Decorating a concrete staircase with a tree do it yourself: photo, technology

Concrete marches, which form the basis of stairs, have a long service life and increased strength. The reinforcement is metal reinforcement located inside the structures. Due to this, the concrete is not covered with cracks and does not crumble. It is completely indifferent to the effects of moisture and external factors. It is possible to consider as the most accurate the combined ladders mounted from plates and their fragments, and also monolithic, made on the place. You can decorate the concrete structure with stone, carpet, tile or wood. The staircase will look spectacular in the latter case, this is especially true when using valuable types of wood such as beech, larch, ash or oak.

Choice of wood

finishing of a concrete staircase with a tree

Finishing a concrete staircase with a tree can be done with the help of different species. Sometimes they are used and quite rare, which are imported from afar. However, it is possible to choose practical, beautiful and good wood within your region. A favorite among finishing materials is oak, which is affordable and durable; it has pleasant shades and a bright pattern on the surface. If you want to get a construction of a respectable look that will last more than one year, you should choose an oak tree.

Larch and beech

With the acquisition of larch there will be no problems, its cost will be pleasantly surprised, since it is almost two times lower than the price of oak. However, the material itself is not inferior in appearance and quality. It is quite reliable and durable, and it is ready to serve for a very long time. Finishing a concrete staircase with an ash tree will be cheaper compared to works where oak is used. Among other things, this breed is very durable, and the pattern is distinguished by natural beauty. By choosing material based on ash, you can even choose a color that can be light or dark. Another worthy challenger in the range of materials described is beech, which has a uniform structure and a pleasant shade. Pay for it will have not so expensive, but the quality of the material will be on top.

How to avoid installation errors

If you will be finishing the concrete stairs with a tree, then you should try to eliminate the most common mistakes. Most believe that the most expensive part of the work is to fill the stairs. But facing a structure with a tree will be the most expensive. It is not necessary to fix the array directly on the steps, this requirement is due to the fact that such finishing will not last long. It’s not worth saving on material thickness, shields should be no thinner than 30 millimeters or more.

concrete stair trim

Expendable materials

Before completing the final facing, you need to level the surface and make veneer. It is not recommended to use paint that completely hides the natural structure of wood, as the appearance will lose its attractiveness. Prior to the work on the plating, it is necessary to clean the surface from dust and debris, otherwise adhesion with glue and other materials will be fragile. Finishing the concrete stairs with wood should be accompanied by the use of not only the adhesive composition, but also additional mechanical fasteners in the form of dowels. In this case, the material will hold firmly enough. You should not save on lacquer coatings, you should buy a moisture-resistant composition, to cover the steps that have to be at least three times, between the layers you must always withstand the time required for complete drying of the coating.

Preparation of tools

finishing of concrete stairs with wood photo

Finishing a concrete staircase with a tree should begin with the preparation of a set of necessary tools, among them should be allocated an electric drill, jigsaw, building level and plumb, milling machine, as well as a hammer. You will need a hacksaw, grinding machine and screwdriver. You need to purchase pre-arranged material that will be used for decoration. It will take plywood, which will act as a substrate. It will be possible to level the surface with mortar and sand mortar, and glue will be needed for fixing the elements. At the final stage, the surface of the stairs should be varnished or painted, which will make the structure not only more attractive, but also durable.

Technology works

Finishing a concrete staircase with a tree with your own hands should be carried out according to a certain method. At the first stage, the surface of the steps must be cleaned of dust and dirt. Next, the master prepares a solution of sand and cement, it is best to use the brand M150.

decoration of a concrete staircase with ash

At the next stage, sizing steps is carried out. To do this, dilute the liquid composition based on sand and PVA glue. Layer must be left until drying, which can take up to 5 hours.

Cracks, irregularities and gouges are aligned with a spatula, with which it will be possible to apply the concrete mix. Finishing concrete stairs in a private house should involve preparatory work. In order for the construction to look like a single unit with the wall, you need to install narrow strips at the bottom, which are made of 10-mm veneered plywood. While the solution will dry, you should pay attention to the treads and the risers. In order to make the casing durable, you should use hard rock.

For the record

The standard tread width is the range from 27 to 32 centimeters, as for the risers, their width can range from 15 to 18 centimeters. Depending on the characteristics of the march, these elements should be manufactured and installed.

