The perfect bed: which bed height is better?

When it comes to buying a bed, we often think about its appearance, convenience and size of the mattress. But the height of the bed - this is the parameter that we often forget, and in vain.

Standard bed height

There are three standard sizes (bed height from the floor):

  • Low (eastern standard) - 20-40 centimeters.
  • Medium (European standard) -50-60 centimeters.
  • High (US standard) - 80-100 centimeters.

The most comfortable is the height 62-64 centimeter from the floor. This size allows a person of average height to sit and get out of bed without difficulty. This option is well suited for a teenager or an elderly person.

Style and size of the room

The height of the bed should be directly dependent on the interior of the bedroom, its style. After all, this is the most active and often central part of the room. In a classic design and a large spacious bedroom it will look good high, large bed - from 80 to 100 cm from the floor. This option is suitable for sophisticated people, lovers of featherbeds and pillows, as well as those who do not bother to climb every evening to such a height. Although for convenience, manufacturers often offer to purchase an additional step or poof for the legs.

bed height

In the bedroom, designed in modern style, a high bed will look weird. It is better to choose models of the European standard (50-60 cm from the floor) or eastern (20-40 cm).

In the case of a more democratic style (modern or loft) bed height can be determined by the needs of a particular person. After all, not everyone will like to sleep almost on the floor, although these options look very stylish and visually increase the size of the room.

Adult loft bed

Bed - an indispensable piece of furniture. But what to do if the apartment is quite small, one-room / studio, or is it necessary to combine the bedroom and the living room together? Replacing a full bed on a sofa bed means providing a constant feeling of mess in the apartment and reconciling with an uncomfortable mattress.

high bed

The ideal alternative is an unusual and stylish adult high loft bed. Such models are double and with one berth. They look very unusual, but they are not at all suitable for people with a fear of heights, pensioners, and their use is highly undesirable in an apartment with a small ceiling height. The height of the loft bed for adults - see 180-190.

bed height

Bed for baby

Choosing a children's bed is a particularly important matter. It is important to pay attention not only to the design, but also to an environmentally friendly material, the presence of comfortable sides and the quality of the mattress.

bed height from floor

The correct height of the baby bed is first of all the safety and comfort of the child. When a bed with high sides changes to a regular nursery, the child gets used to a new bed for a long time. He can forget and stand up on the machine in the middle of the night. To fall out or roll over the crossbar is not at all difficult, because he is used to holding on to high and reliable stoppers. Many children are actively crawling in their sleep, getting out of the crib on the floor at this moment and hitting them will not be difficult.

height of children's bed

To protect the little man from possible injury and fear, choose a bed for a child from 2-3 years so that the height of the bed from the floor is no more than 30 centimeters. Remember that the lower the crib, the safer the child will climb and climb.

For two children

What to do if you have another baby, and there are not enough rooms in the apartment? Putting two beds side by side means reducing the space for outdoor games or depriving one of the kids - removing one desktop. A good solution for large families is a loft bed. The oldest child is always placed on top, because he probably already learned to climb stairs well and not to fall out of bed at night. Although in this case, on the upper berth always provide reliable high protective bumpers. After all, the height of the bunk bed is not less than 160 centimeters.

bunk bed height

For the younger child, place on the lower tier. If the baby is still too small, you can put additional bumpers on the side and in the headboard. And some parents even come up with their own protective mechanism - they tighten the net, sheet, or fasten a wide chipboard panel, and even think of how to make the door. The height of the lower tier of the loft bed can vary from 20 to 50 centimeters. The younger the children and the lower the ceilings in the room, the more carefully you need to consider the height of the bed.

For a teenager

A teen's room is both a bedroom and a living room, where you can bring friends, and a study in which a child does homework or prepares for exams, and a playroom.

You can put a teenager in the room a regular bed (30-60 cm in height), but it takes a lot of space. The folding sofa takes away precious time for cleaning in the mornings and evenings, and is also a source of excess dust in the room. Yes, and every parent wants the space of the room of the future adult to be divided into zones: bedroom, work area, rest area, and ideally also a small sports area. After all, such a division makes it easier to focus on specific tasks and teaches to order in everything.

How to be? Pay attention to the huge selection of beds under the ceiling. If a teenager likes this option of a bed, the height of the bed will allow you to arrange a spacious working area under it, place a large and spacious wardrobe or even a whole dressing room or put a small but cozy sofa for guests. A stylish and durable metal loft bed in a modern style is an excellent choice for a teenager.

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