Kindergartens of Kalininsky district of Saint-Petersburg: photos and reviews

Which parents do not want the best for their child? That's it, absolutely everyone wants it. So in the question of which kindergarten to choose for your baby. To it it is necessary to approach very responsibly, after all as a result the child should stay there not one year. Of course, you can pick up the documents and transfer to another kindergarten, but imagine how your child will react to this. That's it - not fun.

Therefore, this article is intended to tell which kindergartens of Kalininsky district are best, so that you can compare them and choose the only one, knowing that the parents' feedback about it is only positive. The list will not include mediocre institutions with a dubious reputation.

How to put the child in the queue

Before proceeding to the story about which kindergartens of Kalininsky district are best, it is necessary to highlight the topic of filing documents in order to stand in line, in those very best preschool institutions. So, the commission on kindergartens of Kalininsky district is engaged in the question of recording your child's turn. Of course, many remember the old system, when it was necessary to bypass all the institutions of the district and in each turn into a queue, hoping that somewhere yes it would turn out "to do". So it was until 2006 year. Now we have created the same commission.

kindergartens of the Kalinin district

Its work proceeds as follows. You bring all the necessary documents, namely: the birth certificate of the child, your own passport, benefits (if any). After that, you are brought to the base, in which there are all the kindergartens of Kalininsky district and detailed information about them - how many vacant places in each.

Annually from June 1 on June 1 a bundle takes place. In other words, the commission submits all applications to the kindergarten databases and calls parents to report on admission. If you bring documents during this period, then there is a chance to enter the database, but only if there are available seats.

Commission for the acquisition of kindergartens of Kalininsky district is located at the following address: Sofya Kovalevskaya street, 16 / 6. You can also contact by phone: 533 56 53 or 417 47 55.

Kindergarten № 6

I knowingly want to explain that all the given kindergartens of the Kalininsky district are randomly listed. In general, they are all exemplary and the best of the best, so do not assume that if the position is higher, it means better.

So, now go directly to the kindergarten № 6. Initially, you should tell where it is and how to contact it remotely. The address of this institution: Sofya Kovalevskaya street, 13, 5 building. If you want to contact by phone, you can call + 7 (812) 590 88 56, and the consultant will answer all your questions. The working day of the kindergarten lasts from 7: 00 to 19: 00 on weekdays. On weekends, the garden does not work. Also there is a website and an e-mail for feedback.

kindergartens of the Kaliningrad district of St. Petersburg

Now it is worth turning to the reviews of those parents who gave their children bail for caregivers of kindergarten № 6. It should be noted in advance that there is practically no negative, but in principle there is always someone who is dissatisfied with something.

All other comments are praised by the teacher Julia Yuryevna. They say that she is like a mother to children, she gives them both care, attention, and affection. Nobody regretted that he gave his child to her. They also note that she is strict with her parents, but this is rather a plus, not a minus. She constantly notices mistakes and makes remarks, they say, it is necessary to bring up this or that in a child. And this is right, because the child will be more receptive to the words of the native person.

Kindergarten № 52

Kindergartens of Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg are incredibly diverse, but still in this list they converge in one - as a service. Therefore, in our list could not fail to get a kindergarten № 52.

To discuss questions with a consultant, you can call 7 812 531 01. Well, if you decide to visit the institution on your own, then go to Civic Avenue, 77, 123 building. Opening hours are from 4: 7 to 00: 19 from Monday to Friday. Type of institution - compensating. In general, 00 groups are recruited, of which 10 is preparatory, 5 is middle, 1 is senior and one for children with stuttering.

commission on kindergartens of Kaliningrad district

With formalities, we figured out, now let's talk about what parents say about the institution, because their feedback counts. And the comments are only positive. Of course, one dissatisfied man was found, but he did not throw out the negative and said only that the "heart" is not given to the children. But everyone can not like. But the rest are being praised. Many are grateful to the group with stutterers. Educators before entering the school were able to cure this problem, and, of course, they perfectly prepared the children for a new stage in their life.

