What if the baby is fat? Problems of overweight in children are associated with?

Everyone likes rosy-cheeked booties that smile and look at their parents with joyful eyes. These chubby hands and legs in the folds in infancy are fascinating, and after three years or more they are alarming. And the older your round-hearted baby becomes, the more difficult it will be to communicate on an equal footing with peers. What if your baby is fat?

baby is fat

Obesity and overweight: what's the difference?

Often such concepts as "obesity" and "excess weight" are confused. In most cases, they are considered to be identical. However, this is not quite true. The fact is that not always, when a child is fat, he suffers from obesity. Almost all of us have our own normal weight, which corresponds to our age and height.

If for some reason this norm is violated (in the direction of its increase), then this will speak about the appearance of excess weight in you (ie, above the norm). Excess weight can both easily appear and disappear under the action of a set of measures, such as diet and increased physical exertion.

photo of a fat child

Obesity, on the contrary, is a very complex and dangerous disease, the main symptoms of which are considered to be rapidly increasing body weight. About obesity can be said in the case when the amount of useful energy consumed from food is tens of times higher than its daily consumption. As a result, in children, the body has characteristic fatty deposits, which only increase with time.

At the same time, it is not so easy for such a child to lose weight. Most often, various inherited diseases, metabolic disorders and other illnesses lead to obesity. This photo of a fat child clearly demonstrates the problem faced by children with obesity. fat kids

What are the causes of excess weight in children?

As the well-known pediatrician Komarovsky says: "Children must be thin and with a sil in the pope." Therefore, problems with extra pounds that have appeared in your baby should cause concern, especially in adults. But in order to deal with this trouble, you need to look at the root and identify the causes of the appearance of excess weight in children. For example, heredity is considered one of the most common causes. This may also include chronic diseases, heart ailments and other ailments, leading to problems with weight.

The second reason, when parents grow up fat children, is a violation of metabolic processes, slow metabolism, etc. And if in the first and second cases nothing really depends on the child and his parents, the third reason is directly related to the upbringing and proper nutrition. For example, if in a family it is customary to eat only semi-finished and fatty foods, then a baby who matures in such an environment is unlikely to be slim and thin.

In addition, fat children often grow up in families where parents are too busy to give them proper attention. In other words, an extremely busy mom or dad simply had no time or too lazy to warm up the soup or porridge to his child. Instead, they buy them chips, cookies, french fries and other tasty, but very high-calorie foods.

What other situations can lead to childhood obesity?

One of the leading reasons recently is the hobby of children in computer games. Entering the excitement, schoolchildren and young children simply do not depart from the next game application. They literally eat without getting up. But since they do not want to spend time warming up and putting food on a plate, chocolate bars, seeds, flour products, crackers, etc. often become their favorite food. And this is all very calorie again.

In addition, the fattest children grow up with their parents, in whose family there are certain social problems. This may also include the difficulties of the child in the team. So, a situation is common when in the process of communication with peers a baby may experience fear, discomfort and other sensations. If the child fails to discuss his psychological state with his dad or mom (or he does not find mutual understanding with them), the baby begins to “jam” at the moment of a difficult psychological situation.

Also, the establishment of certain rules at the table has a negative impact on the child, for example, when the child is regularly reminded that he should eat his portion to the last crumb. As a result, the child is fat, as he gets used and tries to follow these rules always.

In addition, they often add fuel to the fire of the grandmother, who continually try to feed their grandchildren cookies, freshly baked pancakes, donuts and other goodies from the oven.

fat kid

What are the causes of obesity in infants?

Sometimes weight problems are observed not only in children after a year, but also at a younger age. Why is this happening? For example, if you have a fat baby breastfed, this may indicate an incorrect ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet of a nursing mother. Also the cause of childhood obesity can be genes. That is, obese parents most often have children with similar problems.

If an infant is bottle-fed, then one of the reasons for his excessive weight gain is improper mixture preparation. Often, mothers breed milk mixture not strictly according to instructions, but “by eye”, which leads to overeating. The same thing happens when feeding a baby from a bottle containing an oversized opening. As a result, the baby eats food much faster than the signal of saturation enters his brain. As a result, the child does not get enough, and the mother gives him another bottle and overfeeds. On a similar problem of infant obesity says this photo of a fat child. baby fat what to do

What is children's paratrophy?

