge inserted between the boards. After glue polymerization (approximately in a day), the remaining irregularities are sealed with putty.

The advantage of this glue is its elasticity. Even when drying occurs, the cracks no longer widen. After about a day, you need to clean the surface, and you can start painting.

The most reliable way

The hard method of termination requires tools such as a plane, a hammer and a hand saw. The necessary number of wedges is cut out of thin wooden slats, the width of which is adjusted to the size of the slit, then the wedges are carefully hammered into the slit with a long side. The width of the gap is different everywhere, and you need to fit a plane. The hard method requires a lot of strength and patience, but it is most reliable.

Before the prepared bar is inserted into the slot, glue is poured in there. Withstand the day, the gap is cleaned, and you can start painting.

Planning to renovate apartments with their own hands should know that there are more exotic ways, for example, pouring gaps with hot bitumen. But it is rather expensive, dirty and time consuming. It is known that the cardinal way to disguise all the cracks and unevenness of the floor is to cover it with plywood. The effect of this method will be the most lasting.

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