How to determine the quality of tea in bags?

How to determine the quality of tea in bags?

  • Tea bags, of course, always lower quality than the leaf. However, among the packaged teas you can find more or less normal, without dyes.

    One way to determine if there is a dye in tea is a lemon. If you put a slice of lemon in brewed tea, and it does not lighten, it means that the dyes are in tea. If it becomes light, then there are no dyes.

  • Hello. Tea bags are sometimes called as a joke and seriously the dust of Indian roads. The quality of tea is probably determined by comparing similar varieties - by color, aroma, taste. Probably need to be a subtle connoisseur of this drink. I suppose you can taste no more than three varieties in a row, because the taste is dull. What other parameters are hard to say.

  • Tea in bags is not tea. This I know for sure, because I'm used to good leaf tea.

    After years of drinking leaf tea, what is put in sachets and called the proud name "tea"; I can only pour to the enemies.)) Strange substance resembling a powder, usually with a monstrous scent of flavors and features knows what else in the composition of me scares.

  • Undeniable proof of quality tea is the formation of a rainbow on the surface after brewing. This indicates the presence of essential oils, which is characteristic of good tea. Unfortunately, quality tea bags are a rarity. Trademarks mentioned in the previous answer - tea advertised, but not quality. Riston, Grace, Sheri, Birds of Ceylon, IMHO deserve more attention.

    There is an opinion that tea can be tested as follows. Dip the tea bag into the warm water. If the water is colored, then there are dyes. I can not vouch for the nagacity of the method, I did not check it myself. Another way is to pull out all the sachets from the package. If there is brownish dust in the box, then waste products are used. You can just anatomize one sachet and see that in nm: a really finely chopped tea leaf or it's unclear what. With good vision, you can see and flavor: the smallest colored balls.

    Enjoy your tea drinking!

  • I check the tea bags for the presence of paint in two ways, one of which is to put a tea bag in a cup of cold water, if the color has been added to the tea, the water should be painted. Well, the second way is, you need to put a bag of tea in a cup of white, pour the tea and let it cool, if after such an experiment the edges of the cup are painted, then the tea is most likely added paint.

  • I will answer myself to my question. The method described by the user sparrow77 by me has long been tried and I want to say that it works. Yes, it is enough to put the packet just in warm water (even from the tap) and look at the color of the water. Only the coloring will not go right away, you'll have to wait. If such a "tea"; quot; means in a bag of dyes.

    I want to add that before such a definition of quality somehow he himself came.

  • Added dye or not can be determined in a simple way. It is enough to put the brewed bag on any plastic white surface, if a yellow spot remains when removing the min through 3-5, then the tea is artificially colored and cannot be drunk in any case, as the paint is added only in the case of an expired product, when natural fermentation is no longer possible . Such tea may contain hazardous microtoxins, the product of vital activity of mold fungi from improper storage of raw materials in the warehouse. Please do not drink. A dye is also added if the tea paints a cup.

  • Check the tea can taste. Brew tea bag in boiling water. Minutes through 15 can be tried. If the tea is bitter, dark black and without a pronounced herbal, floral taste, smell, then this is tea with dyes and additives or low quality tea. If in a cold, warm water, drop a bag of tea and go dark quot; paintquot; as from watercolor, tea is also not real. This tea will stain warm water for a long time and turn it into light brown, yellow tones. This tea tastes and smells aromatic with a floral, herbal smell and taste. experts say that all tea is real. Since it is made in large quantities and there is no shortage in it. There is a shortage of good quality tea. But in fact it does not matter the large tea leaves are whole or crushed. Valuable substances from the leaves in the first and second cases brew. This is to the fact that sometimes large-leaf tea does not have a pronounced taste, and finely ground, quot; dust of the Russian roads ” possesses a tasty smell and bright taste.

  • Once there was a question - it was a very serious issue, it stood out and came from my husband, who never drank leaf tea, and a packet - once a year for a big holiday. He sincerely did not understand why I buy the road and avoid the money. I had to get a bag of cheesy dessert and produce it "autopsia"; on a silver platter. For comparison, on another saucer, a "autopsy" was performed; over a bag of that brand of tea that I used to buy. The results were impressive, because in one package lay a trash, and in the other - twisted leaves. They poured boiling water into the saucers: the trumpet remained trash, and the gnarly "details"; turned into "cloths".

    This suggests that even in packages there are completely different contents and the one who pays more often gets something better. The fact that the budget teas, consisting of one trumpet, are stained with dyes, I do not even doubt.

    What should cause distrust? First of all - any flavoring fruit additives. They denote not only a straight road to dyes, but also flavor additives that successfully decorate the "broom naturalis"; at the heart of this quot; tea;

  • In any case, tea bags are usually covered in tea bags. This is the reason for the low price of packaged tea, the lower leaves (burdock) are used for cutting off trunks and dust after drying the upper leaflets. Therefore, the question of quality can not stand here, it is more advisable to ask about safety such "tea". There are brands that have already settled on the market and do not want to lose this place to such can be attributed to "greenfield", "ahmad", "tess", " well and quot; liptonquot; which also must necessarily be checked for authenticity because they forge the quot; running product, then the fastest is sold, and the price will not allow the case to be brought to court without serious claims, and people who buy such tea will not be quoted; one pack of tea ";

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