Removing mold from the walls, how to remove it correctly and do not damage the wallpaper?

Removing mold from the walls, how to remove it correctly and do not damage the wallpaper?

  1. Mold on the walls is easy to remove!
    1. We buy the drug Xiolate!

    2. Irrigate the infected areas.

    3. Voila, the mold has disappeared.

    I draw your attention to the fact that Xiolat penetrates a centimeter deep into concrete. On the surface where Xiolat has got, there remains a film that blocks the access of oxygen. Mold, as is known, cannot grow without oxygen. I recommend ordering aseptic disinfection of walls, it costs about 100 rubles per 1 square meter, I don’t think you have a big square there! Call the company link is blocked by the decision of the administration of the project for the free number 8 (800) 555-6750, perhaps, experts will be able to provide a more detailed answer.

  2. take the whiteness .. or sanitary .... and process the wallpaper or walls ...
    this will help temporarily .... but it is better to remove the source of moisture ... we have .... for example, the sides in the bathroom let in water ... and in the bedroom through the wall the mold grew.
  3. First you need to eliminate the cause of the appearance of mold, in your version of the moisture below, most likely from the basement. Look or search on other sites. Andrei Zubrilov gave a good consultation. There is another option: the lower part of the wall is trimmed with decorative bricks, they are very thin, usually so camouflage the mold in the offices. In the apartment it is better to remove the wallpaper, completely destroy the mold and paste the appropriate coloring, such as decorative finishing.
  4. Mold on the walls often appears from poor ventilation in the bathroom and bathroom. Probably, every host or mistress faced terrible fungi on a tile or ceiling, except that it does not look aesthetically and spoil the appearance of the room, so also destroy the building materials. Much important is the fact that fungi have an extremely negative impact on human health, especially children. Fungus and microorganisms cause allergic reactions, in addition, they can cause pneumonia, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, thrush and many other diseases. To date, there are many means to remove mold from cheap (copper sulfate) to expensive imported cleaning products, which are very many on the shelves of building stores. The most active folk method is chlorine-containing disinfectant solutions, one such is copper sulfate. It is necessary to dilute it approximately 100 grams of vitriol to 1 liter of water and apply to problem areas, carefully wiping it off the surface. After removing the fungus, remember, the best protection against mold is good ventilation.
  5. I live in a house 1978 year of construction, and it is not surprising that the house is already damp, and the walls for so many years lost their original qualities. In the kitchen, in the corner, mold appeared ... as I saw, immediately began to take action. The thing is that mold is a fungus, which, when ingested, causes various respiratory diseases, up to asthma. And this is an adult, and if the house has children, it is generally the enemy number one. In the fight against mold, it should be understood that if the treatment is of poor quality, the war will be endless. There is an 2 variant of the development of events - to eliminate it forever or temporarily. Of course the first option is more desirable, but it is an expensive and time-consuming process. I'll tell you how you can get rid of it for a while. If the wall and wallpaper are not large amounts of mold - then: 1. If you have washable wallpaper (vinyl, fleece), then take a sponge and a detergent, and gently wash off the mold from the wall. In the direction from the edges to the center. The sponge should not be very wet, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the wallpaper. 2. It is necessary to dry this wet spot thoroughly. For this purpose, the most common hair dryer. 3. In the building store you need to buy a spray from the fungus, the benefit is now a huge choice. And treat them the surface where the mold was, according to the instructions. However, if you have paper wallpapers, then the items 1 and 2 will not work for you. In this case, you need to take a dry cloth and lightly wipe the place with mold. How do you superficially remove it from the wallpaper. And then implement the item 3. That's basically it. But it should be noted that this is only a temporary measure.
  6. I read the tips and scream without damaging the wallpaper! yes, when the mold appeared, we didn’t like wallpaper, plaster to bare bricks tore off, made 100 processing times by all known methods, added ventilation, and still, bitch, lives! There is no way, everything is temporary, unless you build a new house!
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