How to choose a stepper motor for CNC?

Stepper motors are brushless devices. They are made with several windings. The main parameters of the device can be called the threshold voltage and the number of poles. Also, models differ in terms of winding resistance. Single phase modifications are made with serrated stators. Magnets are most commonly used cylindrical type.

For CNC, stepper motors are ideal. However, in this case, much depends on the equipment. In particular, modifications are installed on printers, machine tools and laser cutters. They can also be found on the drives. However, this applies only to linear configurations. There is an average quality stepper motor in the 4500 rub.

cnc stepper motor

How to choose an engine?

How to choose a stepper motor for CNC? First of all, you should decide on the type of modification. If we consider the options for machine tools, then they often use two-phase models. Their magnetic cores are installed with good current conductivity. Directly rotors are made of steel. Cups for stators are made with a protrusion.

In this case, the windings are made of soft magnetic material. The stators in the presented devices are applied with teeth. The retention rate must be at least 3 kg / cm. The winding resistance parameter depends on the type of CNC. If we talk about modifications with the controller, then the above figure must be equal to 7 Ohms.

how to choose a stepper motor for cnc

Machine tools

How to choose a stepper motor for CNC machine? If we consider the usual milling model, then first of all it is important to pay attention to the type of shaft. On average, it is installed with a diameter of 5 mm. In this case, the stator must be located above the rotor in the cup, and the winding current itself must be equal to 2 A. Magnetic cores with high conductivity are used for a more stable operation of the engine.

Also, before buying you should evaluate the inductance of the winding. The specified parameter at engines fluctuates around 6 mH. In this case, the drivers for the devices must be bipolar. The average stepper motor for an NC machine tool in the area of ​​3 thousand rubles is worth.

Drive Models

How to choose a stepper motor for CNC drive? In this case, many consumers prefer two-phase modifications. Stators they most often found jagged. By type of rotor models are quite different. Often they are made of charge steel. On average, the shaft diameter is 5.5 mm. The pitch angle of the models for the drives is 1.2 degrees. The winding current in this case should be at least 3 A. If we consider single-phase modifications, then the driver for motors is of a unipolar type.

The average winding resistance varies around 5 Ω. It is also important to pay attention to the threshold voltage of the motors. This parameter, as a rule, does not exceed 6 B. However, there are more powerful models on the market. The maximum inductance of the winding is equal to 10 mH. At the same time, the current overload indicator is at the level of 4 A. A high-quality stepper motor for a drive in the area of ​​4500 rubles will cost.

cnc stepper motor controller

Printer Engines

The choice of stepper motor for the CNC printer is made only among the three-phase modifications. Stators it is more expedient to select a gear type. Magnetic cores must have high current conductance. Thanks to them, the engine will gain momentum smoothly. If we talk about the parameters, the moment of holding the modifications for printers on average is equal to 4 kg / cm. The threshold voltage itself fluctuates around 10 B.

The minimum inductance of the winding is required to be 8.5 mH. The pitch angle of the device should be at the level of 1.3 degrees. The magnets in the presented modifications are often used permanent and are cylindrical in shape. The gear ratio of the devices depends on the type of rotor. For unipolar drivers, models on the market are quite rare. The user is able to buy a good engine for a printer at a price of 3 thousand rubles.

choice of stepper motor for cnc

Modifications for laser cutters

How to choose a laser cutter engine? Many experts in this situation prefer models on 10 B. Most often, they are made with gear-type stators. Their magnetic conductors are quite high. Directly the rotors in the engines are located in special bowls. Modifications of bipolar type on the market are rare.

On average, the pitch angle of models does not exceed 2 degrees. The maximum current load of the device is maintained at the level of 5 A. The maximum inductance of the winding depends on the number of steps per revolution. The shaft diameter in the engine must be 5.5 mm. To date, high-quality devices for cutters are sold at a price of 4 thousand rubles.

Single phase modifications

Single phase models are best suited for milling machines. On average, the pitch angle indicator is 2.5 degrees. The maximum inductance of the device is kept in 7 mH. By the number of steps per revolution, the models are quite different. There are many modifications on the market on the 5 and 10 B. Their gear ratio is approximately 1: 54.

Bipolar modifications can boast of high current conduction. The rotors are most often installed in steel. Cups under them are made with protrusions of different lengths. You can purchase a set of stepper motors for CNC on 5 B in stores for 4500 rub.

Two phase devices

Two-phase motor is good for printers. The power models are quite different. Modifications for unipolar drivers are distinguished by increased current conductivity. The threshold voltage indicator for them is on average equal to 5 B. The rotor is located in the cup as standard. The shafts of the models are set to a diameter from 5 mm. The pitch angle in the presented configurations does not exceed 2 degrees.

The winding current in this case is equal to 4.5 A. Immediately the moment of holding the motor depends on the magnetic circuit. If we consider models with high-voltage winding, then this parameter averages 3 kg / cm. The gear ratio of devices does not exceed 1: 60. The average winding resistance is 8 Ω. On the stator in the presented modifications for connection there are four outputs. The stepper motor controller for CNC is found only in bipolar type. It is a good two-phase modification of about 5 thousand rubles.

how to choose a stepper motor for a cnc machine

Three-phase models

A three-phase motor is often used for linear drives. The threshold voltage indicator at it fluctuates around 5 B. Modifications with serrated stators come across the market quite often. The magnetic circuits of these models have a current conductivity index at the level of 6 microns. Rotors are made, as a rule, from charge steel. The pitch angle of models does not exceed 2.4 degrees. The moment of retention in this case depends on the conductivity of the magnetic circuit. On average, this parameter ranges around 4 kg / cm.

The gear ratio of the models is 1: 63. In the resistance parameter, the windings of the device are very different. The minimum inductance of the motors equals 8.5 mH. Four and six pin devices are manufactured. You can buy a three-phase modification on the market in just 5 thousand rubles.

ULN2003 Driver Engines

Stepper motor for CNC of this type is used for milling machines. The rotor is made of charge steel. Directly rotor cup is made with a high ledge. The magnetic circuit is installed with a current conductivity of 4 microns. The stator in the device is of gear type, and the winding on it is provided for low-voltage. The pitch angle in this case is 2.3 degrees. There are many modifications of the two-phase type on the market. Their winding resistance index does not exceed 8 Ω. The minimum inductance parameter is 10 mH. You can buy a model of this type for 3500 rub.

how to choose a stepper motor for cnc

Modifications to 5 B

A stepper motor for CNC on 5 B can be manufactured with a unipolar and bipolar driver. Magnetic in devices are used various. Their current conduction index is on average 5.5 micron. The stator cups are most often made with protrusions. Thus, the shaft is gaining momentum smoothly. The pitch angle of models on average does not exceed 1.2 degrees.

The limiting current of the device winding is kept at the level of 6 A. The moment of engine holding is on average 2 kg / cm. The minimum inductance of the winding does not exceed 6 mH. Worth a good stepper motor for CNC on 5 In the area of ​​4200 rub.

stepper motor for cnc machine

Engines for 10 B

The stepping motor for CNC on 10 B is often chosen for printers that run on unipolar drivers. In this case, there are four terminals in the devices. Directly conduction current fluctuates around 6 microns. The maximum pitch angle in devices is 2.5 degrees. The inductance of the winding is at least 8 mH.

It should also be noted that the presented configurations can be used to work with linear drives. Stators in devices are used cup type. Magnets only fit permanent. In shape they are made cylindrical. The moment of delay of engines on 10 B is on average 4.5 kg / cm. You can buy a good model for a printer in specialized stores at the price of 5 thousand rubles.

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