Magnetic filter for water: choice, principle of operation, reviews

Water that is supplied to large cities is not always of a different quality. Therefore, those people who care about their health, use all sorts of filter systems. Purified water and production facilities. There are many different devices. This compact water purification systems for the home, and powerful sophisticated devices. One of the simple and affordable cleaning systems is a magnetic filter. The features of its functioning will be considered further.

About hard water

Magnetic elements have another name - water softeners. From the installation of this device you can get only the pros. Too hard water becomes so because it contains a lot of calcium and magnesium salts harmful to humans. If they are not removed from the liquid, then these salts and limescale can get into the human body. This leads to serious health problems. If hard water is used often enough, a large amount of calcium salts will cause sand to form in the body, which will then turn into stones.

magnetic water filter

In addition, high rigidity affects the skin and hair. But that is not all. Such water also has not the best effect on things washed in it. When washing is done, hard water is spent on the order of magnitude more, and the quality of the procedure is very low. However, this is not so dangerous. The problem is that the washed items accumulate sediment from the water. They will then begin to tear and will wear out very quickly.

Magnetic filter device

This is an available item. It has a simple device based on two magnets that convert salts to other states that do not form scale. Such products are compact enough, and their installation and operation is extremely simple. These magnetic filters for water treatment also do not need to be replaced with components or to be connected to the power grid.

Principle of operation

So, the principle of operation of these filters is based on magnetohydrodynamic resonance. This phenomenon leads to the launch of a structural transformation of the medium or the transition of the second row.

To put it simply, the calcium salt under the influence of a constant magnetic field turns into aragonite. If this transition does not occur, the calcium carbonate will begin the process of crystallization.

hard water filter

Unlike carbonate, aragonite has no properties to deposit on surfaces where heat exchange takes place. In addition, manufacturers who advertise such elements claim that a magnetic filter for water will not only save health, but also improve the quality of surfaces that have already worn out under the influence of calcite. They assure that such surfaces, even after a short use, will return to normal, stop the loosening processes and will not stratify.

Where magnetic converters are used

The sphere where this small compact device is used is wide enough. And although no one has yet been able to officially confirm the effectiveness of its work, the magnetic filter for water can be found not only at industrial facilities, but also in most city apartments and in country households. Often magnetic converters are installed at pumping stations, central water supply networks, gas water heaters and boilers, dishwashers and washing machines.

Magnetic filters for water softening in the fight against scale

Many people think that scaling costs less than buying a small device. And many are sure that they have not hard water. If there was a raid at the bottom of the kettle, and he only worked for a year, the reason for that is excessively hard water.

It can be seen in the clogged strainers, which are installed in the taps, feel in the bitter taste of the liquid. Rubber seals in the same cranes can not withstand more than two months. If white-colored streaks began to appear on clothes, these are consequences of hard water.

Low thermal conductivity of scale - the cause of the death of technology

One of the properties of scale is poor thermal conductivity. This feature does not allow normal operation of many devices. Industrial equipment may also suffer. Scale is the cause of pipe rush, increased energy or fuel consumption.

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When a magnetic water filter is installed at production facilities, after a while the result is immediately noticeable.

Scale can be removed, but softening will be more effective. The result of using magnetic converters is significantly higher than the use of chemical descaling agents.

Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic elements

This filter is installed for hard water on the pipe segment. At the same time it is very important that installation was carried out on such piece which is as much as possible isolated from already formed scum. Installation work does not provide for a complete disassembly of the water supply system. At the selected site, it is necessary to clean the scale, and then install a filter. With that scum, which is already in the pipes, the filter will be able to handle itself after a while.

The device is based on two powerful neodymium magnets that are installed in a plastic case. There is no need to specifically enable or configure the device - the magnetic water filter will start working immediately after installation.

Among the advantages of such devices, there is no need for any maintenance. There are no replaceable cartridges. After installation, you can stay away from the device for five or more years. Without the need for replacement, the device can work for about 25 years.

magnetic filters for water treatment

Among the minuses emit the fact of oxidation of this water purifier. Also in the liquid may appear reflections of bright green. But it is not harmful.

Types of magnetic filter equipment

So, the filter for hard water effectively cleans up from absolutely any resistant particles, from corrosion, from solid particles of different origin. In addition, the element performs cleaning from oxides, particles of iron, sand, various oxides that are in water in a dissolved state. So, the device protects the pipeline and water-heating devices from scale. And if any electrical or other heating systems are installed in a house or apartment, this will save on energy.

All cleaning devices of this type differ in the method of installation. These are flange type cleaner, mesh flange element, laid on magnetic water filter, coupling type device, mechanical magnetic system.

Depending on their purpose, these cleaners are used in domestic conditions or in industrial. Such a simple device helps to reliably protect any vulnerable parts of installations that operate with hard water.

It should be remembered that the installation can be carried out no more than two meters from the device that should be protected. Also allowed to install at the entrance. If the fluid contains rust, it is recommended that the filter be cleaned once every two years.

About long service life

If you try to compare the magnetic and any other household water filter, you will notice that the life of the product on neodymium elements is much longer. Even the best devices for water treatment can not perform their direct functions for so many years. The best filters are designed for seven years, and this is the maximum value.

magnetic water filter reviews

Such a service life of the element can be explained by the use of rare-earth magnets in the device. These metals very slowly lose their properties. Even after ten years, rare earth magnets will lose only 0,5% of their capabilities.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that water tends to get used to the effects of an element, and after a while it will become hard again. In this case, just for two or three weeks the device is removed, and then re-installed in its place.

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It is very important to know that with a large number of advantages this element has certain requirements for water. Only water whose temperature is close to room temperature will be cleaned. Flows inside the pipe should flow only in one direction and at a suitable speed. If the liquid will stand in one place or flow in different directions, then the magnetic filter for water will not function correctly.

magnetic filters for water softening

These products are recommended for apartments where there is no centralized hot water supply and gas water heaters are installed. For effective cleaning it is enough just to install the filter on the main pipe. Also, do not be amiss to purchase any household filter for drinking water. In this case, you will ensure the maximum level of cleaning.

Magnetic water filter: reviews

These devices have long been sold in our country. Many have already managed to take advantage of them. However, the users claim that this device is not suitable for cleaning such a device with drinking cold water from the tap. Salt will be visible even in the kettle. Accordingly, the taste will also be present.

When using the device with a gas column, there is an effect, but it is doubtful. On the inside of the tubes formed scum. For systems of heating where the closed contour, the effect really is. In this case, the scale does not settle.

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So, if in an apartment or house water meets the parameters that are suitable for the operation of a magnetic filter, and there is an opportunity to purchase a household installation for cleaning the liquid, then this is the best option. Moreover, his service life is not a couple of months.

So, we found out what are magnetic filters for water purification, what are their advantages and disadvantages.

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