How to make a raft of plastic bottles: features of the structure, materials

Sometimes crazy ideas are born in your head. One of these may be the descent of the river on a makeshift raft. You do not need to immediately throw away such thoughts, because they can turn into a wonderful adventure, which can then be remembered for a lifetime. In general, it is worth seriously thinking about this venture. But for this trip you will need at least some kind of swimming tool. There is one solution - this is a raft. Many people ask: "How to make a raft with your own hands?" Thanks to him, you can easily and quickly descend on water. How to make a raft, from what materials are the answers to these and other questions in this article.

What is a raft?

Surely everyone in childhood knew how to make a raft of paper. On it it was possible to transport stones and figures, to organize competitions: who will swim first and so on. But now you can go on a trip along the river yourself, making your childhood dream come to make a raft

The raft is the simplest swimming means, thanks to which you can quickly move to the other side or go downstream. It can be used for different purposes: for survival, entertainment, participation in amateur competitions, in some environmental actions. The range of application of the raft is quite large. What is its advantage over the boat? The fact that it is very easy to make, and you get no less pleasure. The raft is lightweight, so it is easier to transport or carry. So, how to make a raft with your own hands?

A little about materials

How to make a raft when there are no materials? And to create and do not need a lot of things. It is necessary to think: what material is very light, at the same time cheap and widespread? Plastic bottles are great for all options. They can be found even on the banks of the river itself. After holidaymakers there is a lot of garbage that would be useful for such a thing.

To give even greater buoyancy, you can use foam. It is also easy and cheap. Surely everyone had a box from under the TV or refrigerator, in which pieces of foam were lying to make a raft with your own hands

Wood is an excellent material for the raft. In the old days, when there were no plastic bottles, such a swimming tool was made only from it. But nowadays it is not necessary to make a raft of wood only if there is a plastic container. The characteristics of this wonderful material come in handy for the "deck" of the raft itself.

How to make a raft of plastic bottles?

In fact, there is nothing complicated. But before you make a raft, you need to decide how many people will float on it. This is an important question. It is best to go alone, as to make a raft for one person easier than for two. The smaller the swimming facility, the stronger and safer it will be. Less chance of falling to make a paper raft

Getting Started

Options for how to make a raft of bottles, quite a lot. Therefore, everyone has the right to modify his design as it is convenient for him. The first thing you need to prepare materials. We have plastic bottles. You need to carefully examine them for holes. They must be whole, otherwise they will simply accumulate water. Each plastic bottle must be tightly capted and filled with air. This means that it should not be oblate. The more air in the container, the more floating the raft itself will be. When everything is ready, you can begin to work on creating a swimming facility.

Create a raft

One unit in the construction will be a block of bottles. Make it very easy. For this you need four bottles. When connected to each other, a square is obtained. That is what we need. The design of such blocks here will be very strong and reliable. Most importantly - able to repair quickly. If something happens to the unit, then it is easily removed and replaced with a new one. Therefore, such a light scheme is very easy to maintain and operate.

Squeeze the bottle in the block need to use waterproof tape. For greater safety, it is best to insure the rope. The main thing is to twist them tightly so that it is tough, otherwise the unit will fall apart to make a raft of bottles

Now you need to do just make blocks. How many will be needed depends on the size of the raft and its load capacity. But the extra will not be lost. After a sufficient number of blocks have been manufactured, you can proceed to the formation of sections. This is the next stage in the division of the raft. One section consists of several blocks. It is formed by the width of the swimming means. If it is as wide as four blocks in width, then one section will combine them. Such a division also facilitates the connection of all the elements among themselves and the replacement of spoiled bottles.

Thus, the blocks are combined into sections, which are then sealed into a raft.

How to make a raft deck?

how to make a raft of plastic bottlesWhat is located on top, can be called a deck. This is the important part where the person with all his equipment will be located. The base consists of two large wooden beams that match the length of the raft. Then on top of the transverse boards are mounted. They can be installed every forty to fifty centimeters. Then you will need to attach part of the bottles with the help of ropes and adhesive tape to these crossbars. For greater convenience, it is best to put a piece of chipboard or plywood so that it covers the entire area of ​​the raft. Thus, it turned out a flat surface on which to sit comfortably. So that everything does not get wet, it is best to cover this leaf with a thick tarpaulin. It will also be good to build yourself something like a hut, so as not to bake in the sun.

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