Kindergarten № 16

Kindergartens in the Kalininsky district of Ufa are almost all good. There are, of course, those who have a lot of negative reviews, but we are now talking about the best - about the kindergarten № 16. You can find it on Civic Avenue, 7, 1 building. You can also contact by phone: + 7 (812) 535 01 48, where the consultant will pick up the phone and answer all your questions. Among other things, the kindergarten has its own website and e-mail. In general, the institution hosts 11 groups, 3 of which is for young children, and 8 is general developing.

As for the responses of the parents, they are only good. Mark excellent work of the head - Stupak Olga Ivanovna. They say that she loves her work, thereby transferring her mood to the collective. As for the children, they ask themselves to go to kindergarten quickly and love to learn, which is largely due to the caregivers.

Kindergarten № 5

I would like to include in the list and private kindergartens in the Kalininsky district, but, unfortunately, there were no decent ones. Yes, there are not very many of them. And now we are going to talk about the kindergarten №5.

This establishment is located at: Science Avenue, 24, 2 building. Also available is a phone number: + 7 (812) 534 70 73. If you want, you can visit the personal site of the kindergarten, where it is possible to find a lot of useful information. There is an institution with 7: 00 to 19: 00 and dials 10 groups in total, of which 6 is speech, 1 is nursery, 1 is for children with stuttering, 1 is middle and 1 is younger.

turn-in kindergarten Kalininsky district

Most parents note that the kindergarten is able to arrange holidays for children. But, of course, this is a trifle compared to the professionalism of educators. Many people are grateful to the group for stutterers. Teachers have saved many children from this ailment. It is also gratifying that the teachers communicate with their parents, telling how the day went and giving advice in the event of anything.

Kindergarten № 97

Now let's talk about preschool institution No. 97. First of all I want to note that it's not so easy to get into it, there is always a huge queue in the kindergarten. Kalininsky district, of course, has always been famous for its good gardens, but this one, according to the parents, is simply exemplary.

So, he is on Rustaveli Street, 58, the 2 building and invites everyone to visit his own website, which contains detailed information about the institution. But you can also call: + 7 (812) 532 00 45. There is a kindergarten, like all the others, with 7: 00 to 19: 00 on weekdays.

kindergartens in the Kaliningrad region of Ufa

Reviews, as it is easy to guess, only positive. All without exception, praise the teachers and show great gratitude to the leader Ivanova Natalia Nikolaevna. They note the high competence of each of the educators. There is also a different approach to each kid. In the kindergarten there is a spacious recreational area where physical education classes and other activities are held.

Kindergarten № 72

As it was already possible to notice, kindergartens of Kalininsky district are different, but they have one thing in common: they are good and kind teachers, and also high qualification of each of them. An exception was not and kindergarten № 72. Although the Internet and you can find bad reviews about it, but most often they are unfounded, and there is a share of personal dislike for one or another teacher. In general, this institution can be proud of the largest number of reviews about it. It is worth noting that most of them are only positive. There is a good work of educators, it is said that they show love for children, and they work with pleasure and for good.

private kindergartens in the Kalininsky district

As for the location of the kindergarten, the address is as follows: Academician Baikova Street, 9, 3 building. You can also phone by dialing + 7 (812) 555 04 54. In the kindergarten there are 11 groups: four - general developing, 2 - younger, 1 - middle, 1 - senior preparatory. There are also speech therapy - 3 preparatory and two older ones.


Many people would like to work in kindergartens, because a huge number of girls love small children and want to give them all their love. Therefore now we will consider vacancies in kindergartens of Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg.

Currently, a set of caregivers in kindergarten No. 23 is being conducted. Wages range from 25 000 to 40 000 rubles. The responsibility is to educate and educate children of preschool age. The requirement for recruitment is only one - that was the appropriate education. The schedule of work is interchangeable.

commission for the acquisition of kindergartens of the Kaliningrad district

Also there is a recruitment for the position of accountant in kindergarten № 103. The promised salary is about 30 000 per month. It's great that no work experience is required, but neo
special secondary education.


If we sum up the whole of what has been said, then only one thing stands out: in the Kalininsky district there are many exemplary kindergartens, in which educators are not at work, but on vacation. They show that they love their profession and every child, whatever it is. We hope that this article will help you decide on the choice. The best institutions were chosen. Of course, it was not possible to list all of them and many of them could not be mentioned, but we still seized a small share.

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