How to wash fuel oil?

How to wash fuel oil?

  • How to wash fuel oil?

    I cleaned my jeans from mazut with gasoline for lighters, which can be safely bought at least in the market, at least in the store.

    A small can of such gasoline I always have on the farm just to remove such stains.

    How to remove the stain, you can see in my answer to the question:

    How to wash gutalin?

  • I cleaned fuel oil from white cloth sneakers with turpentine, bought in a pharmacy !!!

    He put a cotton pad down (under the stain), the second moistened with turpentine and rubbed softly. I had to repeat the time 5-7, but from the spot there was not a trace, although it was large, and the sneakers are kipely white.

  • Than to wash off black oil

    You can try fir oil. Put a cotton pad under the stain, and wipe the stain with a second cotton pad dipped in oil. If the spot has not disappeared from the first time, the procedure can be repeated. After that clothes can be soaked in Vanish.

  • I had a similar situation, so I used an auto remedy that removes stains from the machine (I do not remember the firm). Still I can advise fir oil, friends spoke helps. We put a cotton pad under your spot, and wet the second disk with this oil and slowly hurry three. It should turn out so that there would be a stain on the lower cotton disc and the cloth clean. If the desired effect does not work out, once again three, until there is a clean place

  • My dad worked in the energy sector. Often it turned out that clothes were smeared in fuel oil. But they were suit pants. Fuel oil is what? This is a refinery product. It is a liquid residue of a dark brown color. Therefore, it must be dissolved with petroleum products - gasoline, kerosene or solvent. However, there is a question in this matter. Different solvents can dissolve the paint into which your item has been painted. And on jeans, as you know, the dye is not very resistant. So I think we should go to the dry cleaning service right away.

  • Any washing-up liquid for washing dishes, unless of course the spot is not of last year's old age !!!

  • Как wash oil.

    That wash oil need to be washed in gasoline. Wash without soaking. Gasoline bleaches things so wash quickly and gently. Previously, gasoline was used for cleaning in dry cleaners, but after several fires it was banned.

  • Gasoline was not near at hand, washing off black oil stains from the shirt with a dishwashing detergent Lemon's Mom. Quickly washed, I did not even expect such an effect. Thanks Yuliaayayayaya for advice)

  • My mom works in chem. laboratory, to remove stains of fuel oil use carbon tetrachloride or gasoline galoshes (B-70). I do not know how about tetrachloride, but B-70 can be bought in the store, it is used to dilute paints, enamels, degreasing surfaces. Apply a little gasoline to the cotton wool, and place a tissue under the cloth (where the stain is). Gently blot the stain so that gasoline with dissolved fuel oil is absorbed into the napkin, and napkins are often changed.

  • Jeans need to be cleaned with kerass. The usual solvent or gasoline can leave bright spots.

  • A very good tool for cleaning the car engine and its spare parts in the "coldquot"; water K2.

    It dissolves any oil product. But I do not know how the tissue reacts to it.

  • Fuel oil is washed only in gasoline. Take five liters of gasoline (you can do it yourself), briefly soak it for a while, and then walk around with a brush. Rinse in clean water and hang on the street so that the smell of gasoline is slightly weathered. After that, you need to wash the thing with an ordinary washing powder. Just have to keep in mind that the gasoline is very strong "whiten"; things. So do not be surprised if the jeans suddenly become white.

  • I mazout with a solvent. But this method is suitable only for fabrics that do not themselves lose color and do not turn into an unnecessary piece after contact with the solvent. You can also use gasoline. Also, if the speck of fuel oil is very old, then do not try to remove it - nothing happens. You can sew a patch on top.

  • It is possible, if only the clothes are made of good fabric, which will not break afterwards, or lose color ...

    The best tool is to stain a stain with gasoline napkin or a clean cloth, it is advisable to use AI-95, since the poor quality of gasoline is very greasy and the stain from fuel oil instead of disappearing will grow on the contrary.

    I used a rust remover several times if the stain from fuel oil, oil or solid oil is fresh, it helps, but if the old, then useless work.

    There are still on sale chemicals, but according to reviews they do not have the proper effect.

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