Installation of treads and risers

When you finish the concrete stairs with your own hands, for fixing the tread and the riser should be used screws. In advance, it is necessary to make a groove using a milling machine, after the risers are fixed to the tread with the lower edge flush with the lower part. The upper edge of the tread is installed in the groove on the back side. It should have a width and depth that are equal to 2,5 and 1,4 centimeters, respectively.

wood concrete trim projects

The master will be able to speed up the process if he gathers several risers with treads into a single structure. From the tread set a corner of the metal. It is recommended to make additional isolation of steps, for this you can use 3-mm polyethylene. It will protect wood and concrete from harmful effects and create sound insulation. When using the material, steps will hardly be audible.

The nuances of the veneer

If you are thinking about how to trim a concrete staircase with a tree, then you should start from the lower riser. In each workpiece it is necessary to mark, and then drill holes, which should be two on each side. Details will be installed in the groove, and you will be able to control their even position. Screws should not be screwed through until the entire structure can be installed. Only after the build quality is checked, can the screws be screwed in all the way. At the end, the riser should be installed, for which it is necessary to use a board or a corner.

Next, the master proceeds to finish the railing, if they are planned. Turns should be made by cutting sections at a certain angle. Between themselves, they are not only glued together, but also fixed with screws to the base. In order to cut turned out as smooth as possible, you should use a hacksaw with fine teeth. Joints need to be puttyed and then sanded. It is important to choose the right color putty, the shade of which will match the color of the wood. The final stage is the grinding of the surface of the steps, as well as further coating them with varnish.

Alternative finish

Finishing a concrete staircase with a tree can be done using a slightly different technology. To do this, at the preparatory stage, you need to measure the steps, which will determine the highest one. All others should be trimmed to size using self-leveling flooring. If the drops are insignificant or the steps are the same in height, the surface is still leveled, and the mixture just needs to be applied to the substrate. If the difference in height is more than a centimeter, then a plywood formwork should be prepared, which is fixed by dowels so that the upper edge coincides with the required level.

how to trim a concrete staircase with a tree

Before using the fill, the steps are cleaned of debris and covered with a primer, which will improve the adhesion characteristics. After the primer has dried, you can pour the mixture.

The concrete staircase is finished using the described technology only after fixing the plywood, which will act as an insulating layer. At the same time wooden linings will not accumulate excessive moisture. The surface is then primed again, the composition should be allowed to dry. In the next step, the master cuts plywood blanks, the thickness of which should be from 10 to 15 centimeters. The dimensions of these elements must correspond to the dimensions of the steps. Next, glue mastic is applied, and a plywood blank is applied on top, which is fixed by dowels. It is important to level the plywood level.

The main stage

Finishing concrete stairs with wood, the photos of which you can see in the article, is carried out using an array. Blanks for this can be cut by yourself or ordered in the workshop. If the treads have a rather complex shape, then their contour is best to depict on thick cardboard or plywood. Begin finishing necessary to bottom. Three bolts should be screwed into the lower end of the riser so that they protrude from it. The caps are cut, the wooden riser is combined with the concrete, with the need to designate the location of the bolts.

Holes of appropriate sizes must be drilled, and then filled with epoxy resin. The surface of the plywood is treated with liquid nails and set in place. In the step one should make a groove of the required depth, which is needed for the abutting riser. The second riser is fixed by self-tapping screws on the step. The technology of decorating concrete stairs with wood requires the surface to be treated with an adhesive. This will establish the first stage. Elements are calibrated by level and, if necessary, corrected. According to this technology it is necessary to revet the stairs, gradually moving upward.

wood technology for concrete stairs


Projects decorating concrete stairs with wood should be prepared by a professional. But you can try to make them yourself. However, even if the scheme of work will be drawn up as accurately as possible, slots will be formed on the side of the steps, which are recommended to be filled with putty or assembly foam.

It is important not only to observe the features of the technology, but also to choose the right material. For example, laminate for this is absolutely not suitable. Despite the fact that it belongs to the popular flooring, it is not used for plating. Since the area of ​​steps is small, to lay the material in a floating way will not work, and the technology will be broken. The thickness of the boards is too small to fix them in a way that is similar to the technology when using wood. In addition, they do not have anti-slip coating.

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