How and what to drill porcelain?

Porcelain tile has such qualities as high wear resistance and unique durability. Such characteristics create some difficulties in processing the material. It is important to note also the high brittleness, which completely excludes the possibility of mechanical impact in the form of shocks. The outer and inner lining is attached with a mechanical fastener, which is installed in the holes of different diameters. Therefore, a variety of tools are used to drill porcelain.

What to drill?

what to drill porcelain

If you are thinking about the question of how to drill porcelain, then you should pay attention to the list of tools that are used when conducting such work. This should include a machine for drilling, a special stand and a two-speed drill. For the treatment of artificial stone, experts recommend the use of certain types of drills and crowns, the most common of them are:

  • diamond drills;
  • diamond crowns with electroplating;
  • sintered ring drills.

If you are still faced with the question of how to drill porcelain, then you should consider all the options. The latter can be attributed to tools that are used in working with concrete. Using circular drills can be made around 100 holes, but they will have weak spots. It is necessary to highlight the duration of the hole, which takes about 5 minutes, as well as high end pressure. If you prefer coated diamond crowns, you should know that they are not so common. They can be recognized by the wall thickness.

Depending on the diameter of the hole you need to choose a certain thickness of the crown. This option is considered today the most affordable in economic terms. Diamond crowns provide large holes for electrical outlets. Quite often, home craftsmen think about how to drill porcelain.

Alternative solution

drill porcelain tiles

You can choose diamond drills, which are characterized by a high content of grains, the latter have high strength. This tool allows you to get the holes of the required diameter. Thus, 8-mm products can be drilled in as little as 40 seconds. If the diamond drill is used with additional equipment, it can be made through 350 holes. If a more impressive diameter is required, then tubular drills should be used.

Recommendations of a specialist

Quite often in everyday life the question arises about how to drill porcelain. If necessary, lay a plastic cable channel through a tile, or use a carbide or diamond drill bit. The shape of the tip in this case can be very different.

can be drilled porcelain

What else you need to know about tools for drilling porcelain?

It is necessary to drill a tile from porcelain tile only with use of the special tool. Diamond crowns, which are described above, have a low cost, namely the price is their main advantage. When drilling with them, you can reduce the end pressure and significantly increase the speed of the process. If we consider the disadvantages of crowns, then it is worthwhile to single out a small working resource. If you have porcelain stoneware, which is 8 mm thick, you can drill only five holes with the help of a diamond crown with electroplated coating.

drill holes in the stoneware

Sintered ring drills are most often used not for porcelain stoneware, but for concrete and other durable materials. The thickness of the working part of such a drill may be equal to 2 mm or more. Such drills are not used so often, and their disadvantage is low drilling speed. But despite the disadvantages, diamond drills have advantages that are expressed in a work resource that exceeds the resource of crowns.

Recommendations for drilling porcelain

After you have decided how to drill porcelain tiles at home, it is recommended that you get a closer look at the process technology. It is necessary to start work from the front. If you want to save the drill life, the holes are made only on the thickness of the product 2 / 3, and then the rest is knocked out with a sharp blow. In this case, you can face the formation of cracks and chips. In order for them to be hidden, it is necessary to begin work exclusively from the front.

what to drill porcelain at home

You can drill porcelain stoneware drill stand or a special drilling machine. This will extend the life of the drill and simplify the work of the master, while the holes will be neat and even. The drill should be double-speed, as when drilling porcelain stoneware, a high rotation speed is not needed. It is better to abandon the impact drill, and if these recommendations are ignored, the tile may crack. Before you start drilling, you should put plywood or fiberboard, while you exclude damage to the surface with a drill. The latter should be directed vertically; in the process of work, a strong tilt of the working element with respect to the product should be excluded. If you make a similar mistake, the drill will fail, and the tile will be destroyed.

Methods of work

how to drill porcelain

If you drill holes in porcelain stoneware, you should be aware that diamond drills can get very hot during use. In order to prevent the formation of microscopic cracks and destruction of the tiles, they must be cooled. The problem can be solved by supplying water to the drill. To prevent heating, it is necessary to operate at medium speed.

When ceramogranit is cut in industrial conditions, the coolant is supplied continuously. In everyday life, the drill can be cooled with water from a bottle. In the lid for this you need to make small holes through which water will flow to the drill. Some craftsmen do even simpler: they cool the heated surface of the drill with a previously moistened sponge.

How to eliminate errors?

Every home master sooner or later wonders about how to drill porcelain. If you have done the work correctly, then the drilled part that follows the diameter of the drill will fall out of the tile. If chips appeared on the back of the product, then there is nothing terrible in it, the master will fill them with glue, which will not affect the quality of the installation.

It is best to work to prepare a powerful drill, which can be installed at low speed, this approach will significantly minimize the wear of the drill. Experts advise installing a drill on a special rack or use a machine. This will simplify and accelerate the work, as well as extend the life of the drill. It is best to drill by laying tiles on a flat hard surface, while pressing should be minimal.


If it is necessary to make a hole in a porcelain tile that is larger than 6 cm, first you need to use a smaller drill bit, deepening it into a product on 2 / 3. After drilling continues with a larger tool. Depending on what diameter of the hole needs to be done, you can use one of the nozzles, namely: a tubular drill, a regular drill, a diamond crown or a feather.

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