Houses made of sandwich panels: project, construction, reviews

Previously inherent only to the Canadian population, and now to the whole world, the houses of sandwich panels are now very popular among the people of Russia. Small-sized dwellings of this type are being built in the Moscow region, in the regions of the country, in the southern regions and in the most remote, northern ones. Build a house of sandwich panels is easy, simple, fast, and most importantly - not so expensive. Therefore, below we consider in detail the process of building such housing, as well as examine the materials that, thanks to their excellent quality, enable us to live in warmth and comfort throughout the year.

Brief description of the material

The sandwich panel itself consists of three parts. These are two dense layers (chipboard, MDF or something else) and a soft layer of insulation, which is located between them. Each layer is attached to the other through a hot press, so they will not be able to separate in the future. The very construction of houses from sandwich panels suggests that you need two types of this material. The first is referred to as wall. Its surface is either completely smooth or profiled on one side, which gives the walls a certain decor. Roof panels are used for roofing. They can be profiled on both sides, or only with one - outer.

sandwich panel houses

Material application

Nowadays many construction companies offer the population to build a house from sandwich panels in the shortest possible time. Feedback from people on this account, as a rule, depend on the company, which was taken for work, and on the quality of implementation. The material itself, which is used in this process, is undoubtedly good in both quality and price. Domestic construction firms build similar projects in about two to three weeks. The most difficult stage in this work is the arrangement of the foundation. Further construction of walls and ceilings is easier than ever. Such houses can be sold "turnkey", which is most often observed in our country. Less often, people order frame housing for themselves on an individual project. Externally, the houses of the sandwich panels look like high-grade brick cottages, mansions, with a chic appearance and impressive facades. However, not at all chic - the main criterion of such housing. According to your sketches, workers will be able to build a medieval castle from such panels, and a hut with one window.

sandwich house panels reviews


Before starting work, you should definitely make an accurate drawing of your future home. If such work is beyond your power, then sketch a sketch, and the calculations will be done by a professional, with whom you will specify all the details. Note that there are also ready-made designs of houses from sandwich panels, for which prices have already been set in advance. Also, those buildings that are made according to standard drawings, the most economical in terms of the consumption of building material. Therefore, if you first want to save - take note of this. The project itself, which you will make as a result, will consist of two parts, which are discussed in detail below.

Drawings of parts and products for further installation

Here we include an explanatory note with all the transcripts that will be present on further pages. Then we put all the data on the floor panels, the same should be entered on the wall panels of the first floor and on the attic. We note the parameters of the details of wall panels. The next item is data on roofing materials. As a rule, houses from a sandwich panels are always supplemented with wooden elements. These can be racks on the porch, balcony, in the house itself, and so on, because in this section we also point out all the data to them.

building houses from sandwich panels

Installation drawings for further assembly

As soon as all the data for the house from the sandwich panels you have calculated, we collect the project into one. To do this, you need accurate images that will display the scale and each line exactly. We list what we need specifically:

  • ground floor plan;
  • attic plan;
  • sketches of facades (in axial directions);
  • foundation plan and calculation;
  • basement section;
  • a plan for mounting panels that will overlap the foundation;
  • a plan for mounting wall panels on the first floor;
  • the plan for the installation of floors that belong to the first floor;
  • the plan of mounting the wall and floor panels of the second floor (or attic);
  • installation of roof panels;
  • a cut in the area of ​​the ladder;
  • cut in the area of ​​the ridge;
  • plan and calculation of the roof.

sandwich panel house projects

Stages of construction. Foundation and initial work

Construction of houses from sandwich panels begins, like any other, from the foundation. In this case, the requirements for it are not so high due to the fact that the walls and floors of the future house are light and unpretentious. The depth depends strictly on the terrain and the type of soil. Ideal in this version is suitable strip foundation or columnar. At the same time, workers begin to make an installation system for the house. Its essence lies in the fact that a solid timber is fastened to the foundation with the help of anchor bolts. This material is impregnated with antiseptics and other protective mixtures, which allows you to keep the house always clean, dry and comfortable. The panels will be mounted on this strapping bar later.

sandwich panels photo

Installation and installation of walls and ceilings

First, let's look at how unfinished houses from sandwich panels look like. Photos clearly demonstrate to us that, although they are considered “cardboard huts,” they still have their own frame. It consists of boards, which are the connecting element that runs between each panel. It is on such a “grid” that the panels themselves are attached, and all the gaps are blown with mounting foam. Assembling a finished house always starts from a corner. In order to mount such a home, it does not require more than two workers on the site. House ceilings always provide air flow, which provides natural ventilation. Due to the fact that the house is based on a timber frame, it is easy to install window panels and door panels.

Roof installation

At the very end of the house is mounted roof. The process itself is no different from the standard, which was used by our ancestors. The essence lies only in the fact that sandwich panels are nailed onto the skates and overlaps from the timber. Sometimes the roof is also equipped with a waterproofing film for additional protection (especially if you have an attic floor). After the work is finished with the main material, decorative is mounted. In its role the standard tile most often acts. The main thing here is that it matches the color and texture of your project.

build a house of sandwich panels

Your house from sandwich panels. Owner reviews

Everyone in our time who has acquired this type of housing has never complained about it. People say that the house is always warm, cozy, comfortable. It is made of environmentally friendly, high-quality and durable material. Another huge plus - the cost of finished housing does not exceed 30-33 dollars per square meter. An important place here is also occupied by communications and equipment. All pipes, wires and other parts, without which a comfortable existence in our world is impossible, are hidden in such dwellings either in special boxes or behind false walls. And, of course, every consumer is pleased with the free space that allows you to install any furniture in the house. The height of the ceilings is on average equal to 2,8 m, and you can determine for yourself the room footage of the rooms.

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