Coolers of air. Principle of work, feedback

To cool the air in the living areas, in most cases, use a traditional air conditioner or split system. This is the usual climatic equipment, which provides the possibility of temperature regulation regardless of external conditions. Despite the large size, technical difficulties during installation and maintenance requirements, steam compression units for normalizing the microclimate parameters are in high demand. Nevertheless, in some cases, an evaporation cooler can be an equally worthy option for performing a similar function, the work of which is built on a different principle. Unlike classical installations, this system uses water as a source for the development of a humidified environment. The device evaporates the liquid, which affects the lowering of the temperature in the room. The cooler has advantages over air conditioners for a number of performance indicators. In particular, it effectively performs the function of moisturizing. But there is a downside to its use - the lack of drying.

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The device of air coolers

Externally, the unit is a block made of metal or high-strength plastic. Inside the case there is an electric motor with a pulley. In some models, the technical stuffing provides for a fan with a direct drive. To perform the evaporation function, the device also includes a water pump. Typical air coolers for apartments are usually installed on walls and windows from the outside. In private houses, installation of the unit on the roof is practiced. Also common are mobile devices that do not require special fastening.

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An important element of any system of this type is a moistening pad that can be made from wood chips. Fibers of natural material absorb the optimal volume of water, which allows them to subsequently cool the air streams passing through them. In modern versions of the device as a filler, melamine paper or plastics is more often used. True, air coolers with synthetic gaskets are less effective than the same wood.

Principle of operation

The workflow occurs against the background of two tasks. First of all, this is to ensure the moistening of the gasket by connecting the system to water. In parallel with this, the air masses are pumped through the fan. Thus, warm air from the street contributes to the evaporation of water, resulting in a cooling process. In a room where such equipment is used, effective ventilation should be provided. The fact is that water coolers of air not only lower the temperature, but also increase the coefficient of humidity. In this case, these are interrelated indicators, so it is important to control the timely withdrawal of humidified air. For this reason, by the way, coolers are especially recommended in regions where the dry and warm climate prevails.

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Main characteristics

The main indicator determining the performance of such equipment is power. It varies on average from 80 to 150 W. For example, a model on 100 W is capable of servicing up to 510 m per hour3. Also, the area of ​​the room depends on the strength potential, in which it is advisable to install such a device. Equally important is the amount of water that air coolers consume during operation. Tanks can hold from 7 to 30 l. Again, specific values ​​depend on the performance of the equipment.

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It is worth noting and functional features. The fact that the principle of the coolers involves close contact with air currents - accordingly, it is required to ensure quality filtration. In recent versions, manufacturers provide not only devices for cleaning, but also modes of operation with the provision of air with useful qualities. For example, modern air coolers are supplied with both carbon filters and ionization systems. As a result, the characteristics of the air environment are improved in terms of health benefits.

Options and additional options

As in the case of air conditioners, chillers receive electronic control systems for operating parameters. The user can set the optimum speed mode of the air flow, set the fan speed and adjust the program of the shutter rotation. In addition, the air cooler for the house, depending on the version, can be equipped with an electronic touch-sensitive panel, in which the timer functions are provided. Regarding the management of performance, the main of these settings is humidity control.

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Leading position in the segment is taken by Honeywell, which produces powerful, efficient and at the same time compact coolers. In the range of this brand, you can find small mobile installations for the apartment, and modifications for working with large areas up to 150 m2. The price range of this product varies on average from 15 to 35 thousand rubles. The Equation budget air cooler is also in demand, which has a capacity of 70 W and is equipped with an 11-liter water tank. This is an optimal low-cost solution for an average-sized apartment. Typically, climate equipment is associated with high energy costs. For economical users it is worth recommending the Italian firm Climer, the coolers of which are characterized by energy efficiency and do not lose to competitors in terms of productivity. True, such models are not cheap - in the middle class from 60 to 80 thousand rubles.

Positive feedback on air coolers

Comparing with conventional air conditioners, novice users of such equipment note the minimum costs for installation and maintenance. Coolers do not require the replacement of a special refrigerant, which is also a plus in terms of environmental cleanliness. In terms of performance, there is a good moisturizing function that the air cooler provides. The reviews especially highlight new models, which provide for the possibility of regulating the humidity level. Also, many praise the ease of use, virtually no maintenance costs and an attractive design with ergonomic design.

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Negative feedback

Unfortunately, the comparison with air conditioners in terms of the quality of the cooling function, according to users, is not in favor of this technique. Yet the principle of its work, rather, is focused on moisturizing. Critics are air coolers and for noisy work. First of all, this applies to mobile devices that are used directly in the room. Despite sound insulation, equipment can deliver acoustic discomfort. For this reason, experienced users recommend to pay attention to the noise figures even in the selection process, although, of course, the claimed characteristic may differ from the real indicators.

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If you initially determine the tasks that are facing a climatic installation of this type, then problems and discomfort in the process of operation will not arise. It is important to understand that the evaporative cooler is designed only for humidifying the air and lowering its temperature. This means that for heating and drying you will have to purchase equipment of a different type. But the humidification function must be strictly controlled, otherwise there is a risk of harm to health. For example, people with asthma are generally not advised to use such settings. On the other hand, modern technologies allow fine tuning of operating parameters of equipment, which in the end provides a microclimate with optimal characteristics.

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