Furniture series “Hemnes” in the interior of the apartment

Firm "IKEA" has been manufacturing furniture for several decades and has extensive experience in this business. The Hemnes series is a Scandinavian-style furniture series. In this style, a large assortment of interior goods is presented in the catalog of the Ikea brand shop.

If the buyer likes the strict Scandinavian style in the design of his home interior, then such a collection of furniture will suit him.

The Scandinavian style "Hemnes" in the interior, photos of the bedroom and children's room are presented in our article.

Furniture series "Hemnes" in the interior of the apartment

Material and classification of furniture "Hemnes"

The fans of the classical style, who prefer elegance and simplicity and functionality at the same time in the selection of furnishings, can rate the furniture series Hemnes in the interior of their homes. One of the features of such furniture is the coverage of all types of premises in an apartment or house, so if desired, the buyer will be able to furnish all the rooms and rooms in a single style.

Furniture series "Hemnes" in the interior of the apartment

The main difference between the furniture of the Scandinavian series is a natural eco-friendly material. Pine wood covered with high-quality wood stain is used for its production, due to which the texture of wood is perfectly visible.

The furniture series is represented by various items:

  • bed and bedside tables;
  • dressers in various options;
  • couch;
  • dressing and dresser;
  • wardrobes and wardrobes, for TV, showcases, sideboards, etc.

Let us consider in more detail the various pieces of furniture that are made in the style of "Hemnes".

Bedroom furniture

All furniture intended for the bedroom is represented by many different models. Beds, couches, dressers, cabinets, tables and other items are available in a large assortment in this series. This gives a lot of opportunities in solving design projects for a buyer who wants to choose for himself what is intended.

The double beds of the Hemnes series look very stylish in the interior of the bedroom, they are of various widths (160, 180 cm), single beds - 90 and 120 cm. All models have a convenient possibility to change the height of the bottom using a slat. To create comfort for tall people, the length of all models of beds is the same and is 200 cm.

The color scheme is represented by several types: white and shades of brown.

Universal couch

In a situation when the size of the room is small, the Hemnes couch in the living room or bedroom will be the most suitable option. Its overall dimensions in the folded state - 80 cm, while lengthening - 160 cm.

This piece of furniture performs several functions at the same time: a bed for a 1 or 2 person, a comfortable sofa and at the bottom are drawers for storing necessary items. Three drawers can be conveniently placed: bed linen, a blanket, various personal belongings.


According to designers, this item is the most versatile and suitable for all family members. You can put it both in the bedroom and in the living room, where it is suitable, for example, for guests to relax. It will save space in the room and will look harmonious in any interior.


An original feature of his device is the ability to push the lower part, after which the couch becomes a full double bed. Usually a convenient mattress is attached to the store.

Simple forms of the couch will allow the use of such an object in the kitchen. You can decorate it with the help of multi-colored pillows and other small furnishings.


In order to comfortably hang out all the clothes and give a certain completeness to the appearance of the room, the Ikea catalog in the Hemnes style in the bedroom interior suggests to put a wardrobe. The size of its 197x120x59, see. Sliding doors.

The wardrobe is specially designed for storing long and short clothes hung on hangers. There are also shelves for folding folded items.

These cabinets are available in a wide variety of colors: from standard white, blue, brown and black to more bold red color, which can focus all attention on this interior item and make non-standard color solutions for the bedroom or any other room in the apartment.

Dressers series "Hemnes"

The chest of drawers "Hemnes" in the interior of any room will occupy an honorable and convenient place. The number of boxes is 2, 3, 5 or 8 for every taste of the buyer.

Small dressers are very convenient to use in the bedroom and put next to the bed. Large dressers with sizes up to 160 cm on 8 drawers are suitable for the living room.

The location of the boxes and their color are very diverse: they can all be the same, they can be small on top of large ones. The colors range from white, yellow, red to dark blue or black. And often several colors are combined in one dresser (for example, in a white dresser, drawers can be yellow and red).

Chest of drawers

Models of dressers with wood of dark colors are more suitable for a living room, if you pick up the appropriate color for the rest of the furniture: the wardrobe, sideboard, sideboards, racks, racks, etc.

Dressing table

Furniture series "Hemnes" in the interior of the apartment

Without such an item that is very necessary for a woman, not a single home interior can do. A table in the Scandinavian style from the collection "Ikea" "Hemnes" in the interior of the bedroom will look perfect and will allow the hostess to put on makeup and make hair with comfort.

The table contains a conveniently located 2 drawer that can be used for cosmetics and jewelry, and a mirror (the most necessary item for a woman).

This collection also sells several types of individual mirrors with different sizes (from 90 x60 cm to 165 x70 cm).

Living Room Furniture

For the living room, the Hemnes Scandinavian series in the interior is represented by a diverse assortment of wardrobes, coffee and work tables, TV stand, shelving. Cabinets can be chosen: glazed or not, display cases, complemented by sections with drawers below, special arches (placed above the TV).

Desktop (dimensions 155х65 cm) is suitable for buyers who prefer to work at home. It can be supplemented with one or two thumbs, where it will be convenient to lay down all the necessary accessories for the job.

Furniture series "Hemnes" in the interior of the apartment


Having purchased furniture from the Hemnes series in Ikea stores and having furnished their living space, the landlord will be able to enjoy it for many years. Due to its naturalness, such furniture will live long and will grow old with it.

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