Parathrophy is a term applied to children under 3 years suffering from obesity. There are three stages of this disease:

  • when the child’s weight is overweight by 10-20%;
  • when the excess weight exceeds the norm by 25-35%;
  • when overweight is above normal by 40-50%.

If your child is fat and has paratrophy, he either eats too much or his daily diet is not balanced. These children are characterized by common signs:

  • the presence of a very short neck;
  • small chest size;
  • the presence of rounded body parts;
  • the presence of characteristic fat deposits in the waist, abdomen and hips.

What is dangerous paratrophy?

Paratopia is often complicated by allergic reactions, disorders of the endocrine system, problems with digestion and metabolism, as well as with the respiratory system. In addition, many experts simply believe that well-fed children are much more difficult to endure acute respiratory viral infections than babies with a graceful figure. If they just catch a cold, they have a prolonged runny nose, accompanied by severe swelling of the mucous and other troubles. A fat child breathes heavily while walking and running. He often has shortness of breath and excessive sweating.

What threatens children obesity?

Childhood obesity can lead to concomitant diseases. For example, obese children can get sick with diabetes, hypertension, cirrhosis of the liver, coronary heart disease. They may also have:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • high blood pressure;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • chronic cholecystitis;
  • frequent constipation;
  • fatty hepatosis.

In addition, the fat child moves less due to its large body mass. He has inferiority complexes and difficulties in communicating with peers. Large weight interferes with the normal development of bones, which leads to deformation of the bone skeleton and knee joints.

How to determine whether a child suffers from obesity or not?

If you have a baby up to a year old, and you suspect that he has problems with obesity, you must first check for compliance with his weight. This can be done according to the table set by the Ministry of Health (see below). Here is the age and rate in grams. Therefore, for convenience, doctors advise you to create a similar sign for yourself and add the weight of your child to it from the moment of birth. Thus, it is possible to determine how much the body weight of the baby or teenager corresponds to the established standard. the fattest kids

You can also identify problems with weight visually (for this you should compare the external parameters of the body of your child with his peers). In addition, a fat child (how to lose weight to him, we will tell further) will gain weight very quickly. This will be seen primarily on the clothes.

How much weight corresponds to the age of your baby, you can tell the therapist. It would not be superfluous to turn to an endocrinologist.

Baby fat: what to do?

If you find weight deviations from the norm in your child, do not rush to panic. First you need to consult with experts. Remember that excessive fullness is more a consequence than a cause. Therefore, it is necessary to initially identify the cause of obesity of the child. To do this, make an appointment with the endocrinologist, pass the appropriate tests.

If you have a fat child in 2, due to unhealthy diet, it is not superfluous to enroll with a nutritionist. He will help to make your diet correctly, tell you what foods you can eat and what not. Will give useful tips and advice.

If a similar problem is observed in an artificial baby, consult a pediatrician about the correct introduction of complementary foods and dosage. Try to add greens to the diet of older children, reduce the amount of easily digestible and harmful carbohydrates, replace sweet soda with natural fruit and vegetable juices.

Steam more and bake in the oven with a minimum amount of fat. Cook jelly and fruit drinks without a lot of sugar. Replace white bread with bran, Borodino, wholemeal. Enter into the children's diet of fruit dishes. Eliminate snacks in the form of cookies and sweets. Let the baby eat apple, carrot, dried fruit, dates, raisins or nuts.

Sport is the power and the path to the perfect figure.

Active children are rarely full, because children who are prone to obesity, should be given to any sport. More often play with them in the yard and on the street in active games, such as football, badminton. Perfectly copes with an excess of fatty deposits normal jump rope. Young children should be regularly doing exercises using a large ball. Children's yoga and gymnastics will be helpful in this sense.

fat child how to lose weight

What not to do with obesity?

In childhood obesity, it is not recommended to self-medicate. You do not need to put children on an adult diet or forcefully press the press. Everything should be in moderation and agreed with the experts. For example, if you decide that a child needs intensive physical exercise for weight loss, first consult your doctor. Otherwise, ignoring expert advice can lead to unpredictable consequences.

It is impossible to let everything take its course, since the lack of treatment leads to disastrous results and psychological problems of the child.

In a word, watch the weight of your children, walk more in the fresh air, play sports and contact the experts in a timely manner!

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