How to plant begonia: a few correct tips

No matter how strange it is, but begonia got its name from the man - the governor of San Domingo - Michel Begon. He most likely knew for sure how to plant a begonia.

Begonia is an amazingly beautiful plant with about 400 varieties. All its types are distinguished by beautiful shades and pleasant texture. Begonia grows in America, Africa and Asia. And to be more precise, in their subtopic areas.

Begonia we grow at home on the windowsill, near the house and in the garden. Such unpretentious species of this flower can usually boast beautiful decorative leaves.

Among the most popular begonia varieties in the CIS countries are tuberous and ever flowering. They bloom very effectively and always delight their gardeners with beautiful flower beds.

The question of how to plant begonia, often flashes in Internet forums. Not only beginners, but also experienced gardeners are interested in this. This is not strange, because the subtleties and details are always interesting, and if it comes to colors, even more so.

Now we want to draw your attention to how to plant tuber begonia.

It should be immediately noted that all modern begonia varieties today are, so to speak, descendants of wild flowering from South Africa, originating in Bolivia and Ecuador.

Begonias can be immediately divided into three classes: small-flowered, large-flowered and ampelous.

The most common group of begonias are large-flowered. Their huge double flowers of a wide range of colors surprise and delight the eye. Please note that the flowers of this variety are often very tall (up to 80 cm). Should we consider this a virtue, given that the stems of begonias are very fragile and constantly need support?

Many gardeners prefer small-flowered begonias. Although their flowers are an order of magnitude smaller than the large-flowered varieties, they sometimes look even more impressive due to the abundant flowering and elegant branchy bushes.

Ampute begonia should be noted especially, because this group of flowers is most conducive to planting at home: on the balcony, in the room, in the kitchen. It feels great in vases, and in drawers, and hanging baskets.

To grow beautiful flowers, you need to take the right first step - buy healthy tubers. Experts recommend not to take them in any package, because it is difficult to consider seedlings in a nice box with peat.

Of course, in order not to torment yourself with unnecessary questions about how to plant begonia, it is better to once again learn everything from a qualified store employee. He is obliged to give you the opportunity to choose the tubers you like and also advise on their planting. However, when buying tubers, immediately pay attention to the dense to the touch, not very large and maximally round tubers of begonias.

It is best to buy begonia tubers before March, because if you plant a tuber too late, begonia can bloom only by the end of summer. Remember that at the beginning of the season and the choice is much richer, and the price does not bite too.

So, how to plant begonia. It is best to start in March, then the most beautiful blooms will fall on a warm summer period. It can be peat pots and baskets. Now you will immediately learn how to transplant begonia.

Press the purchased tubers with the convex side into the soil. Water the tubers so that the water in no case falls into the recess on the tuber itself. Wait until the buds appear and you can safely divide the tubers into several parts.

After sprinkling the cuts with charcoal and plant the already dried tubers under a thin layer of earth. Note that divided tubers bloom a few weeks later.

Begonias are quite unpretentious plants, however, they feel best in slightly darkened places.

Be sure to share tips on how to plant begonia with your family and friends, because these flowers are a joy for the host and his guests!

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