Kronospan - laminate of the Belarusian manufacturer. Customer Reviews

If you are interested in the manufacturer Kronospan, the laminate of this brand should be previously studied. This will allow you to understand the quality characteristics of the finish, as well as to understand the pros and cons of the coating.

Why choose Kronospan

kronospan laminate

Modern manufacturers appreciate the mentioned decorative material for reliability, variety of designs, as well as practicality. Experts, until recently, tried to choose products of this kind exclusively of European production, which are distinguished not only by excellent quality aesthetic indicators, but also by a fairly high cost. However, Kronospan products have not only high quality, but also affordable price, which means that this floor covering is affordable for a wide range of consumers.

Expert Reviews

laminate kronospan reviews

If you are interested in the Kronospan brand, the laminate of this manufacturer should be thoroughly studied by you. Only this way you can be sure of its operational properties. The base of the described material is a plate, which is produced by pressing wood chipboard elements. In the production process, webs are exposed to high temperature. Among the ingredients can be identified chips, wood, as well as sawdust. The first component is obtained in the course of technological cutting. Under the base there is a noise absorbing substrate, while the top layer is decorative paper and a special layer that defines the design of the board. Modern masters of repair business advise to use Kronospan also because of its low wear resistance. This property was achieved by laminating all layers simultaneously. The process uses a high-quality plate, which guarantees the stability of the material to the effects of mechanical point shocks and loads. Professionals who have been working on laying laminate of the aforementioned brand for more than one year have noted that it is not afraid of heels, the impact of the claws of domestic animals, as well as the fall of massive objects.

Customer Reviews

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If you are interested in the manufacturer Kronospan, laminate of this brand should be considered by you even before the date of purchase. Among other things, you can pay attention to reviews of buyers who have already laid this flooring and use it for a long time. Visiting the store, those who choose the finishing floor covering, pay attention not only to the appearance and quality characteristics, but also to environmental friendliness. By purchasing the laminate of the brand described, you can be sure that it is eco-friendly at 100%. During production, only natural ingredients are used. 90% of each board is wood. This indicator means that you can use these floors in rooms for children. Home masters choose this laminate also because of its versatility. Products have the ability to apply in premises for different purposes. It may be residential buildings or commercial premises. The surface of the floor can have different intensity of cross-country ability. Kronospan - laminate, which is highly durable, due to the special coating. It protects the flooring from mechanical stress. This information is provided by the manufacturer. At the same time, it is worth noting that users confirm that even after they have mechanically affected the surface of the floor, the base remains the same and does not acquire defects.

Reviews of moisture resistance and anti-static

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If there is a need to use a moisture-resistant coating, then it is necessary to choose the described laminate. It can be used in the bathroom or kitchen, where conditions are characterized by high humidity. Thus, technologists have expanded the possibility of using lamellae. It should be noted and anti-static, which is confirmed in practice by the fact that the upper layer is not subject to the occurrence of static electricity. Mistresses emphasize that the decorative coating does not accumulate dust and dirt. This greatly simplifies cleaning and saves money. It is possible to look after such boards only by means of usual water, without adding special expensive structures.

Long service life and ease of installation

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Kronospan laminate, reviews of which you will read in this article, has outstanding aesthetic qualities. If you prefer this brand, then you will have the opportunity to choose one of the design decisions, which the manufacturer presented a great many. Lamellas are characterized by a rough structure that allows you to create an imitation of natural wood. On sale you can find options that resemble the most common valuable species, among them there are oak, chestnut and walnut. The modern consumer is always trying to save, but it will not be possible if the product loses its performance in a short time after purchase. What can be said about the laminate described in this article. If you put the cover correctly, and after you take care of it in accordance with all requirements, then it will be possible to use it for 20 years. Any home craftsman who has experience in carrying out repairs will be able to install. It is allowed to operate the flooring immediately after completion of the work. In some cases, the whole range of work can be done without additional assistance. In order to lay laminate Kronospan, reviews of which you have the opportunity to read in the article, you will only need to prepare the tools, as well as use the appropriate instructions.

Castello collection

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The manufacturer presents for sale a lot of series, each of which is different in its style and appearance. Depending on the design of the room you have the opportunity to choose the option that is ideal for you, as well as emphasize all the advantages and eliminate possible shortcomings. In the store of relevant goods you can pick up both cold and warm decors, everything will depend on what result you expect. Laminate Kronospan Castello, reviews of which are presented below, has a peculiar structure and a rough surface. Despite the fact that the lamellae are just a copy of an array of boards, they have many advantages. According to users, boards are easy to clean, they are easy to remove stains, dust and dirt. Castello can be stowed in rooms that are subjected to intensive use.

If you want your floor to resemble natural wood flooring, then you should choose Kronospan laminate. The manufacturer made sure that the lamellae looked natural and served as long as possible.

Quick Style Collection

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Among the existing series of manufacturers mentioned above is considered the most popular. Laminate Kronospan Quick Style perfectly imitates the natural coating, which is made of precious woods. These floors withstand moisture, resistant to chemical attack and abrasion. Lamellae are not afraid of changes in humidity and temperature. This covering can be operated in a tandem with heat-insulated floors. The manufacturer indicates that the slats have a high degree of fire safety. If you are interested in this line, you can rely on the fact that you will find a Kronospan laminate that fits specifically for your interior. Oak, walnut, beech, etc. - the choice of panels is more than wide.


By purchasing the lamellas of this manufacturer, you will be forced to pay for one square meter price, which varies from 270 to 750 rubles. Everything will depend on the quality characteristics and wear resistance class. However, in any case, the laminate of Belarusian production Kronospan is of high quality and has excellent appearance. It is for this that consumers value the manufacturer’s product, making it increasingly popular in the analog market.

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