How to make a paper bag: two interesting ways

A real needlewoman can make anything. If we consider paper crafts, then the list of all useful things can be started from postcards and finished ... with bags? But is it worth the time to create such not-so-strong items? Consider how to make a bag out of paper and for what purpose. Information is provided in the form of instructions with photos and diagrams.

how to make a paper bag

A bag. Her appointment, depending on the situation

Perhaps there are times when something needs to be packaged. Moreover, these things are not so voluminous and heavy. First of all, this applies to gifts. How do you, for example, present a box of chocolates? In a plastic bag? This option for the gift does not quite fit, is not it? And what to do if your gift is made with your own hands? Surely it would be nice for the birthday man to accept a completely self-made creation, including the wrapping package. Another common situation when you have to think about packaging is the upcoming donation of money. Wonderful homemade envelope will be much more appropriate than the standard white mail. So, how to make a bag out of paper without worrying about its strength? After all, sometimes there is a condition more important - the appearance and originality. Consider two options, each of which is characterized by creativity and unusual manufacturing.

What material is better to use?

paper bag scheme

In the first case, the hand-made article turns out to be quite voluminous. Therefore, we can predict that the inside will not lie at all a small thing. Even if you pack a chubby scarf, the material should choose medium density, but in any way, for example, not thin foil or corrugated paper. Use for the manufacture of bag-pack with handles dense drawing paper or other material of appropriate strength. In the second case, the option of using rustling and tearing bases also disappears, since, according to the technology, separately located handles are provided. In addition, it is desirable to clearly stand out the folds on the product, which will be formed through the art of origami. Stock up on paper and get to work.

How to make a bag of paper according to the drawing?

The blank presented in the photo in this article clearly demonstrates that cutting requires a whole segment, resembling a square in size and shape. Looking at the drawing, you can easily make your own, using a simple pencil and ruler. Apply lines, strictly following the directions and bends. Then, in order to check how symmetrically the bag is made from paper with your own hands in the future, you need to fold the blank four times. With the coincidence of all the contours pattern is built correctly. To somehow strengthen before cutting the basis for work, you can glue the fabric with a cloth. When folding, align the slits and overlap them, and insert improvised handles into the resulting gaps. Small package bag is ready!

origami paper bag

How to make a bag of paper in the form of an envelope with a mini pen?

Want to quickly make a small purse? The art of origami will come to the rescue. A bag of paper will look most neat when using colored dense material. Different color sheet sides are welcome. After all, when bending at the end of the instruction, a contrasting shade will give the craftwork a special chic and originality. You can also decorate the homemade handbag and other handmade items. Small crocheted flowers or a lace ribbon around the edge will look very stylish on the top of the product. Want to surprise with new ideas? Then try yourself in making creative crafts in the style of scrapbooking. After all, many seemingly incompatible small things, skillfully arranged in a well-thought-out combination, can create a very stylish composition with a chic effect.

do-it-yourself paper bag

Description of work

It is very simple and at the same time, an unusually folded paper bag. The scheme clearly shows the whole process of work. Consider all the steps:

  1. Prepare a square piece of paper. Fold it diagonally and fold it horizontally down.
  2. Put the top corner over the canvas, dividing it horizontally into two equal parts.
  3. Wrap the two corners from the sides.
  4. Pre-imposed upper corner output back.
  5. Roll the workpiece in half vertically.
  6. Using small scissors, cut along the dotted lines along the two diagonal faces of the upper triangle, departing from the edge of the 2-2,5, see
  7. Fold the two triangles wrap on the bag handbag, thereby securing its somewhat unstable form. To fix the structure, you can use glue.

The proposed two methods will certainly become a lifesaver in cases where you need to present a small gift in a homemade package. Especially if they are made with love and care. After all, giving presents is as pleasant as receiving them, isn't it?

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